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Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd September 2021  Episode starts with Neha hugging Rishi and says she knew that he don’t love Lakshmi. She asks him to tell all his secrets etc. Rishi asks her to leave him. Malishka comes there and slaps Neha hard. Rano tells Virendra that the decoration is good. Virendra says it is our belief. Rano says your belief is costly. Preetam says even we believe on Bappa.

Rano asks Virendra to give them more Ganapati Bappa of Gold if he wants and says they got diamond like son-in-law. She then asks about Ayush and asks if he works with Rishi in the office. Virendra says Rano. Rano thinks Ayush and Rishi will get the property equally and thinks Neha shall marry Ayush. Virendra asks do you want to tell me something. Rano says if you have any complains with Lakshmi, as she came from village in this palace like house. She says she will make her understand.

Virendra says I have complains with Lakshmi. He says she doesn’t think about herself. We always thought that we have everything with us, but after Lakshmi came, we thought that there is much less in our life. He says I wish I could meet Lakshmi’s parents and says they gave so good values to Lakshmi. He says even we are from village. He says you met my mother, who is also from village.

He says Neelam was from rich family, but I worked hard and reached this level and got all this. Rano says I wish Preetam would have worked hard like you and then tells that Preetam is like Lakshmi’s father and gave good values to Neha.

Malishka asks how dare you to touch Rishi? Rishi says she is Lakshmi’s cousin Neha. Neha asks why you are so angry and asks if Rishi is her husband, lover etc. She asks how dare you slap me? She says I hugged him and why are you so burnt? Malishka says if he is your husband and says he is Lakshmi’s husband. She says if he would have been my husband, then I would have kicked you out from here.

Neha asks her to touch her and says I am silent due to Rishi. She asks her not to come between Rishi and her. Rishi asks Neha what are you saying? Rishi says there is nothing wrong between us. Neha asks why is she reacting as if he is yours. Rishi says Malishka is concerned for Lakshmi as she likes her a lot. Malishka says you are talking nicely to her, even after she crossed her limits. Rishi asks Neha to go. Malishka asks who is she? Rishi says she is Lakshmi’s cousin Neha, who wanted to marry me.

Malishka says I didn’t know that package will come with Lakshmi. Rishi says you shouldn’t have slapped her, and says she will not tell after whatever she has done and tells that she shall not slap him. Malishka says she will not spare her if she does this again. Rishi says possessive, that’s why I love you so much. He says lets go and say good bye to everyone.

Rano says we have given good values to Neha. Virendra says it is seen. Neha comes downstairs. Preetam asks Rano what is going on in her mind. Rano says she is thinking. Neha goes without talking to Rano. Rano says we shall leave, something had happened. Preetam tells that they will leave. Virendra asks them to leave Shalu and Bani, as Lakshmi didn’t get chance to talk to them.

Preetam says no need. Rano says we will come again tomorrow for Visarjan. Rano comes home and asks Neha why she came here. Neha tells her that Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi. Rano says if he changed so soon. She asks her to tell directly. Neha says Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi, but. Rano starts dancing and gets happy. She says nobody’s bad eyes shall fall on you, except Rishi. She says I will become the saas of a rich guy. Neha asks her to hear fully and says I hugged Rishi, he pushed me, but a girl came there and slapped me hard.

Devika comes to Lakshmi’s room and asks can I talk to you for 5 mins. She says don’t know what this girl is saying since a long time. Ahana comes there and says I don’t want to say anything. Devika says Ahana told that you are best and good. Ahana says I told Devika that if you had not stitched my dress, then everyone would have laughed at me. Lakshmi says nobody will laugh at you. Ahana tells that last time Sonia laughed at me. Lakshmi says nobody will laugh at you, you are so good.

Ahana hugs Lakshmi and says you are good. Devika also hugs her. Rishi looks at them from outside. He asks if Neha, Bani and Shalu called and said that they reached home safely. Lakshmi says Bani called and said that they reached home. She says I am happy that you are worried for them and that’s why asked about them. Rishi says yes. He thinks if Neha would have told then Lakshmi will get doubtful on me. He thinks Malishka was right that Neha will not tell anyone about it.

Neha says Malishka slapped me hard and says she is possessive of Lakshmi. Rano says you can’t get him, if he is having an affair. Neha asks her to go and tell Lakshmi about his affair. She says who will stay with Rishi then? She says I will kick out Malishka and then he is mine. Rano asks are you sure? Neha says this is rich girls status symbol. Rano says Lakshmi will not believe us. Neha says I will capture Rishi and Malishka’s affair in my phone and then will show to Lakshmi.

Rano says we will do visarjan of Lakshmi and Rishi’s marriage. Neha recalls Lakshmi and Malishka slapping her and says both of them lives and dreams are finished. Rishi thinks Lakshmi will sleep on the bed today, and thinks what excuse to made. He thinks to sleep on the sofa and thinks if she asks me to sleep on the bed, then? He thinks to sleep before she comes, and thinks to do acting as if he is sleeping.

He lies down on the sofa. Lakshmi comes there. Rishi pretends to sleep. Lakshmi calls his name and smiles seeing him sleeping. She says if anyone sees, then will not believe, it seems he was turning and slept. She looks for her phone to take his pic. He thinks he is acting to love Lakshmi and can’t sleep properly. She turns and sees him sleeping properly. Rishi thinks she would have made fun of him, by showing pics to everyone. Lakshmi says I wanted to take the pic, so that I can show him that he slept this way. Rish thinks he was wrong about her, but she is always right.

Lakshmi thinks why did he sleep on the sofa, and gives pillow under his head and also covers him with the blanket. She thinks of Rishi and her moments, Ayush asking her to drink juice else Rishi will scold him. Song plays….aap hamari jaan bangaye. Rishi opens his eyes and closes seeing her. Lakshmi prays before lying down on the bed and lies down on the bed. Rishi looks at her and turns covering his head with blanket. Lakshmi opens his eyes and looks at him.

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