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Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd September 2021 Episode starts with Rishi praying to Bappa and asking him to wipe off love from Lakshmi’s heart for him. Lakshmi gets hiccups and holds his hand for support. He says my prayers are left incomplete. Lakshmi asks him not to worry as he will get more than he asked for from Bappa.

Rishi looks at her. Shalu says both are looking good together. Malishka asks Pandit ji if she shall give laddoo to everyone. Pandit ji says yes. She holds the plate. Just then Lakshmi also holds the plate. Malishka says I will give. Lakshmi says you are guest of the house and we don’t make guests do the work. She gives half laddoo to Dadi and gives full to Neelam and others. Dadi signs it is tasty. Neelam also tastes and smiles signing it is tasty. Lakshmi comes to Rishi, Virendra and others and give them Laddoos.

Virendra signs it is good. The guests taste it and praise the laddoo, asking Neelam from where did she order? Neelam says it is not ordered from outside and tells that it is made at home by their bahu Lakshmi.

The guest says it is good, you got Rishi married ti a beautiful girl and also bought sarvagun sampan bahu for yourself, says you have Bappa’s blessings on you. Malishka gets upset and goes from there. Karishma goes behind her. Malishka says she can’t bear everyone praising Lakshmi. Karishma says they are lying to make her happy. Malishka says the laddoos were really awesome. She says they praised her in reality. Karishma says Lakshmi is making place in everyone’s hearts and tells that hopes this time ends soon. Ahana hears them.

Lakshmi gives the sweets boxes to the guests. The guest says you made tasty prasad. Virendra asks Neelam if her Dad is coming to puja. Neelam says don’t know, but he believes on God, so can come. She offers him modak. Virendra says still I have taste of laddoo made by Lakshmi and tells that it was really good. He asks did you hear what Mrs. Bhalla had said that Lakshmi is sarvagunn sampan. He then asks her to ask Malishka to go back to her house. Neelam goes from there.

Rishi takes the juice glass from the waiter and sees Lakshmi distributing sweets to the guests. He looks at her. Ayush comes there and asks did anyone ask you to stand like statue? Rishi gives him juice glass. Ayush says I needed it. Rishi asks him to give it to Lakshmi. Ayush asks him to give himself. Rishi asks him to give her. Ayush says ok and goes to Lakshmi asking her to drink juice. Lakshmi refuses and says she has to give sweets to other guests. Ayush asks will you make me get scolded by Rishi Bhai. Lakshmi says Rishi…and takes the glass to drink juice.

She drinks. Rishi smiles. Shalu and Bani look at Lakshmi. Ayush says you finished all the glass when I took Rishi’s name. Shalu says Ayush is not devil like I think. Bani says if you like him then I will tell Di and she will set you.

Shalu says no I hate him. She thinks if Chachi hears then she will make an issue. Rano asks Neha to eye Ayush and says you are still looking at Rishi. Neha says it is easy to get Rishi as he got married and says fights happen after the marriage and people say that their destiny is broken. Neha says she will have both options open and tells that she will not leave Lakshmi. Rano sees Rishi and says good luck to Neha. She prays that Rishi shall love Neha. Neha gets her friend’s call and she asks where is she?

Neha says she came to Lakshmi’s house. Her friend taunts her and asks why did she go there? She says only a dayan can keep an eye on her brother in law. Neha says she came for Ayush here who is Rishi’s cousin. Shalu comes to Neha. Neha ends the call and goes. Rishi looks at Lakshmi as she gives sweet boxes to the guests till.

Ayush notices Rishi and comes to him. He says I have noticed that you was staring at Lakshmi. He asks if violin is playing when you see Lakshmi. Rishi says how can you ask this after knowing all the truth. Ayush asks what? Malishka loves you. Rishi says even I love her. Ayush says I have noticed that you were always around Malishka during previous Ganapati function, but this time you are near Lakshmi, so I thought.

Rishi says you thought it wrong and says Lakshmi is a nice girl and cares for me a lot, but she is not the one. He says Malishka got me married to Lakshmi due to the markesh dosh. He says I love everyone in the house and not Lakshmi. He asks if he understood and hugs him. Ayush thinks I am not understanding if you are telling me or making yourself understand. Neha searches for Rishi and collides with Ayush.

Ayush holds her. Shalu comes there and asks what is happening here? Ayush says I will not tell. Shalu says I will hold her and asks him to go. Ayush goes. Shalu asks her what she was doing with Ayush, and says you was trapping him. She says he has a girlfriend and she is beautiful. Neha says she is not interested in Ayush and goes.

Rishi is in his room and thinks of Lakshmi. He looks at her earrings kept on the table and picks it. He keeps it back and thinks what I am doing? Why I am thinking about Lakshmi, when I love Malishka. He thinks what is happening with me, I don’t love her, he says she cares for me so much and sometimes overdo it. He says I don’t want her love and care and thinks how to tell her that I don’t love her. Neha overhears him and thinks Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi, now I have the chance and goes to hug Rishi. She hugs him and asks him to tell all his secrets, says I know that you don’t love Lakshmi etc. Rishi asks her to leave him. Someone comes there and slaps Neha.


Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virendra says to Lakshmi, your father is here only. Meet him here only. She hugs him. She says, if he was here today, then he would see how happy I am today. Such a lovely family, husband. Rishi hears it. Neha tells Rano that Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi. She tells Rano to go and tell Lakshmi about Rishi’s affair. Breaking Lakshmi’s heart will be her revenge.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
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