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Day 57
12 PM
Himanshi says sorry to Sid and says I wanna know what I said? Sid says you said that I told Sana to break the mandap. Himanshi says I have an opinion too. Sid says you say that you respect me and then you do this. Himanshi says Devo heard you and she told me. Sid calls Devo and says you told Himanshi that you heard me telling Sana to break the mandap. Devo says never, I didn’t say it. Himanshi says you said that mandap would be broken. Sid says you changed the words of her and took my name. Himanshi says I am not putting the blame on you.

1:15 PM
Sid tells Shefali that why did you under-cut me when we are friends? Shefali says you think that we provoked Asim? I tried to make you both friends again. Sid says what efforts did you put in? Shefali says I didn’t say anything to Asim about you.

Asim calls Himanshi and asks her to not cry. He says nothing wrong happened, don’t be scared. I have seen a lot, you have come in here so you have to play now. He holds her hand and says you are very strong, I know you have a heart of gold but I am here, I will protect you.

8 PM
Sid tells Asim that Himanshi is using my name. Asim says she didn’t mean it that way. Sid says it’s a wordplay, I told her that she is lying. I give it to her that she started all this. Asim says I see from a different angle. Sid says Rashami comes across nice but Devo and Shefali don’t, Himanshi is a mixture of Devo and Rashami.

Day 58
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song do thari talwar.

12 PM
Sid tells Arti that I am asking you something. Arti says you can ask Mahira and Sana. Sid says if you are not jealous then why didn’t you go out. Arti tells Sana that you can do anything, I was irritated with Mahira and Paras. I don’t want to talk to you all. Sana can go to hell. Arti tells Sid that I don’t care. Sid says I am not pocket size. Arti says tell her to not mess with her. She is a fool.
Sid comes to Sana and says Arti is saying to keep Sid in your pocket and you are jealous. Sana tells Arti that if you don’t want to keep Sid in your pocket then what’s the issue? Sana says you even took Mahira’s name. Sid says she took Paras’ name too. Arti says to Sana that you started it.

2:45 PM
Sana says Bigg Boss three people are in the changing room. Rashami and Vishal are inside. Bhau says Shefali is there too. Sana says they are showing their character. Rashami pulls her inside too.

3 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you have to nominate two people. They have to hit the statues of inmates with a knife. Himanshi can nominate a person directly.
Himanshi: She nominates Mahira and says she doesn’t make sense. Bigg Boss says no one will take her name now.
Rashami: She nominates Bhau as he doesn’t follow his words. She takes another knife so Sid hides behind a statue. Arti says cute. Rashami laughs, Sid says don’t kill me with the knife. Rashami says I want to nominate Sana as she tries to enter my and Sid’s fights.
Paras: He nominates Shefali for taking the wrong decision in the captaincy task. He nominates Arti as she doesn’t think he is a star.
Mahira: She nominates Shefali and says you took a wrong decision and now the house is in the chaos. She nominates Arti for being confused. Arti says you are Paras’ follower.
Asim: He nominates Sana for coming in his and Sid’s fight and saying that I am instigating him. He nominates Paras for enjoying his and Sid’s fight.
Shefali: He nominates Paras for misbehaving. She nominates Sana for breaking the mandap.
Sid: Asim says you have the chance now. Sid says you want to be nominated by me? He says I don’t have a problem with Rashami and Devo this week. Devo says we are having a loving relationship. Sid tells Rashami that I am sorry but I have to do it as you said to Asim that he is right when he was fighting with me. Rashami says I didn’t take your name at all. Asim says she was not cursing but you are right about the words. Rashami says but I didn’t mean anything. Sid says relax, no one else is nominating you. He nominates her. He touches her hand by mistake and laughs. He gives a high-five to Rashami. He nominates Shefali for lying in the task.
Sana: She nominates Shefali and says I wanted to become the captain too. She nominates Arti and says if Paras and Mahira are taking the stand for right then what’s the issue?
Devo: She nominates Bhau for being diplomatic and a liar. She nominates Sana for entering fights when she used to calm Mahira.
Vishal: He nominates Bhau for being bias. He nominates Shefali for being rude.
Arti: She nominates Paras for not playing an ethical game. You are so fake and using others. Paras says you are so confused. Arti says play one-sided game. Paras says you are not even worried about your under-garments in the washroom. Arti says wow. Arti nominates Vishal and says you thought bad about me always. Vishal says you don’t target the person whom you want to fight with that is why you are not an individual.
Bhau: He says Rashami came to me to save herself, I don’t go to her. He nominates Rashami. He nominates Devoleena for calling him a liar.

