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Scene 1
Salman dances on baby ko base pasand hai. He welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says inmates don’t have to make connections anymore but they are still making it, see this.

The clip shows Asim hugging Shefali and saying that your eyes are red, what happened? Shefali says I can’t discuss it. Asim says you are missing him? She says no.
Paras looks at them and says I called her bhabhi first time she entered, couples sit like they are sitting. Her husband is like my brother. Sana says I might fight with her. Mahira says don’t worry about that, I am standing with you. Paras says two cats are fighting. Mahira says I don’t like it when you say that. She goes from there and cries. Paras asks what happened? Mahira says why you say that two cats are fighting? don’t make triangles like these, I won’t fight for you with her, you both are nothing. Mahira says we are friends only. Paras says I love you too. Mahira laughs and says you are mad.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman asks Vikas to tell what to do when you have pimples? You talked about using undies. All laugh. Vikas says when you take a bath, you can use your underwear to clean your face. Arti says ewww. Salman says you can use the underwear as a mask too. Mahira says eww. Salman says if someone is angry and sad then what to do? Vikas says I make everyone smile. Salman asks Himanshi that if Sana is Punjab’s Katrina then who are you? Himanshi says I am Awshariya, all laugh. Salman asks her to sing. Himanshi sings a song, all clap for her. Salman says to sing the song that started that controversy. Sana sings it and says Salman you are starting a fire. Salman says I am not Paras and Sid, I can easily make you cry but you will cry yourself. Salman tells Kisari that you are not seen anywhere in the house. Kisari says I am not fighting that’s why. Salman says Vikas doesn’t fight, Devoleena doesn’t fight, all laugh. Salman says Arhaan started fighting when he entered the house before even understanding the things, all laugh.
Salman tells inmates that two people will go in the shower room, you will write your answers on board and it should match and then inmates will vote. Salman says Asim, Shukla, Paras, Mahira, Rashami, Devoleena, Bhau, and Sana will go in the shower. All look on and get dressed.
First Shukla and Asim go inside. Salman asks who should go from the wild cards? Asim and Sid write Arhaan. No one in the house agrees so red color waterfalls on them. All laugh. Salman asks who is trying to fight with Asim to be seen in the house? They write Arhaan’s name but no one agrees to more powder shower on them. Salman asks who change the sides? They say Sana. Only 4 people agree. More mud shower on them. Sid says enough. Salman asks who is the strong contender from wild cards? They say Vikas. All agree with it. Salman asks who should go to jail? They say Arhaan and laugh. Nobody agrees so more shower on them. Asim laughs at Sid.
Paras and Mahira enter the shower room. Salman asks who can’t survive alone in this house? Mahira says Arti, Paras says Asim. Shower falls on them. Salman asks who needs relations more in this house between you? They don’t agree so powder shower on them. Salman asks whose presence is useless here? They say Arti. Only Rashami agrees so mud shower falls on them. Salman asks who has a problem with Mahira? They say Sid. Three people agree so shower falls on them. Salman asks who should go to jail from wild cards? They say Shefali but only Shefali agrees so cotton falls on them.
Devoleena and Rashami go into the shower room. Salman asks who is a long racehorse from the wild cards? They say Vikas but Salman says Devo prompted it so shower on them. Salman asks who is not happy with wild card entries? They say Sid but majority doesn’t agree so powder shower on them. Salman asks who will be a better captain? Shefali or Arti? They say Shefali but no one agree so shower on them. Salman asks who shouldn’t become a captain? They say Asim but no one agrees so more shower on them. Salman asks who will go home first between these two? They say Devo and laugh.
Vikas and Sana go into the shower room. Salman asks who is more entertaining? Sana and Vikas say it’s Bhau. No one agrees so shower falls on them. Bhau says they are dead tonight. Salman asks who has better English? They say Sana but more flour falls on them. Salman asks who is a strong contender from wild cards? They say Vikas but no one agrees so mud shower falls on them. Salman asks who starts the fire in the house? Sana and Vikas say it’s Sana. No one agrees so more shower falls on them, all laugh. Salman asks who is the person that goes in the toilet and no one wants to go after them. Vikas says it’s Sana. Sana says it’s Vikas. All laugh. Feather falls on them.

