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Day 94
12 PM
Sana tells the inmates that we have rice. Asim says I want rotis. Rashami says to make sure we get lunch on time. Mahira says only yesterday, lunch was not made. Sana says don’t shout over this. Mahira says these people are taunting that I don’t make lunch. Vishal says every time food is finished. Paras says it’s already 12 PM so have lunch and finish. Vishal says you always jump in other’s fight. Mahira says you all shout like dogs for your footage. Rashami says you always run away from your duties, what is this language? Mahira says I am not talking to you. Vishal says all are coming in this conversation. Rashami says I don’t have to talk to you Mahira but you should do your duties. Mahira says I make breakfast, lunch, you are not ashamed.
Paras tells Sana that Rashami cooks late. Mahira won’t make food today.

2 PM
Sana says lunch won’t be made today. Vishal says Paras will stop us? Sana says I am making breakfast. Paras says it’s already late.
Madhu tells Rashami that Mahira always says no to work. Mahira says I make rotis for everyone without any count. Asim tells Paras that you people have power. Paras says you didn’t give work to Rashami. Asim says she has a fracture. Paras says it’s a hairline fracture. Asim says the routine changed today. Vishal says they keep saying that they won’t make food. Mahira says you don’t understand what others are saying. Paras says you don’t understand the game, do something effective. Vishal says I don’t become donkey for others. Asim says Mahira said we are dogs so it started this. Mahira says I insulted the dogs by calling you that as even dogs are loyal. Asim laughs.

Paras says we are working and they act like we don’t do anything. Poor Arhaan worked so much and left by crying. Rashami says at least you realized. Vishal says now you feel bad for him? Paras says he has to jump in everything. Come and wash the dishes. Rashami laughs and says he is a jerk.

2:15 PM
Mahira shows the bowl and says someone washed it but it’s so dirty. Asim says it just has lipstick. Mahira says I will make a kissy face paratha for you. Asim says I like red lipstick.
Mahira tells Paras about what Asim said. Paras says don’t talk to him. Sid says can she do that? Mahira says plays.

6 PM
Arti is lying. Sid asks what happened? She says I am sleeping. Sana says sometimes I feel she is your girlfriend outside, I feel she loves you a lot but you don’t give her attention. Sid looks at Arti. Sid says let’s go and sit with them. Sana says you go. Sid says you are off. Sana says Paras and Mahira insulted me in the captaincy task, he used that jealous word which made me feel bad, it doesn’t look good. Arti ignored me when Himanshi came here, she is fake, Shefali Zari pretends a lot. I just care about you in this house.

8:45 PM
Sana hugs Madhu and asks how is her sleeping? Madhu says good, I slept a lot. Sana asks how is Vishal? Sid laughs. Madhu says I slept on my bed and he slept on his bed. Sana asks about the ghost. Madhu says he left. Vishal is making the tea. Sana asks him to give tea to her as well. He says don’t bark.. I mean don’t talk.

10:15 PM
Sana is fighting with Sid. Sid says leave my shirt, I am coming. Arti asks if he is scared of her? Sid says I am scared of Sana? Sana says tell her the truth. Sid says I don’t want to hurt her. Arti says you can hurt everyone but not her? Sid says I like Shehnaz. Arti says as what? Sid says as a friend. Sana says to tell the truth. Sid says like as a wife or mother? Sana laughs. Arti says will you go to Mohali to meet her? Sid says no as she will come to Mumbai. Sana says don’t be diplomatic. Arti says what you like about her? Sid says nothing, that is the beauty, I like nothing but everything. Arti says how can she pacify you? Sid says she doesn’t let go. Arti asks Sana what she likes about Sid? Sana says I like mature boys, I want a boy like him. Arti says what you don’t like about him? Sana says I get hurt but he doesn’t come to pacify me, it hurts me because I need him. I go to him because I love him and I care for him.

11:30 PM
Sana says we got the food on time. Mahira says I always cook on time, I don’t care about the taunts, I don’t scream about making the food. Sana says they just want to point out. Mahira says they are taunting me for not eating themselves.