Bigg Boss says the nominated inmates are Arti, Shefali, Mahira, Sana, Bhau and Paras.

4 PM
Arti tells Bhau that I stand up for Sid but he doesn’t. I can fight with him but I am a loyal person, he is standing with Paras who is not even respectable to girls. Himanshi says Mahira doesn’t stop him. Arti says I am hurt by Sid.

Asim tells Shefali to not trust Rashami as she is being nice to Sid also. Shefali says I don’t get a good vibe from here.

Arti cries, Himanshi consoles her. Arti says nothing. She tells Asim that I didn’t like Paras saying all that and Sid not saying a word against him when he stood up for him so many times.

Arti is crying. Sid comes there and asks what happened? Arti says Paras was saying rubbish and now you are okay with them? Sid says you used to sit with them and you fought with them so I didn’t need to speak up. Arti says he was talking about my character, you didn’t take the stand for me. Sid says this won’t work in life. I never entered your fights. Arti says I always took the stand for you, you should have said something. Sid says you gave back to him fine, I didn’t need to come there. Arti says you are friends with them now. Sid says I did a mistake by coming here, he leaves.
Sid tells Vishal that they can fight all the want.

Bhau comes to Arti and consoles her. Shefali and Himanshi comfort her. Arti shivers. Himanshi says you can’t become ill like this.

5:30 PM
Rashami tells Paras that you shouldn’t talk about some girl’s undergarments. Paras says she was talking about my standard and calling me manless.

7:45 PM
All are gathered in the living area. Bigg Boss plays a trailer on the TV and it’s Dil Se Dil Tak promo which was Sid and Rashami’s show. Inmates see Sid and Rashami romancing on TV. Rashami facepalms. Sid laughs and says I have seen this. Rashami looks at him. All hoot seeing them under the shower and smiling at each other. Sana says oh my God. Paras says Bhau is keeping a pillow. Sana says they look very nice together. Devo says like a couple. Sana says Rashami is a romantic. Vishal says see how Sid was so touchy. Sid says didn’t you see the change here? She is with someone else in the washroom here. Rashami hits him with a pillow and smiles. Sana says they are sitting together also. Rashami says telepathy.

8 PM
Paras reads a task that when the audience loves a show then characters become iconic. A hit TV show was Dil Se Dil Tak and we still smile remembering those moments. Bigg Boss wants to re-create that trailer of the show in the house. First, it will be re-created by Sid and Rashami and then with Vishal and Mahira. Sana will direct Rashami and Sid’s video and Paras will shoot for Mahira and Vishal. They have one hour. In the end, Himanshi will take their photo.

8:30 PM
Sana tells Sid to drink wine and then romance with her. Rashami and Sid sit together and drink wine. Rashami pulls him closer as the song plays. Sid hugs Rashami from behind.

Sid asks if he can remove the rose’s heart from the bed? this is not the honeymoon sequence. Sana asks if he can get shirtless? He says no, I am not fulfilling your dreams. They start shooting the bedroom sequence. Sid grabs Rashami and caresses her face, she smiles. He is about to kiss her but she throws him on the bed. She lies with him, they both roll on the bed. Sana showers rose petals on them.