Salman calls a fan on the stage. Fan Harshit asks Kisari that you are a big star in Bhojpuri films but you are lost in the house, Kisari says I am trying to understand things but I will try more. Salman ends the call.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Siddharth Malhotra and Ritesh Deshmukh on the stage. Sid says that Shukla is an angry young man, we went into the house.

In the house:
Ritesh and Siddharth enter the house and greet everyone. Ritesh says we are promoting a movie, you people have to say things to others in a loud-speaker and you can take your anger out on anyone you want.
Devoleena takes Shefali on the stage and says on loud-speaker that you should be a fair captain.
Paras calls Shukla and says in loud-speaker to do the tasks as a game, don’t go on fathers.
Arti calls Paras and says that this show is not yours so you are no one to take me out of it.
Shukla calls Rashami. Rashami says the first time you are openly doing this. Shukla says you are always the one. Rashami says you don’t target like this. Sid says in a speaker that we were married in the show only and not in real life so you don’t know about my family to taunt me. Rashami says you are so fake Sid.
Arhaan calls Shukla and says that when the time comes, we will answer you like a dog is having a day right now.
Shefali calls Devo and says you should become my friend as that will benefit you.
Himanshi calls Asim and says that I am engaged so don’t flirt with me. Asim says you are looking nice. All laugh.
Rashami calls Sid and says I didn’t want to but you called me so nicely. Rashami says I am serious this time, stay in your limits and don’t say rubbish.
Sana calls Shukla and says I got to know about you on time and you are my enemy so let’s play now.
Asim calls Arhaan and says play your game here and stop taunting to meet you outside.
Mahira calls Paras and says I am serious, all laugh. Mahira says if you touch me next time then I will break your hand. All laugh.

Ritesh says we will have two teams now. Ritesh’s team will have Asim, Sid, Paras, Himanshi and Devoleena. Others will be in Sid’s team. Ritesh calls Asim and Mahira first. You have to get the bottle first. They say go.. and Asim gets the bottle, Mahira says I thought that we had to pick up the item from mouth, all laugh. Then it’s Arti and Paras. Arti gets the item first and wins. Next is Arhaan and Sid but Sid gets the item before Arhaan. Next, are Vikas and Sana. Vikas gets it before Sana. Next, are Himanshi and Rashami. Himanshi gets the item. Next, are Devo and Kisari. Devo gets the item. Shefali says Paras’ team won. Ritesh says the team that won will get all the items. Ritesh and Sid dance with them and leave.

On the stage:
Ritesh tells Salman that they have that tension, they were ready to beat each other.

In the house:
Sid tells Arhaan that you will see me now? Arhaan says you notice small things. Sid says I will notice so many things that you will be scared. Arhaan says I am scared of God only. Asim says then you are not scared of abusing others? Arhaan says it’s between me and God. You can punish me, you are big people, we are nothing. Sid you are a big man. Sid says I am a dog. Arhaan says why you have so much anger and resent? I talk to you nicely but you do this all the time. Sid says how sweet, cute and soft like your pants.

Arhaan tells Arti that he was taunting me.
Sid mimics Asim and says he is like a woman. Shefali says don’t call Devo a babe, she can’t become a babe by wearing small clothes.

Asim sees Devo in the kitchen and says bahu bani babe is here. Shefali says she only does kitchen politics. Devo says you haven’t seen anything. Shefali says I haven’t seen anything, you are putting in too much effort, we don’t need it.

On the stage:
Salman does a task with Ritesh and Sid. They have to eat pani puri. They promote their movie and leave.