12:30 AM
Mahira says I want to be friends but they don’t want good words. We still have food left from last night. Vishal says you are taunting me? Mahira says I am talking about everyone. Vishal says you are scared to name me? Paras asks him to do his work first. Vishal says I do my work, you don’t tell me anything. Paras says you just want to enter some talks. Asim comes there and says I will see you in the morning. Paras asks him to leave. Mahira says you are cursing now. Sid says it’s Monday so he won’t take sympathy. Arti asks them to sleep. Paras says nobody is working on time. Vishal asks Paras to not take his name. Mahira asks Vishal if he thinks she doesn’t make food? He says no. Mahira says then stop it. Vishal says you can talk calmly. Sana asks Sid to go and sleep, why are you standing here? She takes him from there and says you have to wake up in the morning. Sana tells Sid that Mahira shows ego in working.
Mahira cries Paras and says Sana is not speaking up for me. Paras says you won’t make food from tomorrow. Mahira says to leave it. Paras comes to Sana and says Mahira will not make food from tomorrow, they keep taunting her, you can make the food all you want, she is not mad. Sid says every time Rashami made the food. Paras says Sana doesn’t take Mahira’s name even when she is working so she won’t work. Sana says okay if she doesn’t want to work then fine. Sid asks Paras to tell Mahira to not think about their words. Paras says she is worried about Sana not speaking up.

Sid comes to Paras and says don’t do it, Mahira doesn’t have an issue in making food but you are making it an issue for no reason and it looks bad for you. Mahira says Sana doesn’t speak up when she knows that I work. Sid says Sana has a problem, she is off. Paras can talk to her calmly, tell her calmly as if I say something then she says I am taking your side. Also if Asim is cursing then don’t stop him, keep shouting so he will curse, you don’t curse him but don’t stop him as well, I know very well how deep he can go. I know about Rashami very well, let Asim open up first.

Day 95
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song tu hai meri Kiran.

9:15 AM
Paras tells Sana that Arhaan left so you asked Mahira if she can make breakfast along with lunch and she said yes without any hesitation. Now all are blaming her and you are not saying anything, we are standing in your favor. When we were in the secret room. Rashami didn’t want Mahira to be in the kitchen, she wanted Mahira to keep cleaning the toilet only.

Mahira tells Shefali Zari that everyone will get 2 parathas. Vishal says why did this come up today? Rashami says Vishal you can take my rotis. Mahira says I don’t want to be a devi now. Paras says when she was making extra rotis, nobody said anything. Vishal says okay. Mahira says now Rashami wants to fake it. Vishal says now I will eat 8-10 parathas. Mahira says you are wrong, don’t expect me to make 6 parathas for you, my duty is to make 2 parathas for each. Paras asks him to get lost. Vishal says you are a pig. Paras says look at yourself. Paras asks Sana how many parathas per person? She says 2. Vishal says I don’t eat lunch, I will make and eat parathas and nobody can stop me. Paras says it’s clear that she will make 2 parathas. Sana tells Vishal that she was making 4 parathas for you, it’s her duty to make 2 parathas only, don’t bring me in all this. She gets angry. Sid comes and asks what happened? Sana says Mahira’s duty is to make 2 parathas for Vishal but she was a friend so she would make 4 parathas for him but now she is not so it’s their problem.

Vishal says I will not wash dishes. Sid tells Vishal that I am telling you that lunch comes with plates so you have to wash the dishes. Vishal says I am washing my dishes so all can wash their plates. Sid says we can’t bring our food in this house, people are cooking daily so sometimes they don’t want to cook. Vishal says I can make my parathas but nobody is listening to me so I won’t listen to anyone.

11:45 PM
Paras tells Vishal that Shefali and Arti have eaten 1 roti so you can take their extra rotis. Vishal says they could have made my rotis. Mahira says you will fight over everything. Sana says we can’t bring the food from outside. Vishal says she is cooking on her own rules. Sid says she was doing extra for you but now she doesn’t want to.
Asim tells Rashami that when I didn’t like your food, you didn’t stop making food as it was your duty. Sid was making me see Rashami Desai as he wanted.
Vishal asks Sana to stop it. Asim says I will make 2 rotis. Mahira says okay, you all eat 2 rotis. Vishal says they have got everything from the government quota.

Madhu tells Sana that I can’t do this work. Sana says you people should go back home. Vishal asks her to stop it. Sana says you people are not working in Bigg Boss’s house, you people are sleeping here for free. Vishal says I do my work. Sana says if you don’t do your work then I will punish you. Vishal says go and punish me, you are not a princess.

Shefali Zari and Mahira hear someone singing teri diwaani in the bathroom. They laugh. Vishal comes out first.

