Bigg Boss 13 24th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 13 24th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bigg Boss 13 Written Update on

Bigg Boss 13 24th November 2019 Episode Start With Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says see what happened yesterday.

In the house:
Sid tells Asim that you are listening to Rashami now when you know that I don’t get along with her.
Arti asks Rashai to open your cards, you can’t be good with everyone, I am sure that I am leaving. Rashami hugs her and cries.
Sid tells Asim that I am not used to taking the anger of others, I take you as my younger brother, your interest comes first to me. Rashami comes and asks Sid to talk to Arti as she might leave.

Shefali tells Himanshi that don’t cry if someone is alleging you. Asim says Paras wants us to fight, he is linking me and Shefali too.

Asim tells me that it was my fault. Sid hugs him and says we are brothers, you can’t keep so much in your heart. Asim says I am like that, I don’t confront at the moment, Arti says to Sid that you need to listen to others, you get angry.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says Arti and Devoleena are nominated, there is a twist, both have got the same votes so they both will leave but you will leave after the episode. Salman asks them to bring the balloon hats. Salman jokes that Sana lost yesterday in the Sultani ring. Sana says anyone can lose in front of you. She says I want to meet Bigg Boss, he might be handsome, all laugh. Salman says you will have to burst balloons of the misunderstanding. Vishal tells Salman that your jacket is very nice. Salman says I thought you were talking about Paras’ jacket. All laugh. They all take the balloons. Bhau tells Salman that he is looking nice. Salman says because it’s being human shirt. Salman says tell about the misunderstandings. Let’s start with Mahira. Mahira burst Shefali’s balloon and says she thinks I have bad lips. Salman says it’s her opinion. Who likes her lips? Paras and others raise their hands. Next is Paras but he mistakenly burst his balloon and says I trust people too much. He bursts Shefali’s balloon and says she thinks she has leadership quality and her eyes are very pretty but she can’t see the truth so she took the wrong decision. Next is Sana. She bursts Shefali’s balloon because she was not a good judge. Vishal bursts Rashami’s balloon as she thinks I am starting a fire between Sid and her. Rashami says we already have a fight. Next is Sid, he bursts Asim’s balloon that he doesn’t work to put him down. Arti bursts Rashami’s balloon and says that she think she can become a Devi by not talking. Rashami bursts Mahira’s balloon as she thinks that I am not involved in the show. Mahira says you are not involved. Rashami says I am not asking. Next is Devoleena, Devo says I want to burst Sana’s balloon as she thinks to break the things if she is getting bored in the tasks. Asim burst Paras’ balloon and says he thinks there are kings and queens here. Shefali bursts Paras’ balloon and says I am not scared of his game. Himanshi bursts Paras’ balloon as he comments on the girl’s figure and he thinks he is the most pretty. Bhau bursts Rashami’s balloon and says she has to speak up for herself. Salman asks who is the smart one here? Bhau bursts Paras’ balloon. Salman ends the call.

