Bigg Boss 13 23rd November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 13 23rd November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bigg Boss 13 Written Update on

Bigg Boss 13 23rd November 2019 Episode Start With Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says this is the 10th season and I don’t want to enter this mess, I have told Shukla many times to control his anger and I praised Asim last time so he took it too much. Salman says I don’t want to enter this fault, they are misbehaving and if I enter this and say something then there would be no respect left for me. Let’s go inside and see how they will behave, I don’t want to waste my advice on these people as they don’t listen, they can do what they want. If they are cursing and pushing each other then one day they will beat others and get out of the house and to the police station. Salman says Arti, Sid, Rashami, and Devo are nominated. Kisari was eliminated yesterday only.

Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says you people act as nothing happened, nobody cursed or pushed anyone. I am miffed but I don’t care, you can curse as much as you want, that is on you, this is your life so make it or break it, I don’t care. There was no creative team, you people are doing all this, the task was not about fighting at all. We are not in school and I am not a principal. I am doing my work and I don’t want to destroy my mood, I have a personal connect with inmates but I am breaking it, this week was the worst week in terms of fights in the Bigg Boss history, do you fight like this outside the house? Paras says no. Salman says then why you threaten each other to come out of the house and they will deal with them? If you want to beat then do it in the house, this show is important, people are watching you then why? You don’t listen to what we say. I don’t know about Color’s Team, I have been a part of many seasons and I haven’t seen inmates pushing each other and not getting eliminated, I would have thrown half of the house out. I have seen many wrestlers in the house and they were humble, you people have gone to the gym two times and think you are very strong. If I had the right to throw someone out of the house on the basis of pushing someone else without any provocation and that is Himanshi. Salman says Himanshi pushed Sana away two times without any provocation. I am sure you have a reason but we are not going to listen to that. Himanshi says sorry. Salman says we have two fighters in the house, they were brothers and now fighting like dogs. Salman says you people should thank God that I am not in the house. You must have been entertained right? Salman asks Sid and Asim to stand in the witness boxes. They do it. Salman asks Mahira who started it as you were in the kitchen? Salman says this fight started because of an apple and an orange. Do they do know that they are that important? Bring that apple and orange. Asim says it didn’t happen because of that. Salman says you remain silent, do you want me to come inside the house? He asks Sid to fight with him if he has so much energy? Sid looks down. Salman asks do you want to retire after this show? if you want to work and gain respect in the industry then this is not the way. Mahira says Sana wanted the fruits and Asim-Sid started fighting over it. Asim cursed and pushed him. Salman says to Arti that you are playing individually then how did it start? Arti says Sid gets angry in the task and Asim was filled with anger over his attitude. Salman asks Paras. Paras says Asim had ego issues as we used to call him a loyalist. Salman says Asim was his brother and you called him a loyalist? Paras says he didn’t have a stand and we called him a tail, I still think he is now following Shefali, he is just a follower. He doesn’t have a stand. Shefali says we tried to calm Asim down. Paras says she keeps taunting Sid and provokes Asim, she didn’t solve anything. Arti says Paras have started the provocation. Salman asks Shefali what was her level of calming him? She says 8 out of 10. Paras says Asim provoked Sid in the task. Asim says Sid was calling me a coward. Salman says I am talking to Shefali. Shefali says Asim is stubborn, he blocked his mind and said that Sid insults him. Sana says we all curse her but Asim charges at people and want them to react, he makes others lose control. Both are at fault. Salman asks Asim if it’s about ego or self-respect? Asim says he used a joke about me. Salman says tell us. Asim says I was using oil which is of INR 19K so I said I use one drop only so Sid said that this is more than my daily salary so I shouldn’t use it. Sid says it was a normal thing. Asim says I praised Himanshi’s ring so Sid said that I could never afford it in my lifetime. Then he joked about my birthday cake, then he said in the tunnel task to play alone. He doesn’t listen to anyone even in the tasks. He was not even filling the tunnel and then taunting me that I am not trying. Then he hugged me last Friday, he talked to me and I told him that things are changing. He was talking to other people too, he also says others to go get lost, he doesn’t respect others so Himanshi and Shefali separated and I bonded with them. He says that he saved me from the nominations but all I did was ask him if I will be saved or not. Now Paras is his friend, he used to call me a follower and now he is following Sid. I followed my friendship but Sid didn’t listen to me. He wants to play alone, he disrespects people so I don’t have a value for him. Salman says Sid now your time. Sid says I don’t understand how Asim perceive things, I was joking about the serum cream of PKR 19K, it was a joke for Himanshi as she was mentioning the price. Then she was showing off her diamond ring so I joked on her and it was not on Asim at all, he always thinks that people are ridiculing him. Asim says you also said that I stay in Himanshi’s feet. What was that? I was building up in my mind, he wants to joke about others but he can’t take a joke. Sid says he has such high ego, I didn’t talk to many people so I joke with him only. Asim says he has joked about me in front of everyone. Sid says he can talk to anyone he wants. Salman tells Sid that you were talking energetically right now but you don’t talk like this in the house? Sid says no, I have tried to talk to him a lot but I find it stupid that he thinks I am joking about his per day salary. Himanshi cries and says I was talking about the beauty tips. Salman says I am talking to Asim and Sid. Asim says Sid was taunting me at that time. Salman says we don’t know who is right here. Salman says what is not okay is aggression. What will we get to see now? Salman asks Asim. Asim says I just want to say that he called me a cheap person and pushed me three times, I can touch but he can’t push me like this. Salman says then why didn’t you push back? Asim says I am not like that. Paras says Asim provokes and he said it’s his game. Asim says I will accept it. Paras says I just said that he can be eliminated on the basis of that, he pushes other people with his shoulders. Asim says if I did it then I am ready to walk out. Salman says then you will have to walk out right now. Asim says I did it but he gets physical. Salman says then make it exciting, these small pushes are nothing. I am not coming down to your level. Salman says people watch this show, I am here so all my fans and Bigg Boss’s fan watch it so it’s my respect also. I have to maintain it, it has taken me 34 years, it’s not easy. Don’t screw it for me. I have become Sallu from Salman and then Bhai so don’t let me lose it. It’s a request, don’t listen to me if you don’t want to. He asks Asim and Sid to sit back. Salman ends the call.

