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Bhagya Lakshmi 11th January 2022 Episode starts with Lakshmi recalling Rishi bandaging her foot, telling that he has right on her being her husband. She gets teary eyes. Shalu and Bani bandage her feet. Mahi tu hi roye gaa plays…..Rishi gets tears in his eyes and looks at the photo frame. Shalu cries, going far from Lakshmi.

Bani hugs her. Rishi calls Lakshmi, but she doesn’t pick his calls. He goes to bed upset. Lakshmi sees Shalu and Bani crying and recalls her father’s words before his death. She wipes her tears and asks why you both are crying, and asks them to wipe their tears. She gives them promise. Bani says we are getting tears by itself.

Shalu says you stopped us, but our tears will not stop. Lakshmi says I can bear anything, but can’t bear cheat and betrayal. She says the relation is death, and now she has no relation with Rishi, and she will not get sad for whatever is left. She says we shall thank god, as he brought truth infront of us. She says we shall not cry for the ones who don’t exist for us. She says we came here alone, and haven’t lost anything. Bhagyalakshmi song plays…..

Neha wakes up Rano. Rano wakes up counting the things which she saw in dream. She says I have to take Lakshmi to Oberoi Mansion. She says if they refuse take Lakshmi in, I will demand crores of Rs from them.

Rishi imagines Lakshmi waking him up and keeping his clothes on the sofa. He says I will get ready and realizes she is not there. He misses her and thinks he is having headache again. Rano asks where is Lakshmi?

Lakshmi comes infront of her and asks what happened? Rano says I told you that I will take you to Rishi’s house. Lakshmi says Chachi please. Rano says this house is mine, I will give the place on rent where you are staying, atleast I will get the rent. Lakshmi says I will give you 2500 rent. Rano asks did you get Kuber wealth? Lakshmi says she will do job and will give the rent.

Ayush comes to Rishi’s room and gives him coffee. Rishi asks how is Dad? Ayush asks what to say. He asks did you talk to Lakshmi? Rishi says no. Ayush says you would have called her once. Rishi says nobody cares for me, what I thought when I saw her saree piece, my condition was mad, I came running to the temple, just to reach Lakshmi. He says when I reached Lakshmi, do you know what she did.

He says she scolded me so much, and I asked her to come home. He says I went behind her, but couldn’t find her. He says he even shouted at Malishka. He says Mom and Dad slapped me and not talking to me. He says today you are against me, and asks if I am so bad that you people are not thinking about my feelings, everyone cares for Lakshmi.

Lakshmi tells Rano that if she is not ready, then they will go down, Savita tai is ready to give her storeroom for Rs 1500 rent. Shalu says without any advance. She says we shall go and talk to Tai. Neha asks will you give 2500 Rs? Lakshmi says yes, and says 5000 Rs for using kitchen. Neha says 500 for using bathroom.

She asks if you will give 8000 Rs. Lakshmi says Bau ji’s sayings and says her heart broke, but courage increased. Neha says in one night. Lakshmi says illusion shall not be there for long. Neha says done. Rano says if you don’t get job in 2 days, then I will not let you stay here. Lakshmi says she can’t waste time by staying here.

Rishi says Lakshmi didn’t give me a chance to say and tells that even a murderer gets a chance. He says if I insisted to marry Lakshmi and put markesh dosh in her kundali. He asks him to tell his point of view. He says what to do, if Lakshmi has seen me marrying Malishka. He asks Ayush to say.

Ayush says you are not just brother, but my everything. He says you are still at the same place, and tells that everything is snatched from Lakshmi. He says she got betrayed and says I can feel your pain. He says you would have waited for a year. Rishi says you mean to say that I am wrong. Ayush says yes. Rishi says all of you can go, I will be alone fine.

Lakshmi tells Bani that she will go for interview. Shalu makes her eat curd and sugar. They ask her to think that she got the job. Ayush asks Rishi to see from Lakshmi’s perspective and says all the world is shattered. Rishi says everyone in the family knew that this will happen after a year, but now they are reacting. He says I was repenting that Lakshmi saw Malishka and I getting married, but now I don’t repent for anything, she has done wrong with me.


Bhagya Lakshmi 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Malishka tells Rishi that they shall start their life afresh and says Lakshmi’s chapter is over. Pandit ji asks Neelam to call Lakshmi and says today is the dangerous day for Rishi, he has danger with iron. Neelam comes to Rani’s house and taunts on Lakshmi’s middle class values. Shalu says Rishi’s values shall be questioned and not of Lakshmi. The employer asks if she has done this work before. Lakshmi says no. Shalu tells that Lakshmi has done right by coming here, as fake people don’t stay here. Neelam goes insulted. Rano tells Neha that the way Shalu insulted Neelam, the latter will not let Lakshmi enter the house. She says I will do, what I couldn’t do till now. Neha asks what? Rano says divorce alimony. Lakshmi cries.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2022
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