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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2021 Agent Vinod, Tiwari and Angoori in house Vibhu come and greets her and asks Vinod who are you. Angoori says he is insurance agent. Vinod says we are talking business. Vibhu says, one time I was also a famous insurance agent Vibhuti. Agent Vinod say sir who doesn’t know you in our office we have a big photo of your and our bosses tell if you do any negligence like Vibhu we will kick you out of company. Vibhu says stop talking rubbish do your work and go. Vinod says it eill take time for now, we started talking. Angoori says you two continue I’ll get something to eat. Vibhu says how much time it will take. Vinod says I’ll look after him for one week if I think he is not well I’ll pass there amount of 3 crore.

Vibhu says ok now bye yoi can leave. Vinod says I’ll go after having tea. Angoori in kitchen crying. Vibhu come and says he is so annoying person and says why are you crying. Angoori says I’m thinking about Tiwari when he will be fine. Vibhu says don’t worry me and Anu are here to look after you. Angoori says I know you both are there but still you are neighbour what I’ll do in my life now. Vinod come and says did you said anything about life. Vibhu says she was saying nothing go and sit, says to Angoori don’t worry Tiwari will be fine. Angoori says I know 99% he will be fine but what if 1% he is still ill what I’ll do in my youth then. Vinod come again. Vibhu says go and sit she will be there with tea.

Vibhu and Anu in there bedroom. Anu says what are you doing. Vibhu says doing my work. Ani says I like how you took initiative to help Tiwari. Vibhu says I love to help everyone its in ky blood. Anu says that same blood flows in Helan but she is not considerate and kind as you are. Vibhu says mommy is also kind hearted how can you forget when your hemoglobin was low she gave you two bottles of blood. Anu says I cannot forget that because she reminds me everytime how I’m alive because of her, she always indirectly tell me how big favor she gave to me. Vibhu says anyways what I’m doing to Tiwari is genuine there is no self deed in my work.

Anu says I know there is no self agenda, so what you will do what’s the plan. Vibhu says I’ll be disguised as goon and will tease you in front of Tiwari. Anu says how exciting and gets romantic. Vibhu says we are helping someone, you will bring him in vegetable market I’ll tease you and in that situation his anger will help him to get up. Anu says can I get a demo of teasing. Vibhu packs everything.

Anu and Tiwari in market. Anu says to Tiwari come I’ll show you Kanpur today. Tiwari thinks this is lucky day for me. Anu asks Tiwari what would you like to have pani puri, dahi puri or tea, comeon say something tell me what would you like to have, ice cream is also there come have it. Vibhu come disguised as eve-teaser and says baby if he is not eating feed me. Anu says who are you and how dare you call me baby. Vibhu says I’m Radhakrishnan Anna. Anu says whoever you are go from here. Tiwari thinks this teaser will not leave. Radhakrishnan says why don’t you feed me dose with your hands I’ll feel good. Anu says are you out of your mind why should I feed you. Radhakrishnan pulls Anu and says I’ll take you with me. Anu says Tiwari help me.

Radhakrishnan says what he will do he is not man. Tiwari says to himself I’m compelled Anu I cannot help you. TMT, Gupta Prem and Masterji come running. Teeka says leave bhabhis hand. Malkhan says how dare you tease our bhabhiji. Teeka asks Anu to leave with Tiwari. Anu says don’t beat him just explain him sometime mistakes happen, Anu and Tiwari leaves. Everyone was about to beat Radhakrishnan he shouts im Vibhuti. Everyone gets shocked and Malkhan says what was this. Vibhu says I’ll tell you everything and tells his plan. Gupta says you are kind man. Masterji says I salute you. Vibhu says to Master don’t salute me know first let me do my work. Gupta says you are blessed by your mother and father. Teeka and Prem tells how he is blessed by his mother and how much they both love eachother. Vibhu thinks how I love me mom same way Tiwari might also live his mother.Saxena come disguised as bird. Everyone sees him and run away.

Angoori and Tiwari in there house. Tiwari says to himself how much Angoori love me she wakes up whole night for me. Angoori says did you said anything Tiwari, how can he speak he is vegetable. Vibhu come and start acting and crying. Angoori asks Vibhu to relax come sit here tell me why are you crying. Vibhu says to Angoori you can’t hear. Tiwari says to himself why is he crying so much what happen. Angoori says if you want to tell l, tell fast or else go from here. Vibhu says Tiwari’s mom is no more. Angoori shouts and start crying. Tiwari says to himself Ammaji was not in age to die. Angoori shouts Ammaji and Ammaji on door says what happen.

Vibhu gets shocked afetr seeing Ammaji. Ammaji come and says why are you shouting and taking my name. Vibhu says thank god you are alive Ammaji. Ammaji gives h cold look and says when was i dead. Angoori says to Ammaji that Vibhu told you are dead. Vibhu says I heard you climb a tree for fruit but that steam broke, your leg slipped and died. Tiwari says to himself he is making fool out of everyone. Ammaji says to Vibhu give me my bag. Ammaji says takeout stick from her bag and says you want me dead. Vibhu says no Ammaji and start mocking her in english. Ammaji smile and says how much praise. Vibhu try to leave. Ammaji stops him and says you can praise me how much you want but still I’ll beat you.

Vibhu at Guptas clinic shouting handle with care you are giving me more pain then Ammaji. Gupta with syringe in his hand says this is painkiller and this will accumulate your whole pain at one location, tell me why did you burn yourself. Angoori come looking for doctor sees Vibhu and says I hate you. Vibhu says I’ll tell you truth. Angoori says you are lier
Vibhu says I said lie but for Tiwari so that he wakes up and start doing things. Angoori says this you did all this to cure Tiwari. Vibhu says yes…. And says to Gupta do some work you are looking here and says to Angoori I have a plan. Angoori says not now let me have a check at superstitious beliefs. Gupta says not now because my guruji went to Himalayas for pooja. Vibhu says to Angoori my idea is you need to turn on Tiwari. Angoori asks what is turn on. Vibhu shows her switch and explains her. Angoori asks Vibhu how he will be cured. Vibhu says you have to increase current in Tiwari’s emotions which can be done by your moves. Angoori says I didn’t understood.

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Telecast Date:8th September 2021
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