Asim comes to Sid and says we had friends, I felt bad too, Vishal came here later and you are insulting me in front of him? You know who is at fault. I am second. Sid says no you are not. Asim says I am second.
Himanshi says how was he saying that I was flashing the ring?
Paras tells Asim that anyone calls you tail or follower but you are a friend then you won’t care. Asim says it hurts my ego.
Sid comes inside. Himanshi says how can you say that I was flashing my wealth? Sid says you were telling the price of things so I joked about it. Rashami says I am sorry to interrupt but she is trying to say that she was not flashing the price tag and you are putting her in the bad light here. Sid says she was laughing at that time. Himanshi says I didn’t want to be a part of it, Bhau was asking me about the price. Sid says Asim took your name, not me.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call and calls Shefali in the witness box. Salman says you were the judge of the captaincy task and it was a fish market, we want to know what happened in the last 2 minutes? Shefali says Vishal and Sid discussed the twisting strategy. Sid says we didn’t. Salman says let Shefali talk. Shefali says Sid twisted the frame and Himanshi sat down and then Sid pulled it back. Salman says you were the one to tell Himanshi to sit down. Himanshi says she just told me that I could sit down. Salman says I am asking Shefali to talk. He says Shefali asked Himanshi to sit down. Shefali says I turned around and Sid had already pulled it back, I asked Sid and told him that forcefully pushing is not allowed but he was rude with me. Salman says you were there so did you see? Shefali says there were a lot of people there and they were all fighting so I wanted to clarify with them both. Sid says Bhau saw me not shouting. Shefali says then I talked to Himanshi. Salman says I am asking about the last 15 seconds of the task. Shefali says I was there but I don’t remember the angle, I didn’t see the moment when it was pulled. Salman says you saw what you should have seen, you saw pushing and pulling, you also said after the task that Sid pulled it back but then when you talked to Bigg Boss, you said that Himanshi said that it was pulled and you didn’t see it. Salman says then we rewound the video and saw that you were there and you clearly saw everything then why did you keep asking others? Shefali says I was not careful, I am sorry. Salman says it was clear in the last few seconds. Salman asks Vishal. Vishal says Shefali was partial, I was supporting Sid but I showed the instructions to Shefali. Sid didn’t pull back so she was partial. Salman asks Paras. Paras says yes she was partial. She was calling Sana but then disqualified her, when Bhau left the frame so she asked Sana to leave too. Shefali saw everything and Sid had the frame. Sana says she was partial and didn’t leave the decision to Bigg Boss. Shefali says Sid is my friend too, what will I get by making Himanshi the captain? This destroyed my friendship with Sid too. Salman says we heard Asim asking you to make Himanshi the captain. We saw Sid twisting the frame but he didn’t force it. Shefali says Himanshi said that he pushed and pulled it back. Salman says he casually pulled it back, for a change, Shukla was not aggressive. Salman congrats Himanshi.
Salman connects the call to a caller Herman. Herman says to Himanshi that you backbite about Sana and you provoked Asim against Sid too. Himanshi says I didn’t say anything about Sana. Herman says you have talked about her with everyone. Himanshi says Sana was shouting when I entered the house so Arti asked me and I told her about the controversy. Salman says talk about the matters of the house only. Himanshi says I respect Sid a lot and I saw a lot of the things in the task and I saw him give up in the task too, we were in guilt for Sid too. Salman says Himanshi can talk for an hour so let’s end. He ends the call. Salman tells Himanshi that when Mahira was hurt in the task you said that it happens and now? Himanshi says he pulled it suddenly and I was hurt. For Sana, I said sorry to her for pushing her back.
Salman calls Asim and Sid in the Sultani ring and says let them go, let them f**k each other. They don’t need to change clothes. Don’t make part of all this. He says something is going on with Color’s team so they are asking to send Sana and Himanshi. Salman tells his team on the microphone that let Sid and Asim go, let them break the bones so it will be fine. They can send Sana and Himanshi but not two boys.