Salman welcomes a new wild card entry. Vishal Aditya Singh enters the stage and dances on Ghongroo song. Salman hugs and welcomes him. Salman says you were in a famous show earlier and we were the producer there. Salman asks about his chains. Vishal says it’s my lucky charm. I think women have worked hard to make me come at this point in life. Salman says what will you do here? You had some confrontations in other the show as well. Salman says we will ask you some questions. Salman asks Vishal if he has romanced a lady older than him? He says yes. Salman says to me too. Salman asks if he has done something in public? Vishal says kissing only. Salman asks if he has cooked for his girlfriend? Vishal says yes. Salman asks if he is ready to marry in the next 5 years? Vishal looks on. Salman says seems like they have written these questions for me. All laugh. Vishal says they want an answer. Salman says yes and coughs. Salman says you will see the task from the confession room first. Vishal thanks him and leaves.

Salman connects the call to the house and says you people will tell misunderstandings of others while bursting their balloons. Vishal watches the task from the confession room. Vikas bursts Sana’s balloon as she thinks he is competing with her. Himanshi bursts Sana’s balloon thinking she is an entertainer. Shefali bursts Devo’s balloon as she is wrong to think that I am biased. Sid bursts Arti’s balloon saying that she thinks she is in a shadow. Arti bursts Mahira’s balloon saying that the audience is with her so her presence matters. Devo bursts Shefali’s balloon as there is no kitchen politics. Arhaan bursts Sid’s ballon saying that I don’t have anything against him. Paras bursts Asim’s balloon saying that I am not behind everything that happens here. Mahira says I will burst Paras’s balloon as he thinks that two cats are fighting for him. Asim bursts Arhaan’s balloon as he is wrong to think that he can make lives. Sana says I will burst Kisari’s balloon as he thinks I am his wife but I am his husband and will teach him the game. Kisari bursts Sana’s balloon and says she thinks her gender is different. Salman says what about eliminations? Sana says you are taking me out? Salman says we are bringing one more contestant in the house. Salman welcomes Vishal. All greet him. Salman asks Vishal to start. Vishal bursts Rashami’s balloon and says you target Sid, he bursts Paras’ balloon and says you are not a Kishan. Vishal says Arti you are not trusting. Vishal bursts Sid’s balloon and says you are very rude. He bursts Himanshi’s balloon and says she is an entertainer (Sana). He tells Bhau that soon curtains will raise for you. Vishal says I don’t much about Asim. Vishal tells Sana that her cute game is not going to work more. He bursts Kisari’s balloon and says do something. Mahira says I am left. Vishal says I haven’t seen much about you. Mahira says I am not seen in the show? Vishal says so many questions, you are wrong to think that you are not seen. Salman says welcome Vishal. He ends the call.
Arhaan hugs Vishal. Paras hugs him and says I loved you in that show. Vishal hugs Vikas and Sid. Vishal hugs Arti. Arti says I can’t be trusted? Vishal says I just entered. Arti says tell me one line. Vishal says it doesn’t matter what others think. Vishal tells Himanshi that Sana is an entertainer. Paras says you have seen the show? Vishal says yes.
Asim tells Vikas that Arhaan is nothing but this Vishal can trap you in his talk. Vikas says you don’t have to tell me.

Arhaan tells Paras that we will live peacefully, let him observe and see things. Sana was asking to bring Vishal in our group but let him observe and see who is the hero here.

Bigg Boss 13 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vishal tells the inmates that I am here to stay as I can cook and I am really good at cleaning the kitchen. Himanshi, Asim and Sid make fun of him saying that inmates will gather around him now, they will trap him. Asim says he is taller than Arhaan.Vikas tells Arti that Vishal likes you so trap him, he is good. Arti laughs.Phone booth task happens. Rashami calls Paras and says I need to stay here. Paras says you are strongest here. Rashami says you are a cheater.


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