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Bhagya Lakshmi 17th November 2022 Episode starts with Kiran telling everyone that she doesn’t trust Lakshmi even a bit. Virender says I trust her completely and can’t let fake accusations on her. He gets a call from Office and cancels all his meetings. He comes to know clients have come.

Abhay asks him to go and says he will handle everything here. Virender asks are you sure? Abhay looks on. Dadi tells that nothing will happen to Malishka and I will not let anything wrong happen with Lakshmi. Kiran thinks it is good that he went, now I will not leave Lakshmi.

She tells Dadi that everything is happening infront of you and you are taking her side. Karishma asks our Malishka is kidnapped. Kiran says Lakshmi has done this and that’s why she is not telling us. She tells that they have to call Police. Abhay says exactly, we have to involve the Police. Neelam says I can understand, you people thought of our respect, and that Lakshmi is using our name and ruining our respect. She says even today our respect will be ruined because of her.

Dadi says who can save the respect and who has ruined it, we will talk later. She says Kiran can do anything, but shall not take Lakshmi’s name. Kiran says even if we don’t take her name, then also she is involved. Neelam asks Abhay to call Police. Shalu comes there and greets them.

Dadi asks her to go to lakshmi. Shalu goes. Dadi tells them that Kiran can do whatever she wants and if Lakshmi is proved innocent then many people have to answer who has ruined the family’s respect. Shalu comes to Lakshmi and asks her why, they are talking about calling Police. Lakshmi says Malishka is kidnapped and they are blaming me. Shalu asks how they can think about this.

Lakshmi says they have a reason, as I was outside last night and came in the morning. Shalu asks her to tell where did she go, and asks her to tell everyone. Lakshmi says I can’t tell. Shalu recalls and says you had said that you wanted to apologize to Bau ji. She says you can never harm anyone, and asks her to tell what is the matter? She says they are blaming you as you haven’t told him where you had gone. She says you know what they will mean of your silence.

Lakshmi tells that she has promised someone and can’t tell anyone. Shalu asks what happened? Lakshmi tells her that Ayush did the accident yesterday. Shalu asks if Ayush is fine. Lakshmi says Ayush is fine and the guy whose accident he has done is fine too. Shalu asks where is he? Lakshmi says he is in trauma and had fainted.

She calls doctor and asks him about Ayush. Doctor says he is fine, but unconscious. He tells that the guy is also fine. Shalu asks why did he take promise from you. Lakshmi says he was drunk and had driven the car. She says he was crying badly and didn’t want the family’s name to get ruined. Shalu says I will call Rishi jiju. Lakshmi says we can’t tell Rishi, as he is in the meeting,

and tells that yesterday he shouted at Ayush for a mistake. She says Rishi will bear losses. Shalu says you think about everyone and asks if you have seperate entity or not. Lakshmi says her identity is related to all her family members, tells that Ayush does so much for her, and for the first time, he asked something. She says he is repenting and fainted thinking about family’s reputation. She says if I don’t listen to him and tell everyone, that he will be broken. Shalu says if Police comes there. Mukesh comes there and asks Bhabhi is called downstairs. Shalu asks if Police came. Mukesh nods his head.

Inspector asks Kiran if they are sure. Kiran says ofcourse. Abhay says Lakshmi didn’t open her mouth and that’s why we called you here. Kiran says Lakshmi has done her kidnapping. Shalu tells Inspector that Lakshmi didn’t go to Malishka’s home and haven’t done kidnapping. Inspector asks where was she? Lakshmi says I had gone for some important work. Inspector asks her to tell where did she go? Kiran says I am sure that she had come to my house and kidnapped her.

Abhay asks Inspector to arrest Lakshmi and interrogates her with their ways and says dont know how many secrets of her will be revealed. Shalu asks how can you talk like this, and says if someone says like this then will you like it. Abhay asks how dare you? Shalu says you shall keep your respect being elder, and asks him to go and find out about Malishka’s secrets. Lakshmi tells Kiran and Abhay that she is innocent and don’t know where is she? Kiran says they don’t believe her.

Shalu says you all will repent when you come to know about the truth. Kiran is about to slap Shalu. Inspector asks if this thing looks good. Neelam says you shall tell someone else. She throws Shalu out of the house. Inspector asks Lakshmi to come with him, else she will have another case against her. Lakshmi says I am innocent and will not go. She tells Kiran and Abhay that she doesn’t know about Malishka. She cries trying to seek help from Neelam and others.

Malishka is kept captive somewhere and shouts for help. The Police comes to Malishka house with lakshmi and checks her room. Neelam is also there. They find an earring. Kiran says it is Lakshmi’s jewellery. Neelam tells Inspector that it is of Lakshmi and asks her to tell that she has not worn it.

Malishka asks why did you kidnap me Lakshmi while someone is recording. Malishka says leave me alone, I am feeling suffocated, I will leave Rishi and will die. She asks her to leave her. Lakshmi tells Inspector that she doesn’t know how her jhumka came here. Neelam says she says just lies. Lakshmi says I am saying truth. Abhay asks Inspector to arrest her. Inspector tells that it was clear that you have done Malishka’s kidnapping.


Bhagya Lakshmi 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neelam tells Kiran and Abhay that Malishka is not weak and will be found. She says once Lakshmi goes to PS, she will speak everything. Shalu tells Bani that someone is trapping her. Malishka frees herself and tells that she has planned her own kidnapping. Lakshmi is arrested.

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