Salman says these inmates miss their family and friends. They will share their feelings here. He welcomes Jay Bhanushali and Mahi Vij, they are Sid’s friend. Parag is Shefali’s husband. Akansha is Paras’ close friend. Umar is Asim’s brother. Salman asks Jay about Sid. Jay says he is good if you are good, he has been like this, in the start, Rashami was targeting him but now she is not seen. Mahi says Rashami had fire in her but her confidence has been shaken. Jay says she must have planned something for the cameras but she was lost. Akansha says she is looking weak. Jay says Devo is playing smartly. Salman asks about Sid and Asim. Parag says Shukla started the fight, Asim was filled with anger. Salman asks Umar. Umar says Sid pushed him when he was talking to Rashami, Asim just touched him but Sid started insulting him when they were arguing about the fruits. Mahi says he was following Sid till now and he is wrong because Asim has others now? Umar says Sid was his friend but he is acting like a dictator. Akansha says Asim was provoking him. Umar says Asim has played for himself. Jay says they are so aggressive without any reason. Umar says Asim didn’t know about the show, Sid should understand and respect Asim. Parag says Sid has been good with him, they are good friends. Jay says Salman praised Asim and it made him over-confident. Salman says I have told Sid that his aggression won’t work, he has pushed Asim very forcefully so Asim is irritated now. Akansha says Paras is the smartest player in the house. Parag says he is talking about girl’s character on the national TV, I don’t agree with it, I am hurt with his words, he commented on Shefali and Asim which is totally wrong. Akansha says Paras is playing his game, he is on the right track. Umar says he is playing a dirty game. Salman says she is waiting for Paras to come home so she can take a class. Akansha says I just told him to care about me as I am here outside. Salman asks what about his love with Sid? Akansha says it’s not a bad thing. Salman says he complimented Mahira’s lips today. Akansha says even I like her lips so nothing wrong. Jay says where to find a girl like her? All laugh. Salman says to Akansha that you know Sid as well? Akansha says yes I used to work with Sid earlier. Salman asks about Shefali and Sid. Parag says Asim and Sid’s fight will give the gain to the other team. Salman says Shefali is playing her game, she was very docile when I worked with her. Parag says yes, she is being herself in the house. Salman asks Akansha that you know Sid and Paras knows it but he is not jealous of Sid? Paras says he is possessive of me. Mahi asks if she is not jealous of Mahira and Sana? Akansha says it was my idea to him that he has that playboy image so it worked with him, Paras and Sana were playing a game. Parag says I liked Sana a lot but since Himanshi has been in the house, she has become weird. Jay says Mahi loves Sana. Akansha says Paras does want Sana on his side. Parag says I think Sid and Paras are being played by Sana. Umar says I liked Sana earlier but now she is flipping too much. Jay says we like Asim and Sid so it was a surprise to see Asim like that. Salman says I wanted them to go to the Sultani ring. Salman asks who is winner of the season? Mahi says Sid. Jay says Sid or Asim. Parag says Shefali. Akansha says Paras. Umar says I want Asim to win. Salman says Paras is very entertaining but I praise Akansha for bearing with Paras, all laugh. Salman greets them and sends them off.

Salman welcomes Ranvijay. Ranvijay promotes his new game. Salman says he went into the house.

In the house:
Ranvijay enters and greets everyone. Vijay says you have to come in a pair and tell me who shouldn’t be the star of this show. You can take off photos from the star wall. First, are Mahira and Himanshi. Mahira says I think it’s Rashami. Himanshi says she is my friend but Paras is playing a dirty game. Mahira says we can agree on Asim as she is playing a confusing game. They tear Asim’s photo.
Next, are Devo and Bhau. Devo says I don’t understand Sana, her entertainment is irritating. Bhau says Rashami is silent when we need her to speak up. Devo says I don’t agree that she doesn’t deserve to be on the wall but I agree with Bhau’s words. Rashami says take a name whom you think shouldn’t be on the wall. Devo says I don’t like Paras’ strategy, he is playing a dirty game. Paras says they are talking about BB stars and I am a star here. Ranvijay says you both have to agree on a name. Paras says Rashami and Devo are so diplomatic. Rashami says stop saying rubbish, if she thinks that you don’t deserve to stay there then let her be, you are so egoistic and Mahira just follows you. Mahira says I am getting the attention unlike you. Rashami says I am not here to play with you. Bhau says I want to take Mahira’s name. Mahira says you think Rashami deserves it and I don’t? Devo tells Mahira that I want you to stop Paras from where he is wrong. She tears Mahira’s photo.
Next, are Sana and Shefali. Sana says she attacks character of people. Shefali says she said sorry and didn’t take it forward, I want to take Paras’ name as he attacked my character. Sana says he is the strongest character. Sana says Himanshi thinks only she has feelings. Shefali says Himanshi is listening to others too much. They tear Himanshi’s photo.
Next, are Vishal and Asim. Asim says Rashami has become weak. Vishal says she is not standing up for her own. He tears Rashami’s photo energetically.
Next, are Sid and Paras. Paras hugs him. Sid says Devo is unclear. Devo says I talked to Paras but I shouldn’t have. Paras says I was talking to you for your benefit but you used them against me. Paras tears Devo’s photo. Sid shakes hand with him.
Rashami and Arti are next. Arti says I think Paras, he can destroy someone’s character so easily but if it’s about him then he can change sides so easily. Rashami says I had good moments with Paras but we are in a different state. Paras says thank you Rashami, Sid was right.
Ranvijay says BB stars are Sid, Sana, Vishal, Bhau, Shefali, and Arti. They will get a Biryani. Arti brings it and is excited. Ranvijay dances with them and leaves.

