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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th January 2021 Tiwari meets woman(Vibhu disguised as woman) again, says lets begin with work, she says lets go in bushes, Tiwari says people or police will think bad if caught, she says okay lets start, Tiwari makes a peg, shares and asks tell me about yourself, she says me and my husband who loves my innocent neighbour she is a little stupid too, Teeka says to Tilu and Malkan lets attack, Malkan says wait lets check if there is real police around, Tiwari and woman is caught by Happu and Anu, Anu scolds Tiwari, Tiwari says you have mistaken me, Anu asks the woman for her name, she says Kamo, Anu asks is he troubling you, Kamo says I was on night walk, and he insisted on drinking and going to bushes I don’t know why, Anu scolds Tiwari for his cheapness, Tiwari tries to justify, happu atkes him away, Anu says I will take Kamo with me and says my NGO will take care of her.
Tiwari and Happu settle case in 5000, Anu gets Kamo home and says feel at home, Vibhu thinking where am I caught why does she think I am helpless, Anu asks for address and other details, Kamo says I am from Ratuali, Anu says that is so far, Kamo says we are 12 sisters and my father was only bread earner and my father wanted a son, Anu says this is so wrong, there is no difference between men and women, in every field women is ahead of men, Kamo says even in my village I was to go ahead and men behind, Anu says you are s innocent someone will take advantage of you, Kamo says I was never been treated like this, our sarpanch use to take me out and give me milk to drink, Anu gets shocked and says start a new life, make yourself comfortable, go to sleep.
TMT walk in Mishra house, Vibhu asks what are you doing here, Teeka hands him clothes, Vibhu says get underground for sometime and will start business again when all is normal.
Vibhu about to go to bed, Anu wakes up and says I was waiting for you, Anu asks did you have dinner, Vibhu says yes I had sandwich, and asks who is the woman in living room, Anu says she is helpless so I got her home, Vibhu says you are educated woman, how can you get someone unknown, Anu says she has no one and is helpless, so I am just helping, Vibhu says how do you know she is helpless, such woman are thieves, Anu says I know to judge people except in your case, cmon don’t be so serious go to sleep.
Angoori waiting for Tiwari and to spend romantic time with him and applies his favourite perfume, Tiwari walks in and asks where are you going with perfume, Angoori says its for you, Tiwari says I am in no mood leave me alone, Angoori says cmon, why do you ignore me now a days, Tiwari says I am stressed and leaves. Angoori feels bad and starts crying, Angoori calls Amaji and complaints about Tiwari and his behaviour, Amaji says give him a slap, Angoori says you come here please, Amaji says even I think Pandit Rampal is having an affair and so after that you take care bye. Aamaji says sorry Angoori this is for your good sake.
Angoori rings Mishras bell, Vibhu says to Anu that he will open door, Anu insists she will both argue on opening door, Anu goes to open door, Vibhu thinking if she sees there is no one down she will get suspicious, Anu sees its Angoori and asks what is wrong, Angoori says Tiwari is again shouting at me, Vibhu says I wont spare him, Anu says go home and sleep peacefully and tomorrow we will write 8-10 pages report against Tiwari, Angoori says okay, Anu says my NGO is with you, Angoori says okay and leaves.Anu thinks Kamo is very tired and asleep and says to Vibhu lets go she must be very tired.
Anu wakes up and calls Vibhu, Vibhu gets her coffee in bed, and tells Anu that the woman she brought is missing, Anu says how is that possible, Anu says I was going to set her life, Anu says I was going to get her 5 Lakh, Vibhu says this is good idea.
Tiwari sees Kamo in model colony and goes to see her and says there was a reason I came to drink with you, Kamo says yes I know it you cheap.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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