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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th January 2021 Vibhu walks to Anu with a cup of coffee, Anu asks what time did you come last night, Vibhu says came early, Anu says really I was awake till 2.30, Vibhu says i came at 2.35, Anus ays you entered at 4.30, What work do you do, Vibhu hands her envelope of money, Anu counts money and asks where did you get ti, Vibhu says will pay balance within a week, and as promised will return money, Anu asks what work you are doing that you are earning money, Vibhu says i loaned some Money from Prem and work is going well with good start, Anu asks what illegal work are you doing, Tiwari walks in, Anu starts attacking him with questions on why is he troubling Angoori, Tiwari says he js a little stressed, Anu says better stop or i will lodge complain in NGO and leaves.

Tiwari tells Vibhu last night scenario, and he needs to meet that woman again to complete what Pandit Rampal said, Vibhu says i will talk to her.

TMT at tea stall, Master tells Happu that he met a woman crying in night and when i walked to her to ask her whats wrong she started calling for help, 3 police men came and looted me for 25000₹, and i can make a Sketch, Happu calls Londarams son and asks him to sketch what master says, TMT get nervous, Happu sees sketch and gets angry, teeka slowly sees fge sketch and sees its a rough drawing and starts laughing.

Vibhu visits Angoori and looks at her and smiles, Vibhu says i got you a present as my work ia doing well, and gifts her bangles, Angoori likes it, Vibhu imagines singing for Angoori, Sacena dancing around wearing bangles, Angoori asks Saxena whats wrong, Saxena says i came to see you but he made me wear bangles and started dancing, Angoori asks Vibhu what all is this, Vibhu says i didnt and leaves.

Anu practing dancing, Happu walks in and watches her dance, Anu sees him and gets scared, Anu says i was practicing classical dance, Anu tells Happu about her NGO, Happu says he will be happy to join this mission and will have a tea, Anu says theres no milk in house, Happu says i will have black tea, Anu says theres no tea leaves and no gas too, Happu leaves.

Tiwari gets ready, Angoori asks him where is he going, Tiwari says important client meeting, Angoori says cant you do it in morning, and i won’t let you go, i know you are going to see some woman, i can understand everything, Tiwari says you are wrong, Angoori says i am not just stay, thats it bear the loss, im calling Amaji, Angoori calls Amaji and complains about Tiwari, Amaji says let him go, and disconnects call, Tiwari says shall o go now, Angoori says i said no thats it, i am calling Anu, Anu gets call from Angoori, Angoori tells her that Tiwari is troubling her, Anu says shebis very busy today, manage for a day and she will deal with Tiwari tomorrow. Angoori turns around and sees Tiwari gone.

Vibhu packs all of Anu cosmetic, Anu walks in and says my stuff is missing, where did it go, Vibhu says i dont know.Anu leaves after Happus call.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu tells Vibhu that she was going to help that woman with 5 acr. Angoori and Anu see Tiwari talking to that woman

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
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