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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th May 2022 Malkhan, Teeka David and Vibhu together. Vibhu say Malkhan and Teeka are you trying to bring Tillu down ir sending me up and calls Tillu and says how David live on other’s money. David says you are disrespecting me. Vibhu says calm down let’s go somewhere else and celebrate somewhere else. Teeka says to Vibhu enjoy over here. They both leave.

Tiwari in chair waiting for Happu and bonb squad. Fufaji come out with luggage. Angoori ask him not to go.

Fufaji says when I’m not getting any respect then why should I stay here and curse Tiwari and says since the time I came in he is still sitting here not moving at all. Angoori says I feel so shameful because of you Tiwari and says I feel guilty. Fufaji give a look to Tiwari and leave. Angoori shouts at Tiwari and leave.

Happu walks to Tiwari with bomb squad and start looking for bomb. The man found the bomb and say it’s fane someone made you fool and he leaves. Happu ask Tiwari to help him to get up. Tiwari get’s up and start dancing. Happu ask who planted fake bomb in your chair. Tiwari says I doubt only one person, Vibhu.

Happu says yes you can be right. Tiwari says I have a plan for him and I request you when he call just ignore him. Happu says I request you to come with me your boy Tillu is trying to suicide so please come with me he is calling you. Tiwari says he cannot die I know. Happu says he has written my and your name in suicide note. Tiwari give him money and says leave. Happu take money and leave.

Tiwari at Vibhu’s window he get in and plant bomb and leave. David and Vibhu enter house. Vibhu sit on chair. David says to Vibhu I’m feeling good after drinking with you, it feels kike I was having fun with my college friends. Vibhu mocks him. Tiwari calls Vibhu. Vibhu pickup. Tiwari says to Vibhu you are having fun and you gonna have blast. Vibhu ask who is speaking. Tiwari says the real Psycho Saiyaa.

Vibhu in shock says what do you want from me. Tiwari says I need your life, you were playing with my name, I have planted bomb below your chair and don’t getup or you will die. Vibhu says you are doing like I did with Tiwari. Tiwari says yes and terms and conditions are same, you won’t talk to anyone and if you try you will die. David ask what happen. Vibhu says look below my sofa can you find bomb. David looks and says yes it’s there and hurt his back.

Vibhu ask what happen. David says I’m unable to move. Tiwari outside window laughing. Vibhu says what should I do and calls Happu, says please come to my home it’s and emergency. Happu ignore him and disconnects phone. Vibhu says he is not coming, what should we do. Vibhu get’s video call from Anu.

He picks up and greet her. Anu says I’m not in mood, listen to me I don’t have time, my invester is coming so go upstairs and give him red colour file which is kept in cupboard and please don’t goof up. David shouts in pain. Anu ask what is this. Vibhu says it’s David he is doing yoga. Anu says okay handle situation with care and all the best. Vibhu says to David there is a situation we have to do Anita’s work,

we need to get file and give it to her investor and if we don’t do its then everything will fall apart and if I get up we will die. Tiwari walks to main door and calls Anu and walks to Vibhu and ask him how are you. Vibhu says what are you doing here. Tiwari says yes I know your pranked me with bomb. Vibhu says yes same thing happened to me please help. Tiwari looks at bomb and say you deserve this and wait for other things too, he drop something behind him and say there us snake.

Vibhu get’s scared. David says don’t move or it will hite. Vibhu says stop it fast please do something. Tiwari says now you can choose your way of death, by snake or by bomb. Vibhu cry and says I beg of you please help. Tiwari says beg that snake. Vibhu get’s video call from Anu he pick up. Anu says client is nearby and ask him what is happening with you sometime you are laughing or crying.

Vibhu says Tiwari played game with me please save me Anu. Tiwari take phone and greet her. Anu ask what is happening. Tiwari says I’m very sorry but Vibhu played with me and tell her whole story and says I did same to same. Anu says I apologise. Tiwari says no need to apologise and it’s a lesson learnt for him and if we talk about snake it’s a toy and give him phone. Vibhu apologies to Anu and he faints. Anu ask what happen Vibhu. David says don’t worry Anu I’ll help you.

Malkhan and Teeka playing. Tillu stand and says to them I’m hungry please do something. Teeka ask Malkhan to order food for him and select cash in delivery. Tillu says I don’t have cash. Teeka says then die empty stomach. Tillu says you are worse then Tiwari. Malkhan start scolding him for his behaviour. Happu walks in and says if he will die then his share of beating will be yours and ask Tillu when you will die. Tillu says but you won’t let me jump. Happu takes out his gun and threatens him.

Malkhan and Teeka shouts. Happu slaps them. Happu start counting. Tillu says wait I’m coming down, I’m not leaving my Teeka and Malkhan. Happu says to Malkhan and Teeka that Tiwari told me he won’t jump. Tillu try to come down but falls on Happu. Happu in pain. Tillu says I’m alive. Teeka says to Tillu let’s go and enjoy. Malkhan says to Teeka, Tillu don’t have cask with him. Tillu take money from Happus pocket and they leave.

Ammaji in hall calls Tiwari. Tiwari walks to Ammaji and says Angoori is going back to her home forever. Ammaji in shock. Angoori walks to them and says what are you saying Tiwari, she walks to Ammaji hugs her and wish her mother’s day. Ammaji ask are you seriously going back. Tiwari stammers says didn’t I tell you Ammaji will be shocked after knowing, you are going back so she will come rushing here so that you can wish her mother’s day. Ammaji start beating him.

Angoori says Tiwari told me that you are going on vacation with Pandit Ramphal, that’s why I call you to wish you. Ammaji says you love me a lot and ask Tiwari is this pineapple flavoured. Three of them celebrate mother’s day. Tiwari ask where are you going on holiday. Ammaji says Las Vegas.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
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