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Bhagya Lakshmi 31st May 2022 Episode starts with Dadi asking Virender on call about Neelam, says Sonia is crying. Virender tells that doctor is doing dressing and Neelam will be home in sometime.

Dadi gets happy and goes informing Sonia that Neelam is fine and coming home. Balwinder hears and thinks Lakshmi didn’t fall. Ayush tells that Rishi might be stressed and sitting somewhere. Rishi asks Lakshmi what she was telling about them. Lakshmi asks what do you want to say. Rishi says you wanted to talk to me, when I was about to start my new life and you wanted to talk about us,

just before my engagement and all guests were watching. He claps. Lakshmi asks what happened to you, everyone is watching. He says everyone was watching when you stopped the engagement. Lakshmi tries to go. He asks her not to go until their conversation is done. He asks why did she come?

Lakshmi says that you shall not get engaged. Rishi says as you saved me. Lakshmi says yes, but I saved you as….Rishi says I was not believing Malishka, but everything is happening here due to you. He says I understood your intentions, you wanted to separate us and wanted to break our engagement. Lakshmi asks him to listen. He says nobody can break malishka and my engagement,

I will see who can do it and says you are my past and past shall be left behind, and I am leaving you behind. He walks away from there. Neelam tells Karishma and Kiran that she is fine. Kiran asks her not to talk and says doctor told this. neelam says she is not delicate and this engagement would have happened if Lakshmi had not come. Karishma says Lakshmi has become the curse for us.

Neelam asks Karishma to send Virender. She says she wants to talk to him and don’t want Lakshmi to take advantage of the situation, if Malishka and Rishi fight again. Karishma says I understand you and goes. Kiran says I want you to meet him alone.

Virender goes to meet Neelam. Abhay asks Karishma about Neelam and Rishi. He says Rishi might be worried for his Mom. Virender comes inside the ward and asks Neelam if she is hurt. as she has head injury. Neelam says don’t scare Mummy ji. He says everyone loves you. Neelam asks where is my son, he must be worried for me. Rishi comes there and hugs Neelam. Neelam says you have a long age.

Rishi asks if she is feeling pain. Neelam says she is fine. Malishka is also there. Neelam tells that she wanted their engagement to happen today itself. Rishi says but. Neelam says if I had not fallen down, then this engagement would have happened by now. She asks Virender to think this as her wish and happiness. Virender says ok. Rishi says just as Mom wants.

Lakshmi sees Ahana crying and sits near her. She asks if you are worried for Mummy ji. Ahana says no. Lakshmi asks if you are angry with me. Ahana nods yes. Lakshmi says I wish I could make everyone’s anger go away. Ahana says how can you change so much, I really thought and says you will not understand.

Lakshmi hugs Ahana. Ayush asks Lakshmi not to manipulate his sister and says divide and rule will not work here. Shalu asks how are you talking to my sister. She scolds him for misbehaving with her sister. Ayush says Shalu still feels that I like you and asks Lakshmi to stay away from his sister. He takes Ahana from there. Lakshmi asks Shalu leave it. Shalu asks her not to close eyes.

She asks did you talk to Jiju? Lakshmi says he said that he wants to start new life with Malishka. Shalu says jiju can’t say this, and asks did you tell him that you love him. Lakshmi says it is of no use, he is not ready to listen. She says we shall go and see Mummy ji once. She goes to the ward and couldn’t see Neelam. She comes out and tells Shalu. Nurse comes there.

Lakshmi asks Nurse about Neelam. Nurse says she is discharged and went home. Lakshmi says now the family members are not with me, and says I should have told the truth to family members that I had signed the divorce papers on Malishka’s sayings, why did I reach court etc. Shalu asks her to tell now. Lakshmi says now nobody will believe me and asks her to come. Shalu thinks it is her mistake that engagement is happening.

Balwinder and Bobby look for Lakshmi. Neelam returns home. Balwinder hopes Rishi and Lakshmi shall become enemies. Dadi asks Neelam if she is fine. Neelam says yes. Sonia hugs Neelam. Neelam asks where is Pandit ji. Servant says he went. Virender says he will call Pandit ji.

Neelam makes an announcement and tells that this engagement will happen today and Rishi will get his happiness. Balwinder goes after hearing this. Neelam says Rishi’s happiness is Malishka. She says she will go and change her clothes. Balwinder thinks they are hurrying up for engagement even after the accident. Bobby says they shall hide the ring. Balwinder says he will handle Rishi and will play his game.

Pandit ji comes. Karishma goes to call Neelam. Rishi says this is new Pandit ji. Virender says Pandit ji was not available on call, so now other Pandit ji is called. Servant gives the ring and says it is of malishka madam. Neelam says lets start the engagement. Pandit ji says but mahurat is gone.


Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone dance in Rishi’s engagement. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he don’t remember when he saw his whole family happy last time. Lakshmi says I remember, when you was bitten up by snake. Rishi says I have done many favors on you. Lakshmi says we both were happy then. Balwinder plans to stab Rishi. Lakshmi tells that they are doing wrong and there is a law above.

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Telecast Date:31st May 2022
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