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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2021 Episode starts with Rishi telling Karishma that she is right, these things happen in TV shows, where village girl saves her husband from troubles, but this is reality and nothing happens in it, but then also she tried to do something for me. He says she is not a city girl and is from a village, and doesn’t know about city, she just knew that I was worried and a girl trapped me in false accusations.

He says she came to save me, and didn’t see herself or city, and just saw me. He says Ayush is right, we all shall thank Lakshmi. Neelam gets upset and goes. Karishma says damn with this and asks Malishka to come. Sonia takes Malishka from there, and calls Ahana and Devika. Dadi apologizes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi takes her to her room. Rishi asks Ayush why don’t he tell him at office. Ayush says don’t scold me. Rishi thanks him and hugs him. He says I hate you. Ayush says I hate you too.

Rishi’s phone rings. He picks Shalu’s call. Shalu asks how are you? He says I am fine. Shalu asks him not to get angry on Di. Rishi says I am not angry on her. He says don’t worry, I am with your sister. Shalu asks him to go Siman’s promise. He says Siman’s promise, I will take care of Lakshmi. Bani says you are best jiju of the world and tells that she will give him gift. Rishi asks Siman’s promise. She says yes. He asks her to take care and ends the call.

Neelam comes to her room. Virender says Ayush said right, he has matured and said right about Lakshmi, she had forgotten herself for Rishi. He says Lakshmi is a diamond. Neelam says you will say this as she is from your same class, and says just like blood can’t change, even class can’t change, even after doing so much hardwork. Lakshmi comes there and hears them. She thinks why Maaji is talking to Bau ji like this. She keeps the water jug and glass, and says good night.

Sonia asks Malishka what is she thinking? Malishka says nothing. Karishma says Rishi is changed, and asks her to think. Malishka says Rishi has not changed, and asks her to make Ayush understand. He is taking Lakshmi’s side much. Sonia says Ayush doesn’t listen to anyone, and he knows that Rishi loves you eventually, and that’s why he is on your side. Ayush tells Ahana that he is on Rishi Bhai’s side, but not on Malishka’s side.

Ahana says I like to see you Lakshmi Bhabhi supporting. Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi is thinking so much about Rishi. He says when they got married, I thought they got married due to Kundali, but she is so right for him and it is difficult to find such girl in real life. He says she made him as his life and Rishi Bhai is lucky that she is his wife.

Ahana says even I think the same. Malishka says Ayush is on Lakshmi’s side and tells that she has taken Rishi’s test and he loves me. She recalls and a fb is shocked. She says I tried to commit suicide and he saved me like always. She says my Rishi loves me only and says he doesn’t even look at her, and playing his part on my sayings. She says Rishi will never love Lakshmi. Rishi hears Ayush and Ahana and recalls Ayush’s words. He comes to his room and sees Lakshmi standing. He asks what happened Lakshmi?

Lakshmi looks sad. He asks her to say and lifts her head. She says she is searching headache medicine. Rishi says when everyone was questioning you, I didn’t get chance to get talk to you. Lakshmi says I did a mistake, everything ruined because of me and your name ruined more. He says my name is getting ruined and people are telling indirectly that you are unlucky that you got me, and my luck is good that I got you.

He says people are telling that I am lucky as you are my wife, you fight with everyone for me, and says this is how my name is ruining. He says previously I was precious for you, and now you are precious for me. She says you are saying just like that. Rishi says I never lie until the matter is about life and death. Lakshmi cries. He says I talked good thing about you and you are crying. Lakshmi says bau ji also used to say this, that he don’t like until the matter is about life and death. He asks if you miss him. Lakshmi says yes.

He turns. Lakshmi keeps her head on his shoulder and cries. Rishi keeps hand on her shoulder. She holds his hand and cries. He thinks of Malishka and her suicide threat and how Lakshmi stood with him. He asks her not to cry. Lakshmi says I try, but. Song plays…Ishq hai aisi afat banalo. He wipes her tears and signs her to smile. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi also smiles.

Neelam also thinks of Ayush’s words and couldn’t sleep in night. She gets up. Virender asks what happened, if she is not getting sleep. Neelam says I can’t sleep until our son gets out of this mess.

Neelam and Sonia come to Shanaya’s house. Shanaya asks yes? Sonia asks her to stop acting and says don’t you know us? Neelam comes there. Malishka says I know her, but don’t know you. Sonia says she is Sonia, Rishi’s sister. Neelam says our bahu had come to you, she has done mistake that she didn’t bring the money, but we have brought money. Rohan is on call with Shanaya and asks her to call them inside.

Shanaya asks them to come and sit. Neelam says we will not sit and says she can just give her 5 mins. Rohan asks her to count the money. Shanaya says I want to count and gets greedy seeing 50 lakhs. Rohan asks Shanaya not to take the money and asks her to refuse, says they will offer you 1 crore. Neelam asks her to take the money and take back the case. Shanaya says no, and says just 50 lakhs for my respect. Sonia says for your character. Neelam says I am offering you money, as I don’t want my son’s respect to be ruined. She asks her to decide soon. Malishka says 50 lakhs is less.

Neelam says double. Rohan asks her to refuse. Shanaya refuses. Sonia asks her to take 1 crore silently. Neelam says 2 crores. Sonia says Mom. Rohan asks her to refuse and tells the same dialogue. Shanaya refuses and tells that she wants justice. Neelam says 5 mins completed and tells that justice will be given to Rishi, who is innocent. They leave. Rohan comes there and tells Shanaya that she can demand 200 crores and more, once Rishi gets arrested again. She says he is already out on bail. He smiles.

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