Next, Sana shoots their sequence near a mirror. Sid hugs Rashami from behind and she smiles at him. He lifts her in his arms.

Paras and Vishal try to re-enact the scenes with Mahira.

Sana says what now? Sid says we can do the glass sequence. Sana asks Rashami if she can kiss through a glass? She nods. Sana says give the feelings. Rashami asks Sid to come down a little, you are tall. The song plays, glass is between them. They sit down touching hands on the glass and move closer. They smile and kiss through the glass.

Next, Sid and Rashami enjoying romantic moments on the Vivo wall and take selfies together. Sid touches her face. Rashami hugs him. Sana says a very good shot.

9 PM
Sid says to Sana that we will make-out in the pool. Sana says romance as much as you can. Sid enters the pool. Rashami sprinkles water on him. He pulls her in the pool and lifts her. Arti throws rose petals on them. Sid dances with Rashami and twirls her around. They enter the pool. Sana says it was s*xy, Hate Story 4 is going to be on you both.

9:30 PM
Sid hovers over Rashai and tries to kiss her but Rashami smiles and throws him in the pool.

10 PM
Paras asks Vishal and Mahira to enter their beds. Vishal says we should be in the same bed. Asim laughs at Paras. Paras asks him to stop it. Mahira laughs and lies with Vishal.
Sana asks Sid how is she as a director? He says very well.
Paras shoots Mahira and Vishal. Vishal romances with her. Sid asks Rashami (calling her Desai) to see them trying to re-enact love scenes. Sid says Vishal is in full action.

Paras asks Vishal to lift Mahira on the table. Devo says what if table breaks, all laugh. Sid says clean it well. Mahira says let us work, it’s a task. Sid says I am liking this. Mahira laughs.
Shefali tells Asim that it should have been you and Himanshi. Asim says no, it should have been you and me. Shefali says no, I don’t get the feel with you, you are too into Himanshi.
Paras shoots Vishal and Mahira romancing near the table.

Later, Vishal lifts Mahira from the stairs and dances with her.

Vishal tells Paras to take their shot near the pool. Vishal and Mahira fall in the pool. Vishal twirls Mahira in the pool. He loses balance. Paras laughs.
Himanshi takes Sid, Rashami, Mahira and Vishal’s photo in the frame.

11:30 PM
Rashami tells Paras that in one shot, Sana asked me to kiss the glass and I went for a full kiss and he kissed on the other side. Paras says it was a glass kiss, fans will like it. Rashami says I didn’t do it before, we were in the character, we played for a year.

Sana asks Sid why Asim is so arrogant now? Sid says he is in love and in the air. Paras tells Sana to not spare Asim.

1 AM
Arti has a panic attack. Sid comes to her but Asim says we are handling her. Sid tells Sana that she has anxiety issues. Rashami comes to Arti but she goes to the washroom. Sid asks what happened to her? Asim says she has been upset after your fight, she thought that you would take a stand for her, she felt bad. Sid says I am not her baby sitter.

Rahami wishes birthday to Mahira. Sid says let’s have a birth bump. Sid and Paras lift Mahira. Inmates kick her bum. Mahira laughs and says I am hurt. You guys are not friends.

2 AM
Sid is talking to Vishal. Asim says I asked Sid to turn off the blinds but he didn’t, piece of shit. Mahira asks him to control his tongue. Paras says you are too much in the air. Asim says you said that I am rubbish, why are you on fire? Paras says you are calling me ******. Asim says I didn’t talk to you, why you are talking on behalf of Sid? Paras says you are cursing openly. Asim says you misbehave with everyone so I don’t talk to you. Mahira says like you behave a lot. Shefali says Arti has a panic attack so have some compassion. This environment won’t help.


Bigg Boss 13 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Bigg Boss turns into a classroom. Sana is a teacher and jokes with Paras. She talks funnily in the task. Vishal and Asim walk off from the task as Sana calls them negative. Sana says you have no level Asim. Asim says people of your level are here.


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