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Bhagya Lakshmi 29th April 2022 Lakshmi is standing in the corner when Rishi hands the waiter glass but Paritosh asks if she is actually his wife, he explains that he was not here when Rishi came but did not meet his wife, if he feels they can call her with them but Rishi replies they can think about it later but for now focus on the work.

Malishka in the room questions how can she remain focus because she saw what did Lakshmi did, she will accept that Lakshmi will not leave Rishi so easily as she has planned her honeymoon, she mixed a tablet in his drink so he would get high after which she will take advantage of him,

Malishka mentions she is a really clever women and game player, kiran makes a noise but she questions what is this since she is not even allowing her to meet him, Kiran replies that she knows what will happen if she meets gun as he would feel that she is following him so would not be happy with her, she says that she doesnot know what to do when Kiran explains it is good for them that Lakshmi has given him the tablet because she would be blamed and then

Malishka can spend some quality time with Rishi, she shows the sleeping pills which she plans to give to Lakshmi, mentioning all they need now is a waiter. Malishka sees a waiter so asks if he wants to earn his entire salary in a single minute.

Rishi is with Paritosh when the waiters start giving the guest masks, Rishi questions what is happening so Paritosh explains that the restaurant is open till 10 pm after which there is karako, DJ or dance night so tonight they all have to dance while wearing a mask, Rishi is impressed with the idea.

Malishka and Kiran are with the waiter when they send him to Lakshmi, before she can take the glass Ronit interferes requesting to do the honors but Lakshmi gives it to the waiter mentioning she doesnot need the water. Rishi gets jealous so he also presents him the water which she takes seeing which Malishka is excited as her plan would be fulfilled but Kiran is actually drinking the drink which she made with the tablet.

Lakshmi stands explaining she feels he would be saying it all for her benefit but she doesnot like this people who are high like him, Ronit says he just wants to meet her husband to tell him she is really beautiful and it is not suitable to leave her alone, Rishi replies he already told him that he is her husband, Rishi hands Lakshmi a mask but she is tensed when he takes her to the dance floor.

Paritosh come to Ronit questioning what is he doing because these people have come to purchase the resort, Ronit apologizes because the girl is really beautiful, Paritosh still advises him to not drink.

Lakshmi and Rishi are dancing on the floor, they are really enjoying the dance and are even really close to each other but Ronit is constantly looking at Lakshmi seeing which irritates Rishi who feels really jealous. They are about to change the partners but Rishi doesnot allow her to leave when the dance ends and they all start praising Rishi and Lakshmi, she feels as if she saw Malishka and so follows her. Rishi goes to Ronit explaining that he must not look at his wife anymore since it is not feeling normal anymore, Ronit leaves apologizing.

Malishka hides behind a wall, Lakshmi coming wonders if she actually saw Malishka however she cannot understand why would she run away. Lakshmi receives a call from Shalu who says that Bani is normal after talking with her and Rishi, she is now sleeping but Shalu realizes that Lakshmi is worried, she informs that she felt Malishka was in this resort. Shalu replies that she doesnot know anything but Malishka cannot come between her and Lakshmi in the next three months because of the orders of the court. Lakshmi replies that she knows the real reason that Malishka came to the resort.

Rishi is not able to find Lakshmi so wonders where did she go all of a sudden, he exclaims this is what she does so can do whatever she feels like but he just wants to know if she is fine.

Paritosh is with Ronit questioning what is he doing as he never behaved in this way when Ronit replies that he has apologized to him so what else can he do, Paritosh asks him to go as he is creating problems for him and even Rishi Oberoi is not liking his behavior, Ronit asks him to look at that old lady who is also really high, Paritosh leaves.

Malishka is searching for her mother when she finds her sitting, Ronit is about to bump into Rishi who apologizes as he is a little high when Ronit explains that it is good to be high until it doesnot create any problem, Rishi replies he very well knows people like him because of how he was looking to his wife however it is wrong. Rishi replies he is jealous because of the way Ronit was looking at her and he should not tell her that he was jealous, Malishka gets mad hearing what Rishi just said about Lakshmi.

Rishi sees Lakshmi so stops her, he questions where did she go because she was dancing with him but Lakshmi replies that she saw Malishka however he asks why is she taking the name of Malishka when they are talking, Rishi says that he was worried about her which is why he was searching everywhere.

Lakshmi explains if this is how he cares then should not care for her, Rishi gets worried because he doesnot know how to tell her and explains that there are some people here who are looking at her, she replies they all have eyes which cannot be closed so what is the problem. Rishi replies that he is not liking whatever is happening, she asks he is not liking they are seeing her, Rishi replies he doesnot want her to be alone with someone else, Rishi immediately turns when she requests him to say it again but he replies she will also think of it as the same when he said it, but he leaves so she follows him.

Rishi asks her to meet him after ten minutes at the restaurant as they have a meeting with Paritosh, she requests him to eat first but he replies he just wants to work first. She questions why does he always have to disagree with her, they both turn in the opposite directions when Rishi wonders what happened to her, she thinks he should at least show some respect to the other person.

Lakshmi hears the phone ringing so recalls how he fell into the water the last time when they were beside the river, she recalls the warning of Pandit Badrinath who said that she would have to fight with all the evils that are going to come his way. Lakshmi gets scared seeing that he fell into the pool, she rushes to jump into the pool after him and they both rise up, he asks what is to worry as he is fine assuring nothing happened to him, she is really tensed so pushes him away trying to climb out of the pool, she tries to walk up the steps but slips from them into his arms while Malishka and everyone else is watching them, they both are not able to take their eyes off each other.

Malishka leaves with Kiran in anger. Rishi gets nervous so takes her to the stairs, the guests start smiling when the manager asks the waiter to bring towels for them both, Rishi says he is fine when he asks why did she come after him since the pool is not that deep, Lakshmi walks away when he stops her, she questions why can he not take care of himself, with tears in her eyes she asks what will happen to her if he suffers any injury, Rishi gets shocked.

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