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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th October 2020 Vibhu drinking with Teeka Tilu Malkhan, they hear Tiwaris noise, Malkan hides and all start fake crying and continue drinking, Tiwari says what all is this, Vibhu says you are asking what all this is, we are giving tribute to Malkan having his fav drink and snack, you killed Malkan, Tilu says you are a killer, Teeka says you should be behind the bars only then Malkan will be in peace, Tiwari says even we ate same food, Vibhu says he loved you and said i love Tiwari and so ate it so much, these people didnt eat much to die, Tiwari says what proof you have, Vibhu says their tears are the proof, Tiwari says i will believe only when i see his body, Tilu says why will you see body, Vibhu says i will show you body, Tiwari says carry on and leaves.

Angoori calls Amaji and tells her about Malkan, Amaji says how is it possible, Angoori says Teeka and Tilu came this morning and told me, Amaji says Tiwari is good for nothing, Tiwari says dont believe all this, i find this fishy and going to check body in cemetery, Amaji says i wish he is alive, and what did you cook, Tiwari sats brinjal, connect me to Pandit Rampal i wish to talk to him, Amaji says he is hospitalised after eating brinjal.

Teeka Tilu Malkan Vibhu and Tiwari arrive at cemetery, Tilu says this is Malkans grave, Tiwari says i want to see body, because i wont believe unless i see his body, Teeka starts crying a lot, Vibhu starts crying too and hugs Tiwari, Malkan goes and sleep inside the grave, Tiwari says why are you doing this drama, Tilu says then whoes body it is, Tiwari gets scared, how will i survive with this guilt, Vibhu says serve these two fellows Teeka and Tilu, give them some money and pay for what you have done, Tilu says we arent greedy but give us 10,00,000. Vibhu says Malkan will be so happy to see you enjoy your lives and will live in peave, Tiwari says i will do anything for Malkan, Vibhu takes Tiwari away with him.

Tiwari gets home in bedroom, Angoori asks what’s wrong, Tiwari says Malkan is no more, i saw his grave too, Angoori starts crying says you killed a person and you are a murderer, Tiwari says i cant forget the image of him lying inside the grave, Angoori says calm down you will be imprisoned in a jail that has big window and garden view and all will be scared of you, Tiwari says shut up, I think i should agree to what Vibhu say and give Teeka and Tilu 10lakhs.

Vibhu and boys partying, Tilu says we will distribute 10,00,000 in 4 parts, Vibhu says nope, we will divide 5,00,000 in 3 and 5 lakh will be mine, Boys say it isnt acceptable, Vibhu says i will go tell Tiwari the truth,boys agree. Tiwari sees them drink.

Tiwari asks Angoori to get some yummy breakfast, Angoori asks you were so sad yesterday but today so happy, Tiwari thinks of not telling Angoori truth now and says people who die eating food live a very happy luxury life in heaven, Vibhu walks in with Tilu and Teeka.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari sees Vibhu drinking with Teeka Tilu and Malkan.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2020
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