On the stage:
Ranvijay leaves the stage after taking a selfie with Salman.

In the house:
Devo tells Paras that I can win this show on my own if you play like this to win then I don’t want to. Vishal tells Devo that Rashami’s attitude. Don’t go around Rashami only, I feel like you are on the backfoot because of her. She was so sweet this whole week but now that she is safe so she is arguing with everyone again.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Sana says I won this time. Salman says good. Salman says we will tell you the statements and you have to put foam on the face of the person whom you think said it. Salman says let’s start with Mahira, someone said that Mahira orders me too much, she should focus on her tasks. She sprays on Asim. Salman says you are wrong (Himanshi said it). Salman says someone said that Rashami is a girl who is not seen on 150 cameras but still people are talking about her? she is worst, she shouldn’t win. Rashami says it must be Vishal. She sprays on him. Salman says you are wrong (Paras said it). Salman says someone said that he will give a tough fight to Rashami. She sprays on Paras but Vishal said it. Salman says someone said that Shefali follows the herd. She sprays on Vishal but Paras said it. Salman says someone said that she is a smart player and using others. She sprays on Paras but Sid said it. Salman says someone said she is sitting like a couple, she is married and doing all this. Shefali sprays on Paras. Salman says you are right. Shefali says this is very bad. Salman says someone said that Shefali broke Sid’s team. She sprays on Paras and she is right. Salman says someone said that Vishal’s target is Sid and he is just prepping for it. Vishal sprays on Rashami but Devo said it. Salman says someone said that Asim and Sid’s fight happened because of Sana. Asim sprays on Rashami but Devo said it. Salman says someone said that Asim has a problem with Sana and Sid being close. Asim sprays on Mahira but Arti said it. Salman says someone said about Bhau that he has too much meat. He sprays on Sid but Vishal said it. Salman says someone said that Bhau is useless. Bhau sprays on Paras and he is right. Salman says someone said that Arti makes her group-mate fight. She sprays on Vishal and she is right. Salman says someone said that Arti’s all topics are about Sid and she is Narayan. She sprays on Vishal and she is right. Salman says someone said that Sana can use a donkey too for her favor. She sprays on Devo but Paras said it. Salman says someone said that you are good to Sid if you say yes to everything he says. He sprays on Arti and he is right. Salman says someone said that Sid planned so much in the mandap task but the game changed. Sid sprays on Shefali but Himanshi said it. Salman says someone said Himanshi is useless. She sprays on Vishal but Paras said it.

Salman says to the inmates Arti and Devo are leaving. Rashami cries so Devo takes her away. Salman comes back. Salman says one of you will be out of the house, go near the door and wait for your name. Devo asks Rashami to be strong. Rashami hugs her and cries. Sid tells Arti that no one is leaving. Bigg Boss says the gate didn’t open as there is no elimination today. Rashami hugs Devo. Arti hugs Asim.


Bigg Boss 13 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : In the nominations task, inmates have to kill each other’s scape-crow. Devo tells Sid that we were having a loving relationship. Sid gives a high-five to Rashami. Arti and Paras argue.Later, Bigg Boss plays a clip and Sid says I have seen this. Rashami holds her face while looking at it as it’s a trailer of Dil Se Dil Tak which was Rashami and Sid’s show and they romance in it. All inmates hoot seeing their chemistry. Sana says you both look so good together, why are you not with each other? Rashami hits Sid with a pillow. Later Sid and Rashami replicate that romantic trailer in the house. Sid tries to kiss Rashami but she throws him on the bed and lies with him.


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