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Bhagya Lakshmi 25th May 2022 Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Rishi why is he doing this? Malishka asks have you lost it, we are getting engaged now. Lakshmi says you are getting engaged to Malishka and said that you love her, and asks if we don’t have anything, ever. Rishi asks what is she saying?

Lakshmi says you said that I have saved you many times, but you don’t love me. She says then why do I feel your love for me and says I felt it many times, when you had saved me from fire, when I had gone to interview and you saved me, though I don’t want to talk to you then, and said that I am your wife infront of everyone. She says whenever you get angry on me, I feel your love.

She says I felt your love, when you talked about engagement with Malishka. She says I am feeling love in your eyes for me even now. Neelam asks her to stop her clever tricks. Karishma asks her to stop her cheap tricks. Kiran asks what did you feel when you asked for divorce. Sonia says this engagement will happen.

Rishi says I will answer her. He asks what was the question, that you felt my love when I saved you from fire etc. He says you see my love in my eyes, even when I talked about my engagement with malishka. He says we do have love between us, that’s why you have come to stop our engagement and even I want you to stop it.

He says now you have told, how much you love me, but you are mad fully. He says you are feeling anything and saying anything, but I am really sorry as I can’t help you. He says you are fully mad and needs a doctor. Neelam, Karishma and Kiran smiles. Rishi says I will give the money for your treatment.

He says you have thought that I will love you, and asks her to see her and him. He says I don’t love Lakshmi Bajwa. Malishka laughs aloud. Rishi and his family also laugh aloud. Lakshmi is distraught and gets teary eyes. Shalu and bani look on sad. Rishi also laughs. Lakshmi shouts no. it turns out to be her day dream. She says no. Rishi asks her to pick the engagement or shall I get the mahurat.

He says leave it, I will take it myself. Both Rishi and Lakshmi bend down to pick the ring and their head collide. Rishi recalls her words and collide his head with her head again. He asks her to be happy as black dog will not bite her. Malishka tells rishi that she will not wear the ring, as it is dirty. Neelam says she will get it cleaned.

Sonia tells Shalu and Bani, that they shouldn’t have allowed them to come inside, and says they don’t have shame. Bani asks why you are stopping your age, it is increasing, but your mind and intelligence is stopped from growing. Sonia asks how dare you? She says you didn’t pick the ring when I asked you.

Shalu says her mind is corrupt and tells that Rishi is married to her sister. Sonia gets angry. Shalu says we can become bad if someone force us. Sonia says I will tell you who am I. Shalu says we need to give her an answer. Sonia goes to Ayush and compains to him about Shalu. Ayush asks her to calm down and says I will handle her. He goes to Shalu.

Shalu asks Bani not to worry and says he will not do anything. Ayush says I will decide and takes Shalu from there. Bani gets worried for Shalu and thinks everyone is wrong here. Rishi talks to the guests. Lakshmi looks at him. Rano comes to her and says do or die. Lakshmi asks what? Rano says don’t let Rishi go away from your hands. She says I have 1000’s reasons to make you understand not to leave him, but you have one solid reason that you love him.

Rishi turns and looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi turns to Rano and goes. Rishi again turns and thinks she wants to attract my attention, but no, my concentration is on Malishka now. Shalu tells Ayush that if she was a doctor then would have checked and told that she is mad. She warns him and says you all are wrong.

Ayush says I came to scold you and you are scolding me. He asks if you have so much problem with us, then why did you come here. Shalu says to show you mirror to make you realize that you are wrong. She goes. Ayush gets upset.

Malishka asks Lakshmi if she is still here and asks where is the tissue box, you didn’t keep it in your hand. She says how was the day? Lakshmi says you know everything. Malishka says I liked your face was sad, dull and black when Rishi was about to make me wear the ring. She says you would have thought that you will be out of Rishi’s life when he gets engaged to me.

Lakshmi asks if you are engaging to Rishi, to throw me out of his life. She asks her to see her place and says I didn’t see if you have worn it or not. She says you can’t throw me out of his life for atleast 3 months. Malishka says I am getting engaged to Rishi, stop it if you can. Lakshmi says you are having a misunderstanding,

I was seeing Rishi’s limit. She says you are nothing to me. Malishka asks her not to take her name. Lakshmi asks her not to force her to say something wrong, which makes her feel insulted. She says then I will feel bad. Rishi asks what is happening here.

Balwinder meets Bobby in waiter’s uniform. Bobby asks him to be with the people. He says nobody will identify you. Malishka says I asked her, why her face was black when you was making me wear the ring and asked her to stop this engagement, and she said that she don’t want to do anything and is seeing your limits.

Lakshmi says I didn’t hope this childish act from you, and says you are telling him half thing. She says I can say the same thing to Rishi. Rishi says you knows well that Malishka is in my heart and asks her not to spoil their big day. Lakshmi asks who are you? Rishi says Malishka’s husband, would be husband.

Malishka tells Rishi that why Lakshmi is feeling as if you are in her heart. Rishi asks Lakshmi to stop thinking about him, as he has only Malishka in his heart. Lakshmi says why you have the misunderstanding and says Malishka is nothing to me, but you are related to me even now.

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