Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022 Episode starts with Ayush telling everyone that Lakshmi didn’t do any mistake. He says why will she do such thing. Neelam’s phone rings. She asks Malishka to go and bring her phone.

Malishka thinks she is being treated as servant and thinks once she marries Rishi, she will not do such things. Karishma asks Ayush how are you talking to Bhabhi. Neelam blames Lakshmi and asks Ayush, how can he defend Lakshmi? Ayush says but. Neelam says I am not yet over, and says people reached hospital, as she made the food.

She asks him to shut up and tells Lakshmi that whatever happened, did you do intentionally? Malishka sees Journalist Uday’s phone on Neelam’s mobile. She thinks why is he calling Aunty. She picks the call. Uday is on call and says he has come to cover the news, in the hospital.

He says I am sure that it must be an accident as hotel radiant is prestigious and such mistakes can’t happen here. He requests her to give her sometime, so that he can take her exclusive interview to clear the misunderstanding. Malishka asks him to shut up and says I am Neelam Oberoi, you want to ruin my hotel’s room, and says I know that you are threatening me to take my interview, and wants to show people that you have taken exclusive interview of oberois.

She says my bahu has done a mistake and not a crime. She insults him and says she knows such cheap reporters who does such thing to take money or to get publicity. Uday says I wanted to help you.

Malishka says I will buy your office and asks him not to do anything against her bahu. She then provokes her to do something against her bahu. She then thinks she has ruined Lakshmi. Uday thinks I was talking nicely with her, and she was arrogant. He says nobody can save your bahu now.

The manager tells Doctor that nothing shall happen to anyone. The reporters question doctor. Doctor says let me treat the patients. Uday meets the Inspector and says there is so much problem in this matter, and tells that Lakshmi Oberoi had mixed poison in it. Inspector goes. Uday says I have to show you, media power, Mrs. Neelam Oberoi. He says your bahu will be punished for your arrogance.

Shalu and Neha hear the news, in which Lakshmi is blamed. Neha says what was the need to make food in hotel, and tells Shalu that Lakshmi is a Servant. Rishi is in his room, and hears the news that it is a conspiracy which needs to be enquired. Uday hypes the news. Rishi calls Lakshmi, but she is not picking the call.

Karishma tells Lakshmi that she has sworn to snatch the happiness of the house. She blames Lakshmi. Lakshmi sees Rishi’s call and thinks to talk to him later. Neelam says I don’t understand, how we are bearing you, and says she wants to push her out of the house. Malishka comes to Neelam and gives her phone. Neelam asks whose phone was it? Malishka says it was a message.

Neelam says I am very worried, and don’t know how to make things fine. He says it all happened due to Lakshmi’s inauspicious thing. Ayush asks Malishka to tell that it was not Lakshmi’s fault. Malishka says Lakshmi did a lot of hardwork, but all her hardwork is wasted. Neelam says I just pray that our respect don’t get ruined. Sonia says Rishi and Dad will handle. Neelam says yes,

before they will handle, what we have to go through. Virender says I have sent Manager there. Lakshmi says when we were leaving from hospital, doctor said that everything is fine. Lakshmi asks him to call Mayank and ask how are everyone. Virender asks her not to worry, and tells that your worry is genuine and you are not acting.

He says you can’t harm anyone and asks her to stop crying, and says I trust you. Neelam says he trusts you, and I trust that whatever happened is because of you. Ahana tries to pacify Lakshmi. Karishma takes her with her. Lakshmi cries. Ayush tries to pacify Lakshmi.

Kiran appreciates Malishka and hugs her, says she is so proud of her, for throwing the thorn out of her way. Malishka says I thought to throw Lakshmi today. She imagines, and a scene is shown, Rishi drags Lakshmi out of the house. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything, you trust me. Rishi says now I don’t trust you. Lakshmi says Rishi.

He asks her not to take his name from her mouth and says today he is throwing her not just from the house, but from his life too. He pushes her out and says our relation is over from today, I am dead for you and you are dead for me. He closes the door. Malishka’s imagination ends. She tells that it all happened, that we didn’t throw her out now,

and says Rishi himself will throw her out, then there will be no scope of her return. Kiran asks if Rishi will do this? Malishka says yes, he will do this, as his respect is everything to him. Kiran says she is hearing shehnai sound of her marriage. Malishka says she will get married to Rishi at any cost.

Lakshmi cries sitting in the corner near the temple and recalls Neelam’s words. Ayush comes there and says you are Lakshmi, a superwoman and can do anything. He says you have done so much for Rishi, this thing is nothing. He asks her to stand still like a woman, she is. She says she is not thinking about her, but for the people who are in hospital because of me, and says I couldn’t apologize to them.

Ayush asks what you have done, and says it was an accident. He asks her not to be guilty. He says whatever happened was bad, and we will think that the day was bad. Malishka says I will call Rishi. Kiran asks her not to call him. She says Rishi shall not know, and says when he comes to know then he will not have any way to save her. She asks her not to tell anything to Rishi.

Malishka tells that they are two sided sword and says situation and these people forced her to do this. Kiran says if Rishi haven’t brought her back then we wouldn’t have done this. She asks her to make arrangements of Rishi and her marriage. They see Neelam standing on the door.

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