5:15 PM
Sid is teasing Sana. He touches and messes her hair. Sana acts like crying and says don’t do it. Bigg Boss says it’s a new year and we all think to leave some memories behind. In this nomination task, you will nominate two inmates by applying a red stamp on their faces. Sana is a captain so she can’t be nominated.
Shefali Bagga: She nominates Mahira for not working. She nominates Paras for commenting on her profession and saying that media is under his foot. Paras says I didn’t say it. Bagga says you have no respect.
Madhu: She nominates Shefali Zari and Arti for entering irrelevant fights.
Vishal: He nominates Shefali Zari for targeting him because of Madhu. He nominates Vishal and says she is zero without Paras here.
Mahira: She nominates Bagga for not hearing the words. She nominates Madhu and says you both are zero together. Madhu says I do a lot of work. Mahira argues with her.
Arti: She nominates Madhu for fighting with her. She nominates Bagga for not having any communication.
Asim: He nominates Shefali Zari for entering his conversations. You don’t deserve my friendship. I did favors on you. Shefali lies in his feet and says you are acting like Sid. He nominates Mahira for getting aggressive. Mahira says I don’t like your vibe, you all said that I don’t cook, I make 40 parathas when you people were sleeping.
Paras: He tells Asim that Mahira always gave you food, you are following a herd which is targeting a girl who makes food. Bagga says he doesn’t have anything to talk about. Paras nominates Bagga for using the media card. Bagga says you started this, you brought my profession out, you said that you make girls like me cry, what you mean? Paras says you want me to say something bad so you can make an issue. Bagga says your mother would be proud. Mahira says don’t bring his mom in this. Paras mimics sorry. He nominates Madhu and says Mahira works so don’t make false issues. Madhu says you don’t have issues of yours. Mahira says you have no shame to talk about girls like this.
Shefali Zari: She nominates Madhu and says I don’t like it when you talk about women character like this. Madhu says Paras made fun of girls and you are sitting with him. Shefali nominates Vishal and calls him confused. Vishal says when did you see me confused? You are always changing sides. Sana says it become interesting so people won’t change sides.
Rashami: She nominates Mahira for fighting unnecessarily, you are nothing without Paras. She nominates Shefali Zari for not showing herself, you are lost in the house.
Sid: He nominates Bagga for entering others’ fights. He nominates Vishal for making an issue out of 2 rotis. Bagga says you people start beating each other but we can’t give our opinion, wow.

Bigg Boss says the nominated inmates are Bagga, Shefali Zari, Madhu, Mahira and Vishal. We want to ask Sana whom she wants to nominate directly from the remaining inmates. Sana says shit, I wanted to save one. Sana says I want to nominate Rashami for showing her fake love, you called me a biased captain, I would want to nominate the whole house. Rashami laughs. Sana tells Rashami that don’t say a word against my friend from now on. Rashami says you will put my bag in the storeroom. Bigg Boss says the nominated inmates are Bagga, Shefali Zari, Madhu, Mahira, Vishal and Rashami are nominated. Sana says Rashami will be saved, she is strong.
Asim tells Madhu to hold on to Paras and Zari’s words, you have played this game now, it’s the time. Go and ask them to answer you. Vishal says clarify about 2 lovers and all that.

6:45 PM
Bagga tells Zari that Paras keeps bringing my profession in this and said he will make me cry. Shefali Zari says my point is not about your fight with him. Bagga says you always want to stand up for right.

7 PM
Bagga comes to Asim. Asim says if you want to wake everyone up tonight then tell us. Bagga says I am not doing anything, everything is not a joke. Rashami says you are not going out right now so calm down. Asim says do what you want with Zari but you can do it in the morning. Bagga says they target people in a herd.
Shefali Zari says that Bagga is saying Paras will make her cry, how is that my issue? Madhu says that is not about someone’s character? You are so negative.


Bigg Boss 13 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Vishal tells Sana that when you were crying in the bedroom, Sid sais that she is doing a drama. They can say anything to put you down against Mahira. Bagga says how can you listen to all that Sana?Rashami laughs and tells Asim that this is going to affect Sana.The inmates’ fight in the captaincy task. Sid shouts at Vishal for pushing Shefali Zari away. Sid runs away from the inmates. Asim comes behind him. Sid says Asim crybaby will start again. Asim says your father is a crybaby. Arti shouts at Asim for bringing his father again in the fight. Mahira says they want to look good in the camera and blame Sid. Rashami says he puts himself down. Mahira says Rashami wanted Paras first then Arhaan and now Asim. Rashami touches her feet and says you can say all this.

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