Sid asks Sana to not lose at any cost.

Devo tells Shefali that Paras is linking Shefali and Asim. Shefali asks Paras to close your eyes if you think wrong. Paras says Parag is my brother. Shefali says he is my husband, I am not going to talk. She leaves. Paras says I am not going to make this an issue, Devo is making it an issue. Devo says you are talking about it. Paras says it was not for you. Mahira says what are you saying? Devo says you are a perfect girl.
Himanshi tells Sana that I didn’t want to fight with you and I didn’t say anything about you. Sana says they enjoy our fight.

Sultani ring:
Salman welcomes Himanshi and Sana. Salman says first will be a verbal fight. Sana says I am trying to put my point across and I am entertaining too. Himanshi says I am contributing in the show now. Sana says I am real, I tolerate everything in the house. Himanshi says I am calm and I don’t want to put others down. I am tolerating everyone. Salman asks the inmates Himanshi gets 5 votes and Sana gets 5 votes. They tie the first round.
Salman says you have made the other one fall with the dumbells. Himanshi throws Sana out of the ring and wins the fight.

Asim tells Sid that we used to listen to each other but you keep saying to play alone. Sid says I am showing patience because I take you as a brother but I am not taking your bullshit. Asim says they say that I am sitting in your feet and then you say that I am Himanshi’s feet. Sid says because you keep provoking me. Asim says Sana and others are provoking you saying that I am doing all this. Sid says Paras and Mahira didn’t say anything to provoke me. Asim says they keep calling me your follower and everything. Sid says you think I am jealous of you? I am trying to put you down? I tell you about right and wrong, we are all here to win, we will nominate each other but this is not that time.

On the stage:
Salman says we don’t know if this is Himanshi’s good time or not. Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says Kisari left the house. Salman says Rashami’s name did come up too but the audience thinks she deserves to be in the house so she is safe. Salman says Sid is safe too. He says I will tell you tomorrow about Arti and Devoleena. He signs off from the show.


Bigg Boss 13 24th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Salman talks to a panel related to Sid and Asim. Jay Bhanushali says Sid is like that, he didn’t change for anyone. Parag says Asim was filled with anger. Asim’s brother says that Sid doesn’t respect anyone. Akansha says Paras is playing smartly. Umar says Paras is playing a dirty game. Mahi Vij says that Asim was following Sid now to move ahead in the game. Parag says Paras alleging someone’s character is not good, he is not being a big brother to me. Jay says I was surprised to see Asim provoking to such extent. Umar says have you seen Sid getting physical?Ranvijay enters the house for a task and asks the inmates who shouldn’t be in the house? Shefali and Sana take Himanshi’s name. Devoleena takes Rashami’s name. Rashami is shocked.


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