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Bhagya Lakshmi 20th September 2021 Episode starts with Rishi telling Lakshmi that he will not hear anything against Lakshmi. Malishka asks why? Rishi says today she is in my room and in my life due to you. Malishka says yes, she came in your life due to me and asks why she didn’t reply for his message last night. Rishi says he was thinking about Lakshmi, she was in his thoughts and not her (Malishka). Malishka gets shocked.

Virendra tells Lakshmi that he has invited Chacha and Chachi and her sisters. He says they are coming. Ayush comes there and asks Lakshmi to make tea. Lakshmi says I will make tea and says her tea was very famous in the village. Virendra asks her to put less milk. Dadi asks her to make tea for her as well. Neelam hears them. Virendra asks will you drink tea made by your bahu. Neelam says no and goes.

Rishi says yes, Lakshmi was in my thoughts and I was thinking about her and not you. He asks if she felt bad and says even he feels bad when Lakshmi takes care of her and worries for him. he says it hurts me. Malishka says sorry to Rishi. Rishi says you are thinking that I have betrayed you and tells that he is in no mood to talk to her.

Malishka says I didn’t give you the right to get upset on me. He asks her not to doubt on him again and instead trust him. He says I am one woman man and you have taken that place already. Malishka says I love you so much and hugs him. Lakshmi comes to kitchen and sees them hugging.

Rano gives revealing dress to Neha and asks her to wear it to attract the guys. Neha asks if she did the same. Rano says yes. She asks her to wear another dress and woo Ayush, so that he comes to their house and insists to marry her. Neha thinks she is very beautiful and thinks the one who shall look don’t look at her. Shalu comes there and asks her not to do anything wrong. Neha thinks and tells that he is her jiju as well. Shalu says I will have my eyes on you. Neha thinks she will get Rishi now, it is her stubbornness.

Malishka sees Lakshmi in the mirror and breaks the hug. She asks why did you go to bring Ganapati when your foot was so hurt. She goes to Lakshmi and tells her that she held Rishi from falling down. She asks Lakshmi to take care of Rishi and goes. Lakshmi asks if he is still not well. Rishi asks her not to tell Mom. Lakshmi says another secret. Rishi recalls and says yes. He says he had come to kitchen to drink water.

Lakshmi says I will give and tells that Malishka is very nice and touched my heart. She says I felt like God is wanting to tell her about her, and tells that she couldn’t understand. She says Malishka saved me in the party and today you, else I wouldn’t have known that your foot is still hurt. She says she feels that Malishka is the reason for their union and tells that she will take him to room. He says its ok. Lakshmi says she has promised Bau ji and don’t break it. She keeps his hand on her shoulder and takes him from kitchen.

Ayush gets call from Shalu and she asks him to make her talk to Lakshmi di. Ayush says Shalu. Shalu asks how do you identify me? Ayush says he is Virendra and asks her to learn manners, and asks her to tell her name after calling. Shalu says can I talk to Lakshmi di? Virendra comes there and asks him to give phone to him. He asks if Lakshmi’s family is on call and insists to talk. Ayush pretends to talk as Virendra and ends the call. Shalu understands and thinks to tease him.

Lakshmi brings Rishi to room and asks him to tell if he is still hurt. She tells that she can keep his secret, but no secret shall come between them, as they are husband and wife. She says if you had told then I would have taken care of you. Rishi says you have already taken good care of me. Lakshmi says you are cute like Mintu, our village boy. She tells that Mintu used to tell opposite of what he cares and says you are like him. She says you want me to take care of you, but says otherwise. Rishi says no, it is not like that. Lakshmi says you have first right on me and I like to do anything for you.

She says I was going to make tea for Bau ji and asks if he wants. He nods no. Tu thodi der aur theher ja plays…..Lakshmi smiles and goes. Rishi gets tensed. Malishka tells Karishma that she was caught today, but got saved. Karishma says she didn’t believe in Markesh dosh, but she shall be cautious until it gets resolved and Lakshmi shall not get doubtful. She says you have already made place in everyone’s hearts for you and asks her not to do anything wrong.

Lakshmi brings tea and gives to Virendra and Ayush. She says I gave tea to Dadi in her room. Virendra takes a sip and says it is wonderful, what did you add in it? Lakshmi says love of you all, you all love me so much. Ayush says it is really good. Karishma tells Malishka that she shall do all the rituals of a bahu tomorrow as Neelam believes on the rituals. Virendra returns the cup and hopes Neelam accepts Lakshmi as her bahu, and then Rishi will accept her as his real wife. He prays to Bappa and asks him to make Rishi fall in love with Lakshmi and make him see her goodness, what he has seen. He prays that this shall happen.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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