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Bhagya Lakshmi 11th September 2021 Episode starts with the receptionist asking Rishi and Lakshmi to stay back for sometime if they want. Lakshmi says we shall go. Rishi asks her to say and says whatever you want to say is important to me than this outing. Just then Lakshmi’s dupatta flies away with the heavy wind. Rishi runs behind her dupatta. Virendra asks Pandit ji what happened? Pandit ji says the thing happened which I fear, and tells that grahs changed last night, I checked it in the morning and was scared, and that’s why asked you to take out Rishi’s kundali. He says my fear was right. Neelam asks him to tell clearly. Pandit ji says Rishi’s Markesh dosh is getting dangerous and the changed grahs are effecting it. He says this time Rishi is having danger with water, pond, river and sea. He has to stay away from water and asks Neelam to advice him to stay far from water.

Rishi comes to take the dupatta which is stuck to the dried tree on the lake. Neelam gets worried. Karishma says Rishi is inside the hotel. Neelam says swimming pool and water fall are in the hotel. She says Pandit ji told that my son is having danger even with smallest thing. She says whenever his markesh dosh increases, his life is in danger and asks how can you say this. She calls Rishi to ask where is he? Rishi tries to get Lakshmi’s dupatta. Neelam says his phone is out of coverage. Virendra says Shimla is small and there can be network problem. A crocodile comes near. Virendra calls hotel and asks to connect the call to Rishi. Neelam takes the call and asks if he went to the site seen near the water. The receptionist says no and tells that there is a lake nearby, which we didn’t include in the site seeing as there is a lot of crocodile in it. Neelam gets worried and asks Virendra to call Rishi.

Rishi manages to get the dupatta and turns seeing crocodile. He sits to look at the crocodile. Lakshmi comes to Rishi and asks what is he doing? He comes to her and covers her with dupatta. Tu thodi der theher ja plays….Lakshmi gets emotional and cries. He wipes her tears. It turns out to be Lakshmi’s imagination. Rishi handovers dupatta to Lakshmi. Neelam calls Rishi and asks where is he? Rishi says he is in Shimla and asks what happened? Neelam asks him not to go near any water body. He says I can’t hear you and asks Lakshmi to go and stand there, and says I will go near the bridge end and talk. He comes near the bridge end, near the water.

He asks Neelam to say. Neelam asks him to stay far from water. Rishi couldn’t hear her and the call is ended. Pandit ji says the water is calling Rishi and calling him near it. Lakshmi calls Rishi. Neelam asks if Lakshmi is with him. He says yes. She asks if you are near water. Rishi says he is near the water and came to talk to her. They all ask him to go far from water. Rishi couldn’t understand. Pandit ji says you have danger with water. Neelam asks him to go far from water. Rishi says how I will hear if you talk together. Lakshmi takes the call. Neelam asks can you hear me? Virendra asks can you hear us? Lakshmi says yes, hello. Rishi comes near the bridge. Neelam asks her to hold Rishi’s hand and take him away from water. Lakshmi is shocked and says yes, mummy ji.

She calls Rishi and shouts seeing bridge breaking and Rishi falling inside the water. Dadi and Virendra ask if Rishi is fine. Lakshmi runs to save him. Rishi is drowning and the crocodile proceed towards him. Neelam says my son. Virendra says nothing will happen to him, Lakshmi is with him. Some people gather there. Lakshmi shouts for Rishi. A guy asks her not to go near the lake as it have crocodiles in it. Pandit ji tells that Markesh dosh is so powerful that whoever tries to save Rishi, that markesh dosh will kill that person too. Virendra asks what are you saying? Pandit ji says this is told by Markesh’s curse and destiny. He says this is the third attack on Rishi and it will be very dangerous.

Lakshmi looks out for Rishi in the water. Pandit ji tells about this attack to be the most dangerous of all attacks. Neelam says I can’t leave my son alone and asks Virendra to take her there. Virendra says we will go right now. Dadi asks Karishma to ask Ayush to get their tickets. Neelam asks Virendra why he let him go. Virendra says what I would have told, your father doesn’t believe on the things, which we believe. Neelam says Pandit ji said that if anyone goes to save him, then that person too, that means Lakshmi will too. Pandit ji asks them to give Lakshmi’s kundali.

Karishma calls Ayush and asks him to book first flight of Shimla and says we all are going to Shimla, as Rishi’s life is in danger. Sonia asks what happened? Ayush books 6 flights for Shimla and tells Sonia that Rishi Bhai’s life is in danger.

Pandit ji says Lakshmi couldn’t do anything. Rishi frees his legs and is about to swim out of water, when the crocodile bites his leg.


Bhagya Lakshmi 11th September 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Lakshmi sees Rishi attacked by the crocodile and stabs it with some sharp rod. Neelam asks Neelam to start mrityunjay jaap. Pandit ji says Rishi’s dosh didn’t let him complete the jaap. Lakshmi tries to save Rishi. Rishi faints.

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Telecast Date:11th September 2021
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