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Bhagya Lakshmi 30th August 2021Episode starts with Neha telling Balwinder that she has made Lakshmi unconscious and was about to replace her on mandap. She taunts Balwinder for being stupid and asks him to take her back. Balwinder asks where is she? Neha says she has kept her hidden under the bed in the make up room. Rakhi tells Shristi that Lakshmi might be in the room. Balwinder and his goon bring back Neha to the hotel. Karan gets doubtful about seeing Balwinder and tells Sameer that he has fake beard. Rano calls Neha. Neha comes there and asks her to cover her head with veil. Rano says I will make you wear garland first.

They go to the mandap. Neha sits on mandap. She thinks she will marry Rishi and Lakshmi will open eyes in Balwinder’s house. Rakhi looks at her and thinks Lakshmi is here. She calls Shristi and tells that Lakshmi is here. Shristi sees the fallen vase and looks at Lakshmi unconscious under the bed. She tells Rakhi. Rakhi asks who is in the mandap. She asks if there is any psycho lover of Rishi. Shristi says we have to make Lakshmi marry Rishi. Rakhi sees Balwinder and the goon and call Shristi, and informs her that the waiters are here who had kidnapped Neha, and are now coming to kidnap Lakshmi. Sameer follows Balwinder and the goon. Rakhi says they are going towards the bride’s room. She asks her to make Lakshmi gains consciousness first.

Shristi sprinkles water on her face and makes her get consciousness. She asks are you fine. She says we have to go from here, as two goons are coming here to kidnap yhou. She asks Lakshmi to come fast. They come out of the room and go to another room. Balwinder and the goon go inside bride’s room. Sameer thinks why are they coming here. Rakhi comes there. Shristi asks Lakshmi, who hit on her head with force. Lakshmi says Neha. Rakhi says she is your sister and asks why she will do this. Lakshmi says I was making her understand. Shristi tells Lakshmi that they have to go down and asks her to sit there itself until they bring Neha. She says if we take you downstairs then it will be a big problem. Rakhi assures that her marriage will happen with Rishi only. Balwinder searches for Lakshmi. Rakhi says God writes destiny.

Pandit ji asks the bride to give her hand in groom’s hand. Neha gives her hand in Rishi’s hand. Rishi gets doubtful. Shristi and Rakhi come there and find the marriage rituals beginning. Shristi thinks to break the mandap so that Pandit ji stops the marriage for timebeing. She tells Shristi that she will fall on the matki and then Pandit ji will stop it. She is about to fall, but Sarla stops her. Pandit ji asks the bride and groom to stand for the rounds. Rano asks them to start taking the rounds. Pandit ji says no after the shlok. Rano thinks no, not now. Pandit ji asks them to start the rounds. Shristi falls on the pot and says this marriage can’t happen.

Rakhi says Shristi wants to say that the pot broke it, and that’s why marriage can’t happen. Dadi says how can we stop the marriage in middle. Rano says pandit ji read the mantra and asks them to take rounds. Neelam says these rounds will not be done. She says this marriage begin again, as she don’t abshagun to happen due to the broken pot. Mr. Oberoi says he will make the arrangements for the new pot. Neelam asks Rishi to rest till then. Rishi says he will go to his room. Shristi calls Neha as Lakshmi and asks her to come.

Rano says I will take her with me. Rakhi takes Sarla to side and says I want to tell you the truth. She says the girl sitting in the mandap was not Lakshmi, but her cousin Neha. She says do something so that we can bring Lakshmi to the mandap. She says if you don’t trust me then see yourself. Sarla calls Neha as Lakshmi. Rano asks her to look back. Shristi asks Rakhi what you said to Mamma? Rakhi says I told you truth. Shristi says Mamma will not help without confirming. Sarla goes to Neha and makes her phone fall down. She sees Neha’s face in the phone and thinks she is Neha. She then calls Rakhi, Shristi and Neelam. She tells that even Lakshmi shall go to room and come back again for an auspicious marriage. Neelam looks on. Rakhi talks to Pandit ji about it.

She asks Pandit ji what happened to the person doing a sin. Pandit ji says very bad. Rakhi asks what did you say? Pandit ji says very bad. Rakhi asks everyone if they heard what Pandit ji say. Shristi and rakhi take Neha to Lakshmi’s room and asks Lakshmi to see the other Lakshmi. Neha looks at Lakshmi.


Bhagya Lakshmi 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Balwinder sees Lakshmi coming downstairs with Shristi, Rakhi. He asks his goon to bring a glass and mixes sleeping pills in it, to make Lakshmi unconscious. Sameer tells Karan about Balwinder’s plan to trap Lakshmi. Sarla tells Lakshmi that nobody can snatch her destiny from her. Balwinder comes to Lakshmi and gives her drugged water, saying it was sent by Rishi. Lakshmi is about to drink.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2021
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