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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th May 2022 Angoori, Tiwari, Vibhu and Anu sitting together eating. Anu says it takes 17-18 hrs to reach America. Tiwari ask by train or by plain. Vibhu makes fun of him. Anu scolds Vibhu for his behaviour and says to Tiwari people usually prefer flight because it’s fas from here.

Vibhu says to Anu let’s go somewhere near American is too far let’s go Dubai. Anu ask do you have passport. Vibhu says I’m giving my paper tomorrow for passport and I’ll get soon. Tiwari says I have passport and it’s valid. Angoori says I also have passport. Tiwari says to Anu if you say so should I come Dubai with you.

Vibhu says to Anu, yes you me and Bhabhi will go we will not take this man. Tiwari says Angoori should not go Dubai it will not suit her and she will get bore. Vibhu says don’t worry she won’t get bore I’ll be with her. Tiwari says last time I took her to Rajasthan trip and it didn’t well went. Anu says don’t worry this time we four will go. Tiwari thinks I don’t care about how many people go, I’m waiting for time when I’ll be with Bhabhi in Dubai.

Vibhu thinks I just want Bhabhi to come to Dubai so that we can enjoy. Vibhu, Tiwari imagine dancing with Anu and Angoori in Dubai. Anu and Angoori bring them to sences. Anu ask Vibhu to get your passport verified soon. Angoori ask same to Tiwari. Tiwari says don’t worry my passport is already verified. Vibhu says to anu only we three are going he is not worth taking.

Angoori says if Tiwari will not go then I’ll also drop my plan. Vibhu mocks him and says you should take him to a war. Tiwari says I’m not scared of that I was born in very dangerous family. Anu ask are you feom terrorist family. Tiwari says no I mean I’m from a family where I had guns. Vibhu ask what all weapons you are trained in. Tiwari says bomb, guns, bow and arrow everything. Vibhu ask then you Pandit Ramphal because astrologist.

Tiwari says I’m talking about Jumanlal, stop making fun if me and praises his family. Vibhu says I’m also gunslinger, one time I killed phakta from 1km and I was very famous and they both start arguing. Anu says keep quiet and let’s plan for Dubai. Vibhu thinks, Tiwari I’ll bring out your truth.

Manohar in police station on phone talking to Kannu Darling and drinking tea. Vibhu walks to him and says here is my photo for passport verification. Manohar says to him keep and gets busy on phone. Vibhu mocks him for not working. Manohar says mind your language I’m talking to my wife and his darling disconnects call, Manohar says to Vibhu you make my wife angry. Vibhu mocks him again and leave.

Manohar says what should I do now try to make my wife happy or do my work. Happu walks to him says you have to work both places in office and in home. Manohar says don’t worry I work at both the places. Happu says no it’s your over confidence and start praising him and hands him an envelope says this envelope has photo of serial killer Goli Mishra, make is published in paper. Manohar says okay. Happu takes his samosa and leave. Happu keep envelope in his pocket in anger.

Vibhu at tea vendor. He ask do you want tea. Vibhu points gun at him and says give money. He gets scared. Vibhu laugh says this is lighter don’t be scared and how was my acting. Vendor says it was good. TMT walks to tea vendor discussing about a girl. Malkhan ask for tea. Tillu see Vibhu and ask what’s happening. Vibhu ask then when will you stop doing your insolence. Malkhan ask what we did.

Vibhu says you tease girls. Teeka says what wrong we did tell you also did when you were young. Vibhu says what do you think I’m old. Malkhan says fir tell did you tease a girl or not. Vibhu says I did with only two girls, with one I got married and you will get shock after knowing the other girl. Tillu ask her name. Teeka mocks him. Vibhu points gun at him. TMT get scared. Teeka ask what is this. Vibhu says this is second one. Teeka shouts, Tillu Malkhan run. They both run away but Teeka couldn’t. Tillu and Malkhan return and take him. Vibhu also walk away.

Angoori in balcony drying clothes. Vibhu come with rickshaw and scare him with his gun, he walk away. Angoori see Vibhu with pistol, she gets shocked and scared for Tiwari, they already fight so much what if he shoot him, I should go and tell Tiwari.

Angoori in hall, someone knocks on door, she open gate see Vibhu and get’s scared. Vibhu greet her. Angoori scared greet him. Vibhu flirt with her. Angoori stammers and ask do you have some work. Vibhu says I want Tiwari. Angoori says Tiwari is at his shop. Vibhu says okay tell Tiwari that Chenu was here and jump around.

Angoori see gun and get’s scared. Vibhu says I think so you saw something and says yes I have it. Angoori closes door and sit. Tiwari walks to Angoori says give me breakfast I nees to leave. Angoori says no you cannot go out. Tiwari says I have a important meeting. Angoori says no you can get attacked.

Tiwari says who dare to attack me. Angoori says I doubt Vibhu because I saw gun and it was real. Tiwari says that Vibhu and laugh and says he is fearful person he can’t do anything he must be having toy, I’ll meet him and come to truth and ask Angoori to make breakfast. Angoori go in kitchen and drops utensils. Tiwari get’s scared and ask ask who shoot. Angoori says I dropped utensils, it was not a gun shot.

Anu and Vibhu having sweets. Anu ask from where did you bring. Vibhu says from a new shop Mirza Galib Sweets. Anu says these are very tasty. Vibhu says to Anu chachsji loves his sweet. Anu says don’t talk to me about Chachaji, I start getting teased, he always say of giving you will. Vibhu says one time if he win the case then things will change. David shouts. Vibhu listen and says here and ask Anu not to make face. David walks to Vibhu and hug him.

Anu greet David and ask how are you. David says I’m good and says I’m feeling happy because both of you welcome me with lot’s of energy. Anu says why not, you do too much for us. David ask what I did. Vibhu says you are giving your 20 crore will to us it’s least we can do for you. Anu ask when are you naming you will on his name. David says not right now and why are you pressuring so much on 20 crore will. Anu says it’s nothing like that and says goodnight. David wish her good night.

Anu call Vibhu and says to him I’m sorry Vibhu but ask your Chacha to go and live in hotel. Vibhu says how is this possible where he will go this late night and why he will go. Anu says where he will go is his problem and why he will go that you know very well, he is fooling us from many years. Vibhu says it will shameful for me if he go out. Anu says you can go out with him. David ask what are you two whispering.

Anu leave and Vibhu walk to David and says we were discussing should we order food or cook it. David says cook it. Vibhu says okay I’ll do it, it’s for one day. David ask what do you mean, I’ll stay here. Vibhu ask for how many days because Anu said you are not welcome in this house, she is forcing you to go. David says okay I’ll leave after few days. Vibhu says she is asking to leave tomorrow.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu reading newspaper and says famous killer Goli Mishra is in Kanpur and see Vibhu’s photo in article. Tiwari get’s scared after seeing news. Anu reads he is living in Kanpur for many years in disguise.Angoori says to Tiwari, Anita’s life is in danger because of Vibhu.

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