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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2022 Anu are Tiwari are watching Vibhu’s video, in which he’s acting like a cock and Angoori is feeding him. Anu sees Tiwari laughing at the video. Anu tells Tiwari he’s making fun of Vibhu. Tiwari tells Anu that Vibhu looks experienced in becoming a cock, he must used to become one in his school days.

Anu tells Tiwari that Vibhu was a scholar. Tiwari is laughing tells Anu that she haven’t spent enough time with him in school days. Anu tells Tiwari to shut up. Tiwari gets and letter and he reads it. Letterman tells Tiwari to act like a dog in front of Anu, or else, he will leak his bedroom video. Tiwari gets scared. Tiwari gets up and becomes a dog at the main door and starts barking. Anu also gets a letter.

Letterman tells her to feed that dog something immediately. Tiwari is still barking and howling. Anu grabs biscuits and feeds it to Tiwari. Tiwari starts eating them. David shows up with a phone and he starts recording him. Tiwari asks David, why is he recording? David tells him that he also got a letter, and has to record him.

Everyone has gathered at the police station. Commissioner is in the cell. Prem asks Manohar, why is Commissioner inside the jail, He must have teased someone. Dr.Gupta says that he doesn’t think that this case is of teasing, he did something big. Everybody stares at Commissioner. Commissioner asks everyone that why are they here, it’s not a zoo, it’s a police station. Anu says that right now it’s more interesting than a zoo. Anu asks, why is commissioner behind the bars?

Happu tells Anu that he got a letter, it was written that if he didn’t put commissioner in the jail, his children will be kidnapped. Angoori says that it’s not interesting thing, it’s threatening because he can put commissioner in jail then he can do anything to civilians. Tiwari says that Happu is irresponsible.

Angoori asks Happu, why isn’t he catching the culprit? Tiwari says that Happu has taken bribe from the letterman. Happu tells Tiwari to shut up! Anu also asks Happu the same question. Happu tells everyone that he has found few people suspicious. Commissioner asks Happu, who are they people. Happu tells everyone that he thinks Pelu is behind all this drama. Everyone denies with him.

Anu says that Pelu is innocent and he will never do anything like this. Angoori also agrees with Anu. Anu tells Happu that Pelu is the most innocent person in the modern colony. Angoori again agrees with Anu. Commissioner orders to call Pelu.

Tiwari is frustrated and says, if Pelu is behind all this drama then he will make his life even harder. Tiwari gets letter. He opens it. Letterman tells him not to worry about it and be ready at 12am, a beautiful lady will come to kiss him. Tiwari wonders who’s it going to be.

Tiwari ready at 12am with his doors opened. He is very nervous but ready. As the clock hits 12am, he sees someone come inside his house. Tiwari closes his eyes. Anu walks upto him and whispers his name in his ears. Tiwari gets excited. Anu tells him to open his eyes. Tiwari turns his head and calls her “bhabhi ji”.

Anu tells Tiwari to call her Anu not bhabhi ji. Tiwari calls her Anu. Anu tells Tiwari to close his eyes again. Anu goes for a kiss. Tiwari was dreaming and it was Teeka who was kissing him. Angoori walks upto Tiwari and gets scared by seeing Teeka kissing Tiwari. Tiwari opens his eyes and sees Teeka. Tiwari also gets terrified and asks Teeka, why is he here? Teeka tells Tiwari that got a letter. Tiwari tells Angoori to get the water ready because he wants to take bath.

Happu is negotiating with Pelu. Happu tells Pelu to admit that he’s the letter and starts hitting him with a belt. Manohar asks Happu, how can he say anything? Happu realises that Pelu cannot say anything. Pelu gives a slip of paper to Manohar, he reads it and tells commissioner that Pelu is saying that he’s not letterman. Commissioner says tells Pelu that he’s lying. Pelu gives another slip to Happu, and tells that he’s just an innocent common man. They gets another letter. Commissioner opens it gets shocked.

Tiwari and Dr. Gupta are sitting together in his clinic. Dr.Gupta asks Tiwari, what happened. Tiwari tells him that he has some blood pressure problem. Dr. Gupta asks Tiwari if he got into any argument. Tiwari says that there are many type of people in this world. Dr. Gupta agrees with him and tells him that his BP is normal.

Tiwari asks, what normal? Dr. Gupta tells him, 120 – 170. Tiwari gets angry and asks him, how is it normal then? Dr. Gupta gives Tiwari an injection. Tiwari asks if it will help with his blood pressure? Dr. Gupta says that he’s not sure about BP, but will surely cause diarrhoea. Tiwari asks him, then why did he gave him that injection? Gupta says, letterman told him. Gupta tells Tiwari to go straight towards his home.

Tiwari goes home having an urge to use toilet, but sees that his house is locked and Angoori has went to market. Tiwari decides to go to Anu’s home to use toilet. Saxena goes upto Tiwari starts asking him silly questions. Tiwari slaps him and leaves.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
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