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Bhagya Lakshmi 14th September 2021 Episode starts with Doctor coming to the OT. Nurse tells that BP and Oxygen level increased. Doctor treats Lakshmi. While other doctor treats Rishi. Main Phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…..The Oberois reach the hotel. The receptionist talks to someone and says Rishi Oberoi’s wife name is Lakshmi Oberoi. They come inside the hotel and asks receptionist about Rishi. Ayush asks her to tell what happened to them? The receptionist tells that they are hospitalized, just now she got the call from hospital. Neelam scolds her. Karishma asks which hospital? Receptionist says Shimla city hospital.

Lakshmi gets They come to the hospital and enquire with the Nurse. The nurse tells that Rishi is in room no 5 and Lakshmi in room no. 9. They go to Rishi’s ward. A guy comes there and asks Rawat how are they? Rawat says they are inside, don’t know.

Lakshmi gets flashes of the fight with crocodile and gets up calling Rishi. She asks Nurse to help him. Nurse asks her to lie down and says his treatment is going on. Lakshmi looks at her hairline and says my sindoor is not there. She gets up and insists to go to Rishi. She faints and falls down. Nurse calls other Nurse and they take her inside.

Neelam, Virendra and others look at Rishi. Doctor comes out. Neelam asks how is Rishi? Doctor says he is safe, thanks to his wife, if she had not brought him on time, then it would have been difficult to save him. He asks them to wait in the waiting area. The guy greets Virendra and returns Rishi’s phone. He says when this thing happened, I was there. I saw everything with my eyes, when saheb fell down, then madam jumped in the water to save him. She didn’t get afraid seeing crocodile, came out of water to get the wooden rod. He says then she went to fight with the crocodile. He says I shouted and asked her not to go back, but she didn’t listen and was adamant to save her husband. He says when she took him out of water, crocodile caught her foot.

He says Madam said only one thing save my husband, take him to hospital. He says then a guy and saved Madam. He says Rawat took them to hospital. Virendra thanks them. The guy says they are bleeding, Saheb was unconscious and Madam couldn’t stand on her feet. He says he went to get the tempo. Rawat says it was my tempo and I had left the village, and saw her pulling the handcart and Saheb was on it. He says she was bleeding profusely and could barely stand on her feet, and her condition was like she turned pale. Doctor comes out and tells that it was Lakshmi’s will power that saved her husband and says else nobody can stand with so much blood loss. Neelam asks can we meet her? Doctor says she is unconscious now.

Rishi gains consciousness and calls Lakshmi. He asks Nurse where is Lakshmi? Nurse says she is in emergency ward no. 9 and her treatment is going on. Rishi says I need to see her. Nurse asks him to rest. Rishi recalls Lakshmi fighting with crocodile and the guy telling that she saved you, but crocodile caught her. He tries to go out with injured foot. Neelam tells that Lakshmi saved Rishi’s life, if he is alive then because of Lakshmi else our son….She says I told you that there is some danger on Rishi and see we were right. He says yes. She asks him not to behave like Papa.

She says I told you Mummy ji and Karishma, that I was feeling something wrong going to happen with Rishi and nobody believed me. She says you went to Papa and told him everything. We have to heard so much from him. He said we are possessive and have a blind faith, and nothing will happen to Rishi. She says nobody believed me. Virendra says I agreed to your sayings. She says he didn’t agreed when we took Rishi’s kundali to Pandit Badrinath ji and he told us that it is not our possessive, but markesh dosh in Rishi’s kundali, and it doesn’t let our son live peacefully and returning in his life as his kaal.

A fb is shown, Pandit ji tells them about Markesh dosh in Rishi’s kundali as he turned 25 years and such dosh takes the person’s life. Neelam and Karishma ask for solution. Pandit ji says solution is very difficult and you have to search that, else Kaal will take his life. Neelam and virendra asks him to say. Badrinath ji tells that they have to search the solution and you have to do it in 10 days. He says this dosh will be in his kundali for one year. Virendra and Neelam ask him to say what to do. Badrinath ji asks them to get Rishi married. Neelam says lakhs of girls want to marry him. Badrinath ji says you have to search one girl among lakhs. He says you have to choose one girl, can’t get him married to any random girl, she shall have unique kundali to cut his dosh. Fb ends. Karishma says we have announced his wedding. Dadi says we got many kundalis. Fb again, Pandit ji checks kundalis and says no kundali matches with Rishi’s kundali. Neelam says what to do now. Pandit badrinath ji checks Rishi’s kundali and tells that he will be attacked by fire in his workplace. Neelam asks him to tell about the solution. Virendra says we shall not send him to office. Neelam says yes. Badrinath ji says nothing can stop Rishi, the attack will happen and only a miracle can save him. fb ends.

Neelam recalls Lakshmi saving him and says whatever Pandit ji said was truth. Virendra says we tried to stop him from going to france, to the award function. Dadi says but he was attacked. Ayush says I asked him to come to the office and he came. Virendra says Pandit ji said that Rishi was trapped in fire. Neelam says a miracle happened and Lakshmi saved him.


Bhagya Lakshmi 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishi comes to Lakshmi’s cabin. Nurse tells him that when she gained consciousness, she asked about you and was running to see him, but we tried to stop her. She then saw her sindoor wiped out and was much worried, was telling it is a sign of marriage. She asks him to fill her maang, else she will worry again when she get up. Rishi fills Lakshmi’s maang. Karishma and Sonia talk about someone. Sonia says we need to inform her, but if she comes here. Karishma says so what, I will call her. Rishi’s girlfriend comes to hospital and hugs Rishi, says I love you so much. Neelam and Virendra see them hugging.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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