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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th August 2020 Angoori asks Tiwari why he is wandering, Tiwari says just checking everything is locked properly because now a days there is lot of theft, Angoori says yes kidnapping too, Vibhu enters disguised. Angoori asks who are you, Vibhu says i am kidnapper, Tiwari says dare you touch my wife take me if you want, Angoori says no you cant take him and what will you do by taking him, Vibhu says we will torture him, Angoori says okay go ahead. Tiwari says no one can stop this kidnapping and give them any amount they ask for okay. Angoori says no I can’t let you go, kidnapper you can take my husband on one condition, play snakes and ladders and win him.

Saxena tells boys im working as depression therapist, and explains them his work and even you three can do it, make people laugh and get them out of depression, Tilu and Teeka cheer up and agree, Saxena says you three have entertainment in you just charge them now. Boys get excited.

Angoori and Vibhu playing snake and ladders, Angoori wins the game and says now you can take my husband. Vibhu says ooay bye Tiwari, Tiwari scolds Vibhu, and says you must have some deal with your boss, so kidnap me, Vibhu says im my own boss, Tiwari says someone must have hired you, Vibhu says you are right, i have to take Tiwari away now. Tiwari says im scared and Angoori dont inform police and give him whatever he asks for and leaves.

Vibhu and Tiwari reach Mishra house. Vibhu calls Angoori, Tiwari says she loves me so much she will give money right away. Angoori asks what you want, Vibhu says i have kidnapped your husband, Angoori says i hope you two have reached safely and hooe Tiwari isnt troubling you, Vibhu says all good but i want 1 cr as ransom, Angoori says i dont have money, Vibhu says i know you have money, Angoori asks who gave you this information, Vibhu says my people are all around the city, Angoori says you already have so many people leave my husband, Vibhu says i wont without money, we will torture him, lay him on ice, poke pin, fry him. Angoori says im not giving money, kill him im with that chasmish since so long, go ahead kill him, im so annoyed and irritated by him and disconnect the call.
Vibhu says to Tiwari you said she loves you.

Angoori next day opens the door and sees Tiwari at door, Tiwari walks in, Angoori says im so happy to see you, i begged to that kidnapper so much to release you, and in return would give him anything, and i cried so much. Angoori says go get freshen up i will get you pizza, Tiwari ask why pizza, Angoori says you werent home so i ordered pizza, 2-3 pieces are left will get you.

Master and Doctor see boys new business, Tilu says there is so much depression in world we thought of curing it. Master says i would like to invite you three to perform in sanskars birthday party, Tilu says only jokes will be charged 2000₹, with dance 3000 and stories 5000, Doctor offers them to perform at a wedding.

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Telecast Date:6th August 2020
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