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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2022 Angoori wakes up and don’t find Tiwari. Commissioner is asking why was he hiding in the wood and why did he threw stone at him. Angoori also comes to the woods and sees Tiwari amd takes him back with her.

Vibhu is sitting in house listening to sad songs. Anu comes to the main gate and watches him. Anu asks him to hold the carry bag filled with vegetables. Vibhu holds the bag and asks her why did she got vegetables for whole month? Anu replies rudely that what is his problem? Why is he cracking this lame sentences?

Vibhu says that now he’s lame too…okay. Vibhu asks Anu what we have to do with these vegetables? Anu replies, not we. I am going prepare food because a special guest is arriving at our home. Vibhu asks who’s that person? Anu says that she doesn’t want to disclose the name. Anu asks Vibhu to chop the vegetables.

Vibhu is sobbing and chopping vegetables. Angoori from her kitchen greets Vibhu and says that she is worried about Tiwari. Vibhu is also crying and telling his pain. Angoori starts to tell her past stories about Tiwari. Vibhu gets angry and shouts that he doesn’t like Tiwari and starts crying. Angoori leaves and thinks that he has gone mad. Anu calls Meenal and tells her to congrats her that Vibhu is feeling bad and sorrow. Meenal warns her that he must be playing some game with you too and tells her be strict.

Anu calls David by his name. David gets upset and asks her why is she calling him by his name? Anu tells David that someone special is coming for the dinner. So, can he do the dishes after that? David stares at her. Vibhu also walks upto them and tells Anu that he has chopped all the vegetables. Anu tells him to make the wheat dough too, and do nothing more than that, as she don’t want to get the food spoiled. Anu leaves by saying that she’s going get ready for the night.

Rusa walks upto Tillu’s fruit salad stall. Tillu gives her fruit salad and asks how is it tasting? Rusa replies that it’s really good and healthy and asks how much is the cost. Tillu says that she’s disrespecting him by saying this, it all free for her. Commissioner also comes and orders Tillu to pack 25 packs of fruit salad for Rusa’s kitty party. Tillu

Anu is sitting all dressed up for the dinner and calls Vibhu by the name “Vibhuti”. Vibhu walks upto her and sits beside her. Anu asks if has done all the work? Vibhu replies that he has already done everything. Anu takes all the credit of preparing food and Vibhu doesn’t says anything.

Tiwari is standing in his garden and thinking how is going to express his inner feelings, how is he going to burst out his anger. Happu pulls up right in front of Anu’s house and asks Tiwari why is standing outside this late? Tiwari asks also asks him the same. Happu replies that he’s here for his special friend who called him because she was having trouble in sleeping and he wasn’t also able to sleep, so he’s here to help her. Happu leaves. Angoori comes outside and takes Tiwari inside.

Everyone is having dinner at Anu’s house. Vibhu is frustrated and making noise with plate and spoon. Anu and Happu watches him. Anu tells Happu to take more food as she made it with her own hand. Vibhu says, but I made…Anu interrupts him and says that he chopped tha vegetables really good. Happu says that he liked the food very and he’s full now. Anu asks him to if he wants to go and have an ice cream? Happu agrees. Anu asks David to do the dishes when he’s done eating. Anu and Happu leaves. David tries to console Vibhu.

David is cleaning the dishes and Vibhu is drinking sitting behind him. Vibhu says that Anu cheated on him. David says that Vibhu is unlucky. Vibhu says that he will kill Happu Singh. David tells him it’s not his fault and suggests him to have a talk with Anu…


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to Vibhu I’ll tell you clearly I’m having an affair with Happu Singh.Anu says to Happu we will be having party tonight and we will play our last game.
Vibhu give gift to Anu. Anu ask what’s in this. Vibhu says it’s a doll. Anu crush his gift with his legs. Vibhu drinks poision. TMT in shock.

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Telecast Date:7th July 2022
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