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Bhagya Lakshmi 26th May 2022 episode starts with Lakshmi telling Rishi that she has some relation with him even now, which is called as husband and wife’s relation in the society, and asks who is she (Malishka) infront of our relation. She tells that he didn’t respect their relation.

Rishi asks her to stop it and says he couldn’t bear any nonsense anymore and asks Malishka why is she arguing and time passing with her on this important day. Malishka says I felt that she was our friend at some point. Rishi says she is my would be ex wife and she was never your friend. He asks her to come.

Malishka says I will come in 2 mins. She hugs Rishi. Rishi goes. Malishka tells Lakshmi that she hopes that all the misunderstandings are cleared. Shalu comes there and gives drink to Lakshmi, and asks Malishka if she shall make arrangement to get blood, as she drinks it. Lakshmi asks how are you talking? Malishka says your sister is mannerless. Shalu says I am doing it and asks if you can walk properly.

She says this is not engagement party, but a fancy party, you know the truth. Malishka says your wish will never be fulfilled, and says your sister’s heart is broken in pieces and it will never be fine. Lakshmi says it is not broken, but just sad. Malishka says even her leg is fine and asks her to dance with her.

She asks her to go to room, cry etc do whatever she wants, if she don’t want to dance. She says she don’t want any inauspicious thing in her engagement. Lakshmi says her pain is getting less and says I don’t need to be sad, I feel that both Rishi and you are suitable for each other. Karishma tells Abhay and Virender that if Pandit ji had not told that Rishi wouldn’t have married Lakshmi.

Virender says don’t know whom to believe or not. Neelam comes there and asks where is Rishi and Malishka? Kiran says Rishi is here, but where is Malishka. They see Lakshmi and Malishka coming downstairs wearing the same color and designs lehenga. Neelam asks what is this? Malishka says Lakshmi wanted to dance, and seeing her excitement, even I want to dance to make this night memorable. Lakshmi and Malishka start dancing. They dance with Rishi.

Just as the dance ends, Malishka falls on the table. Lakshmi keeps her hand on the table to save Malishka. Everyone gets worried for Malishka, including Rishi and takes her from there. Bani is about to go behind Lakshmi, but Rano stops her and tells that the injury is more deeper than it appears.

Bani asks why she is acting good. Rano says she is thinking about her betterment. Lakshmi goes to her room and locks the door. Balwinder looks at Lakshmi and tells Bobby that he didn’t see her beauty before, else would have married her. He says now he will marry her. Shalu comes there and knocks on the door. Lakshmi cries in the room and cries thinking about Rishi’s care for her. Shalu asks her to open the door. Lakshmi cries.

Kiran applies spray on Malishka’s leg. Malishka says she is fine and doesn’t like the spray. Rishi tells that his coflin is missing and says he will go and check it. Malishka tells that Rishi came running to her and was like before.

Sonia says she didn’t see Lakshmi’s injury and ran to Malishka. Kiran says everyone was with Malishka and not with Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks he is not her Rishi, and thinks how he can be stone hearted? Neelam says Rishi is stressed,

may be due to the business deal. She tells Malishka that if she is comfortable then shall complete the engagement ritual. Malishka says she is perfectly fine. Lakshmi cries and says she wants to hold him and stop him from getting engaged, and says you will not agree, you are acting as if I am a stranger and doesn’t exist. She says if I ask you not to do this engagement then you will ask me who am I?

Rishi knocks on the door. Lakshmi says Shalu, let me be alone for sometime. Rishi says I am here, and asks her to open the door. Lakshmi says she was wrong, he came to ask if she is hurt. She opens the door and looks at him. He asks her to give him side, and goes inside the room.

Shalu and Ayush look at each other. Shalu says I don’t want to talk to you before, but you wanted to talk. She says we were angry, but calm as we know that you all realize your mistake. She tells Ayush that he is completely changed and seeing everything wrong. Ayush says if Lakshmi is happy and dancing,

then why this is wrong. Shalu asks who are you, and says one day you came to drop me and Lakshmi di called and asked you if you reached safely, you had said that even your mom don’t care for you so much. She says I didn’t like you at first, but then started liking you, as you cared for di, but not anymore.

Rishi goes from the room. He then brings the first aid box and sits beside Lakshmi. He cleans her injury and applies ointment to her. Lakshmi thinks why you can’t feel what I mean to you, I want to hug you and don’t want to get separated for you till many births. Malishka comes there and gets upset seeing him caring for Lakshmi.


Bhagya Lakshmi 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shalu tells Malishka that she shall thank her, as she went to reporters and told them the truth. Rishi is shocked. Lakshmi says I want to hug you Rishi and never want to separate from you. Shalu asks Rishi to ask his heart, if his wife can do anything. Malishka asks Rishi if he will go back to lakshmi, if she is innocent. Rishi says yes. Shalu asks Lakshmi to go and confessher feelings to Rishi, then he will himself will not get engaged. Lakshmi comes running and sees Rishi and Malishka sitting for engagement.

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Telecast Date:26th May 2022
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