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Day 109
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song tera hero idhar hai. They all dance.

Arti jokes with Sana and says where are you kids? Sana says they went to school. Arti says where is your Shukla Ji? Sana laughs and says he went to work, he is stealing so support our family. Arti laughs and asks what are you getting as a gift? Sana says he divorced you to come to my side. Arti says he will divorce you after one month.

Shefali asks Asim if he wants ghee on his paratha? Sana says his back is hurting so massage that too. Asim says I don’t want to eat paratha now, I will make my roti. Sana asks Shefali to sacrifice for us too. Shefali says no I love Asim only. Mahira laughs.

11:15 AM
Shefali makes a roti and gives it to Asim, she says with love. Asim says take it back, don’t do this, it’s getting cold. Shefali says I made it for you so put where you want to. Shefali has made a heart with ketchup too. Asim says don’t make roties for me Shefali. Shefali says I made it for love. Asim says you just want footage.

Asim asks Paras to make tea. Paras says I am ill so I am not working. Mahira says he won’t work. Asim says we are all ill. Paras says you are always ill. Rashami asks Arti if she is making tea? Arti says I am cooking. Rashami says you can’t just make tea? Make it an issue when there is something. Arti says you people are lying there and asking me? Asim says I make tea for others also. Arti says don’t favor on us. Asim says we don’t say it as a favor. Arti says you don’t have to protect Rashami. Asim says she is my friend. Arti says don’t ask me to make tea, don’t talk to me Rashami. I am sorry. Rashami says don’t be sorry.

1:15 PM
Rashami asks Vishal to make tea, please. Madhu says make for me too. Asim says make for me too. Vishal says I will make it. Madhu says Vishal is going because we could have started joking about his pain. Vishal says you want content? Madhu says behenji (sister). Vishal throws water at her and runs away. Madhu throws water at him. Bigg Boss asks them to be careful of the mic. They run around with water bottles. Vishal throws water at a camera. Bigg Boss asks them to stop it. Madhu says you are a behenji. Vishal asks her to stop it, you are again at your level, you have a fever of the brain. Vishal throws water at him again. Madhu gets angry and beats his bum with a pan. She shouts at him. Vishal says don’t call me behenji. Madhu gets angry but Rashami stops her and takes her away. Madhu says I don’t care. Shefali says she is mad.
Rashami asks Madhu to calm down, don’t go there. Sana asks what happened? Rashami says don’t poke her.
Paras says Madhu should be eliminated for this. She beat him so much. Vishal should take a stand.
Sid comes to talk to Madhu but Rashami says talk to Vishal if you want to know how he is. Sid says I want to ask Madhu. Sid says Rashami has got a chance to take a stand for someone else for the first time. Rashami says you are noticing me too much. Sid says I have been noticing you for 3 months. Rashami asks Sana to take care of Sid.

Asim tells Madhu to say sorry if she feels like it. Madhu says he should be sorry. Vishal says get lost, Rashami takes Madhu away. Paras tells Vishal that I salute your patience, you should take this up. Vishal says they should look at it. Paras says she beat you with so much power. Sid says Rashami is taking Madhu’s side. Rashami says whose side are you on? Sid says I am not on any side, I am just living the moment. Rashami says you want Madhu to beat him again so you can see it? Sid says yes I missed it. Asim says he is not taking a stand.
Shefali tells Mahira that this is totally wrong.
Sid asks Vishal who used a kick first? Vishal says don’t talk to me. Sid says don’t show aggression to me, you should have shown it somewhere else. Rashami asks Sid to stand in front of Madhu then you can re-live that moment. Sid says I just want to see it from afar. Rashami says I will become Madhu and you can become Sid. Sid says you are like Madhu. Rashami says I am not your friend. Sid says you were about to become my friend at one point. Rashami says it never happened.

2 PM
Sid asks Vishal if he is fine? Is he hurt? Rashami says you were joking and now you are showing concern? Sid says you do your work, fill his ears. Rashami says you are crazy because of illness now? Sid says yes. Sana says Vishal is talking to him so what’s your problem Rashami? Sana says you do it too, I am talking on behalf of my friend, you people are just enjoying the show. Sid says to hell with Rashami.

Rashami brings tea for Vishal. Sid says mine? Rashami says you will drink from my hand? He says if you come close. Rashami gives her tea to Sid and says drink it. Sid says no you can take it. He goes behind her and says take it. Rashami says you instigated me
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