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Bhagya Lakshmi 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Malishka asking who are they, to interfere in someone’s life, to judge others. Neelam tells that she is the sister of the judge and asks Malishka to be quiet. The NGO lady tells that if you don’t listen then law will speak. She says your status is that you are characterless,

and staying in someone’s house as sautan. Malishka says everyone knows what is law? The lady says whoever doesn’t understand our customs, rituals etc, we will teach them. Malishka says she will get Rishi and asks them to go. The lady says you regard your characterless as your pride.

She says such lady’s face shall be blackened. They blacken Malishka’s face with black ink. Karishma, Kiran and others try to stop them. The lady asks her to go and see her face in the mirror and says you are black spot on womanhood. Kiran asks Neelam what is happening with her daughter here, and asks her to go away from Rishi and Lakshmi’s lives. She says you are cheap girl,

black spot on womanhood, calls her sinner. Sonia asks how dare you? The lady asks shall we blacken your face as well. She says this time we made you understand, but next time we will come with Police, and asks Lakshmi not to worry, says all honest and truthful women are with you. They leave.

Karishma calls Malishka. Malishka runs to room. Neelam and Dadi stands shocked. Kiran and Karishma run behind Malishka. Malishka locks herself in the room ad wipes her face with tissue. Kiran says let her be alone. Sonia also calls her and then goes from there. Neelam gets angry and breaks the things.

She blames Lakshmi and calls her as a curse on her family. She says her head is lowered with shame today and asks her to go away from her sight. Lakshmi and Shalu go inside. Dadi asks Neelam to have patience. Neelam says she couldn’t have any more patience.

She calls Rishi and asks him to come back to office, as whatever happened here is more important than his meeting. Rishi calls off the meeting and leaves. Kiran tells Neelam that Malishka has locked herself, what mistake she has done, Rishi is her life. Sonia asks if she will harm herself. Neelam says Rishi is on his way.

Shalu asks Lakshmi not to get worried. Lakshmi says why she has a feeling that nothing will be fine, a big storm is about to come and this silence is the one which happens before the storm strikes. Malishka washes her face and looks angry. Rishi sits in the car and drives off, thinking something might have happened surely, Mom didn’t tell what happened? He thinks to call Malishka. He calls Malishka. Her phone rings.

Neelam asks Sonia not to pick the call, let him come and then we will talk to him. Rishi calls Dadi. Neelam stops Dadi. She says he will call Sonia also. Sonia gets the call. Neelam says don’t pick the call. Rishi gets worried and thinks to reach home fast.

Dadi says he must be worried. Neelam says let him be, he shall know how much we are stressed, he will talk to Malishka himself. He shall know that Lakshmi is responsible for whatever happened, she got her wings. Shalu asks Lakshmi to sit. Lakshmi says whatever happened with Malishka, I couldn’t forget and says such things shall not happen with anyone. She says I will go to her. Shalu says everyone will blame you.

Lakshmi says Malishka is insulted a lot. Shalu says she is wrong and that’s why she faced such a thing, it was needed. She says if she is wise then will go away from jiju and your way. She says if she has some mind, then will understand your love for him. Lakshmi says she came for his life. She is about to go out.

Neelam asks where is she going? Lakshmi says to meet Malishka. Neelam asks her not to take her name and asks her to show her real face which she had seen. She says do you think that I think you as innocent village girl. Shalu tries to talk. Neelam shouts asking her not to interfere and calls her mannerless.

Kiran blames her parents for not teaching them manners. Lakshmi asks them not to talk about their parents. Kiran says you are disgusting girls, your face shall be blackened, you both are not from respected families, so don’t know any shame. She says it is good that your parents died before. Lakshmi shouts asking her to stop it else she will forget the limitations of relations.

Kiran says you have done wrong and I shall not say anything. Lakshmi says my parents are not there, don’t say it. She says I will go. Neelam asks her not to show her face else she will become such a saas that will shaken up her soul. She says if I stoop to your level, then no court and NGO woman can save you. She says you don’t know what is respect, Malishka couldn’t bear it as she comes from respected family. She says you was about to marry that drunkard, what would have been your future.

She says your Chachi tried to get her daughter marry my son, if she would have helped you. She asks her not to talk big, that they have cheated her. She says we have saved you from Balwinder and says you don’t deserve to be Oberoi family bahu, and says you don’t even deserve to take Oberoi’s name. Lakshmi is shocked.

Lakshmi says you shall be in my legs all life. Shalu says enough and asks what is my sister’s mistake? Lakshmi stops her. Sonia says stop it, as Mom said. She asks her not to raise her tone infront of her Mom. Shalu says but. Lakshmi stops Shalu and apologizes on her behalf. She takes her to room and asks her to stop it. Shalu asks why? She says didn’t you hear what they called you.

She says we shall not bear this. Lakshmi says they are my family and says they are my dear ones and sometimes we can’t regard someone wrong. She says one person shall be calm down when other is angry. Shalu says you are right. Lakshmi says enough and says I know what is right and wrong.

She says how to make you understand that they are my family, you are my family, though they have lost the understanding of right and wrong. She says lets bear something. Shalu asks them not to have sympathy. She says this is not your family, Malishka is trying to break the family and wanting to enter it, then this family will no longer will be your family.

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