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Bhagya Lakshmi 20th May 2022 Episode starts with Neelam asking Malishka to choose the ring. She shows the ring which they have selected for her. Malishka likes the ring and says it is out of the world. Neelam says it is chosen by Rishi. Malishka asks where is Rishi’s ring. She looks at the ring and says you have chosen beautiful ring for me,

then why this for you. She chooses other ring for Rishi and tells that she will take his ring to her home and will bring it in the evening. She asks him to keep her ring safely. Neelam thanks jeweller for coming and asks him to come again after 2 days. Kiran says we have to come in the evening, and asks malishka to come. They leave.

Rishi looks at Lakshmi and asks what is she thinking? Lakshmi is about to go without answering him. Lakshmi thinks did you realize that you are doing a big mistake by getting engaged and came to say that you will not get engaged.

Rishi says I will not do engagement, has realized that I have done a big mistake and held your hand with rights, asks if she is saying this? She asks if you heard me. He says you are very predictable and it is boring for me, I am understanding you better. He gives the ointment to her, and says you had applied on my hand.

He writes thank you on the paper and gives to her, asks her to hang the thank you note, on the wall of the house which she will buy with alimony money. He says you are getting good price of this marriage, so sell this thank you note and get a good price for it. Lakshmi tears it and says this is the price of your thank you. She says I have done so much, but what I got in return, I was questioned and my intentions were doubted.

She asks if saving the husband is wrong, and says you are my husband and I have taken 7 rounds with him. She says I was called selfish, greedy for money etc. Rishi asks if she is not doing this for money. Lakshmi asks him to see in her eyes. Rishi says that you are truthful and honest, but it is not like that. Lakshmi says you want to hurt me.

Rishi says I am not hurting you. Lakshmi asks how can you change so much. He says that rishi wants you to like him, but this Rishi doesn’t care for you. Lakshmi says even I can read the eyes, and says you are just showing off. He says I told what was truth. Sonia comes there and asks him to get ready.

She asks Lakshmi to pack her bags and asks why are you staying here for 3 months, to get yourself insulted. She asks her to leave. Lakshmi thinks if I had to go then why I would have come. She looks at the ring, thinks it is beautiful. She keeps it back in the box and takes it out and wears it. Bhagyalakshmi plays…She gets teary eyes and says Bhagyalakshmi’s ring is not yours, but of Malishka’s ring. She tries to take the ring out and finds it stuck.

Rano tells Shalu that they shall go to Malishka and Rishi’s engagement. She says they will get some nek, good food, dance, or some drama. She says if I had known then would have stopped your Chacha and Neha. She says I will change my clothes and then we will go. Shalu says you don’t have a heart.

Rano says I have a big heart and that’s why I let you all stay here. Shalu says you knows well, how Malishka took Lakshmi di’s signatures, and how she had talked to her. Rano says nothing will happen as Lakshmi wanted and that’s why this engagement is happening. She goes to get ready. Shalu says we can stop this engagement, di has to do as we said, then jiju will say that he can’t get engaged to Malishka. Bani asks how?

Rishi comes ready for the engagement, and asks Lakshmi if she is practicing for dance. Lakshmi says no. He asks if he is looking good. She says yes. He searches for the ring box and gets it. Lakshmi shows the ring to him, which is on her finger. He asks why did you wear it? Lakshmi says it is stuck and says sorry. He asks again, why did she wear it and asks her to return the ring. He says I will take it out and applies something on her finger. He tries to pull the ring. Lakshmi feels pain. He manages to pull the ring out. Lakshmi says she got hurt. He asks what about my pain, you have hurt me so much, scores are settled. He goes.

Kiran tells Abhay that for the first time, he has done right by pressurizing the family members for agreeing for Rishi and Malishka’s engagement. He asks what she wants to say. Kiran says Malishka was engaged to Rishi before again, and says the way you helped Malishka in her fight with Lakshmi is outstanding. Abhay says I helped her as Malishka loves Rishi. He asks her not to think wrong. Malishka asks them not to fight today. He says I will drive the car. Kiran asks Malishka not to think that her father is great.

Dadi asks Virender if anyone asks, how can Rishi get engaged although he is married. Rishi asks her to tell that he is getting engaged as he loves Malishka. He asks her to tell that Lakshmi asked for divorce. He says if he had controlled that day in court, then this wouldn’t have happened. Virender smiles and then says sorry. Rishi says everyone shall smile, as today is special.

He says Lakshmi is different from others, if I ask him…he then stops and asks what? Virender says I was thinking that Rishi is getting engaged to Malishka, but he is talking about Lakshmi. He says your mom and Bua told that divorce haven’t happened due to you. Rishi says I don’t love Lakshmi, everyone thinks this way. Virender says I just want to say, that your focus shall be on Malishka and not on Lakshmi.

Rishi goes from there. Ayush goes behind him and gives him water. He says I know that you are upset with Lakshmi, and you shall be, and you want to marry Malishka. He says Malishka didn’t give you the pain like Lakshmi did. He asks what was he thinking? Rishi asks why she didn’t come? Ahana says why she will come, as today is Malishka and your day. Rishi says I am talking about Lakshmi, she had said that she will come.


Bhagya Lakshmi 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shalu asks Lakshmi, why is she getting sad? Rano says she will be sad, as he is her husband now, but may be he will be not her husband anymore. Rishi calls Lakshmi and asks her to see him getting engaged. Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s engagement. She congratulates him and asks if he got engaged. Rishi asks if she came to break it. She says she came to get it done.

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Telecast Date:20th May 2022
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