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Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd August 2022 Episode starts with Durga Devi asking Balwinder to go, thinking her to be a lady. She asks him to go. Balwinder holds Guddu’s hand and leaves in the car. The lady constable tells Durga Devi that the lady was walking as if she is doing fashion show. The constable says some ladies have charm.

Durga devi looks on. Lakshmi tells Dadi that she has come to give her medicine. Dadi refuses to have it and says she gets vomiting. Lakshmi asks her eat it else she will tell everyone that you are talking to someone’s pic, said I love you etc. She says I will tell that your affair is going on with someone.

Dadi says blackmailing? She agrees to have medicine. Lakshmi makes her have medicine. She then asks Dadi to show the photo frame to her and says I will not tell anyone. Dadi says I will not show and says you can’t force me. Dadi runs, while Lakshmi runs behind her. Virender comes there and asks what is happening?

Lakshmi says she heard Dadi talking to the pic and wanted to see it, but. Dadi says she is not afraid of anyone. Dadi shows her husband’s pic. Virender says it is Bau ji’s pic and says tomorrow is his birthday.

Lakshmi asks why didn’t you say it before? She tells Virender that they shall celebrate it with a puja, and she will do all the arrangements. Virender gets emotional and teary eyes, and goes. Dadi tells Lakshmi that she has made him cry and asks until when you will prove that you are good wife for Rishi and good bahu for us. Lakshmi hugs her.

Balwinder and Guddu come home. Balwinder says Lakshmi did this kaand, and says I have become Paro for her. Guddu says all kand/ problem is created by malishka. He gives him clothes. Balwinder wears clothes. He says Malishka is not picking the call and says he called her for money. He says if Police arrests her then he will take her name, but he shall not do this. He says he shall meet malishka at such a place, where we don’t have any danger.

Malishka tells Sonia that she has a plan to become of hers. Sonia asks her to tell her plan. Malishka says yes, and says I will take him to office and he will not refuse. She says Lakshmi will get rotten here. She says then the end, in the office, I will brainwashed him and will make him mine. Sonia asks what you will do with him. Malishka says I will do something that he will forget Lakshmi from his heart and mind. Sonia asks her to go for it.

Ayush tells Rishi that he is bored and can’t work now. Rishi asks did you mail Khurana. Ayush says it was left. Rishi asks what you have done in laptop. Ayush says first I was online and chatting, then checked social media and checked bank statement. He says he can’t do work today. Malishka asks Rishi to come with her. He asks where? She says my wish, I am taking you to office.

Ayush asks her to leave his hand and says he has much work, now he has to do my work too. He asks her to go. Malishka says she is taking him for work and not for romance, he has forgotten to romance with her and now she don’t expect. He asks where? Malishka says she has introduced perfume line for the recent resort. Rishi asks when is the launch. Malishka says tomorrow.

Rishi says I always tell you to inform me one week ahead. Malishka says I have informed you one month before, but your attention is on Lakshmi. Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi is his life and wife. He gets Shalu’s call and tells Rishi that he got his sister in law’s call. He says you are happy with Lakshmi and goes.

Malishka says he says anything and calls him mad. She asks Rishi if he will come with her. Rishi thinks about Lakshmi and smiles. Malishka thinks finally he is smiling because of me. Rishi asks what were you saying? Malishka asks if he was thinking about Lakshmi. He says yes. Malishka asks him to wait.

Ayush picks the call and says Shalu…Aloo. Shalu asks if he gets serious in life. He asks why did you call? Shalu says she called him to talk to Lakshmi. Ayush says you can talk to me, but don’t do romance with me, I will not bear. Shalu asks what is in you, that I will flirt with you. She asks what is in you? He says he is reliable, handsome, body and mind,

A plus and pure, plus I like you. He says I don’t like you. Shalu says I got saved. She says if I have to talk to di, then I will talk to jiju. Ayush says why did you call me. Shalu says I know you must be roaming here and there and asks him to give call to Lakshmi. Ayush goes to kitchen. Dadi says he talks to Shalu lovingly. Ayush asks Lakshmi to scold Shalu. He asks why are they making laddoo.

Lakshmi says tomorrow is Dada ji’s birthday. Dadi says there is puja at home. Lakshmi talks to Shalu. Shalu complains to her about Ayush. Lakshmi asks did you call me to complain about him. Shalu says no and says she wants to do job as she has done interior designing job. Dadi asks Lakshmi to ask Shalu to handle the decoration at our house, for her start. She says then I will make her get a job in the office. Shalu thanks Dadi. Dadi asks her to come. Shalu says ok and says she will think 4-5 ideas and will tell Dadi.

Balwinder calls Malishka, but she didn’t pick the call. He says she is not picking the call. Guddu says she might not pick the call from unknown number. Balwinder says he has to do something to talk to her. He asks him to bring wine and chakna.

Malishka asks Rishi to come with her. Rishi says I need to talk to Ayush. Malishka asks didn’t you hear what he said, he was teasing me with Shalu’s name, and was behaving as if Lakshmi is your wife and this house bahu. Rishi asks what wrong he said, it is truth and you shall accept it.

Malishka asks what are you saying? Rishi says Lakshmi is my wife legally. Malishka says I know, but she is your wife for 2 months. She says everyone knows that you both will take divorce after 2 months. Rishi gets upset and goes. Malishka goes behind him and asks him to wait. She asks what happened to you, you are behaving this way with me.

She says I am your Malishka, for whom you was mad and used to do anything for me, to spend time with me. She says we haven’t spent time together since many days and asks if he don’t miss to spend time with her. She says we used to go to so many places together and asks if she only loved him. She asks if you remember the time spent with me. He reminisces the time spent with Lakshmi and then Malishka.

Malishka asks her to think about her, and become like before. She says when we are one, you must be feeling the same love and feeling which I am feeling. Rishi says no, Malishka, I am not feeling anything. Malishka is shocked.


Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malishka hugs Rishi forcibly and asks if he felt something. He says no and pushes her. He holds her from falling down. Malishka says she is hurt at heart and asks if he can heal her injury? Later Rishi kisses on Lakshmi’s cheeks. Malishka tells Kiran that Lakshmi is not moving from her way. Kiran says she has an idea to make her move from the way.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2022
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