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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th October 2020 Vibhu sees Tiwari drinking and ordering jalebi over call, Vibhu says how can someone be so heartless, Tiwari says i didnt murder Malkan, Vibhu says you killed him and his wife is a widow, Tiwari says if she likes jalebi i will give her some too, Vibhu says you are so insemsy, Tiwari says i am upset and yesterday Malkan came into my dreams and he said he is forgiven me, Vibhu says such dreams mean nothing, his wife is sad here, do a thing give her 10 lakhs compensation, Tiwari says will that make her happy, Vibhu says no but will give her comfort, Tiwari says you are so senseless you are pricing a woman’s love, Vibhu says you can give more, Tiwari says i can but that will not give her happiness, Vibhu says so what will you do get her a groom, Tiwari says i found one its Saxena, Vibhu says he is mad, Tiwari says he isnt anymore.

Vibhu tells boys plan is all ruined, Tilu says its not, Teeka says to Vibhu you are not that good, Malkan says we will get more from Saxena, he will pay us, Vibhu asks why will he, Tilu sahs we will ask for dowry of 10lakhs and later say our daughter in law ran away with the money, Malkan says i can see America, Teeka says we decided London, Vibhu says lets first have money, Tilu says i will go canada.

Vibhu as father meets Saxena at Tiwaris, Saxena asks where is the girl, Vibhu says she is making tea son, Saxena says she van get some alcohol too, Vibhu says you are here tk see my daughter in law, Tiwari says look i found a groom for you but Vibhuti is bad man stay away from him, Tilu as girl walks out, Saxena says she is so pretty, and praises her, Tiwari says control her father in law is near her, Vibhu says lets talk ahead, Saxena says i accept her as it is, Vibhu says what will you give us, Saxena says i will give her lot of love, Vibhu says i lost my son and she her husband, Saxena says i am your son and you will stay with me in my house, Vibhu says no i cant, i am very respectful i cant give me some money, Tiwari eays taking money is respectful, Angoori says stop interrupting, give him some money, Saxena says i will give you any money, Vibhu says give me 10 lakhs, Saxena says agreed but on one condition i want to talk to her for a minute alone. Tilu and saxena sit aside to talk.

Saxena and Tilu as girl talk, Saxena likes talking to her and asks what all she can do, She says i can make excuses, make someone mad, Saxena asks what about food, she says i will eat anything you will cook, Tilu flirts with Saxena, and says i will adjust myself for you, Saxena says i am so lucky to find you, Tilu says sure you are.

Saxena and Tilu walk in, Angoori asks what has Saxena decided, Saxena says she is so pretty how can i deny, Tiwari says ask the girl too, she says he is not that good, Tiwari says he is better than yiu, she says to Saxena look he is insulting me, Saxena says he himself is so ugly, you go ahead, she says i dont like his face nor brains but only if he gives my papa 10 lakhs, Saxena says i agree, Tiwari says all this, Vibhu as father says shutup they both agree why are you interrupting, Angoori says lets organise their engagement, Saxena says and i will manage money. Tiwari thinks now i will end this game tomorrow.

At mishras everyone for engagement ceremony of Saxena, Saxena hands Vibhu cheque, Tiwari says first agree you are taking money to marry your daughter in law, Vibhu says so, Happu walks in and says you will now fave its consequences.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori starts crying scolds Vibhu says you interrupted my pooja now Tiwari’s life will be at risk.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2020
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