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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2020 Tiwari sits on bench asks boys why are you so happy, do you got an lottery, Tillu you can say that Tiwari has invited us for lunch, Malkhan he gonna cook food by his own hand, Tiwari you boys are dumb its a scam from tiwari you were not born for selling your respect, Tillu asks vibhu to stop and why are you feeling jealous of that, Vibhu asks what will happen after that Tiwari will feed you tomorrow what will happen after that are you gonna get food everyday like this tell me, Malkan asks tiwari tell us where we can get money do you have any idea, Vibhuti yes i have an idea which will help you to feed you for life long, The boys gets excited and asks vibhu what’s the idea.

Vibhu walking on road and singing, Tiwari stops vibhu, Vibhu asks tiwati why did you stop me in middle of the road, Tiwari i came to remind you of the money, Vibhu is there any kind of humanity in you, you are harassing me, Tiwari its you who is harassing me you, you said you will return money in two or three days but yoi didn’t returned it till now, Vibhu I’m not that kind of who people who takes money and don’t return, I’ll return your money in two or three days, Tiwari you’re saying the same exact from last fpur years, Vibhu you should tap my back that I’m on my words from last four years there are people’s who are not of their words, Tiwari do you want relaxation of more days Vibhu says yes ofcourse, Tiwari ok no problem but yoh have to says these words to Todu in his ears, Vibhu ok I’ll tell him when i meet him, Tiwari you have to say to Todu right now he is here, Vibhu in scared voice says if you spare me for 2 or 3 days I’ll return you money, Tiwari this will be your last spare time or else I’ll forget my money because you will be dead, Tiwari and todu leaves

Angoori asks tiwari to finely chop the vegetables and asks tiwari to chop two different kind of vegetables to cook it will look good, Tiwari says why twp vegetables lets 56bhog or else go to an hotel get there menu and cook all the vegetables present in there menu, Angoori if you do that all the poor will praise you, Tiwari after doing that they will burn my statue on streets this is not party for them they have to eat what we cook for them, Vibhu enters and asks tiwari why are there tears in your eyes just wipe off i hate tears tell how’s this hospitality work going on, Tiwari its going well feel great while feeding poor but there are some people like you who do not praise for doing something any updates on money, Vibhu the days is not over yet, Tiwari forget about the day but if you fail to arrange money remember Todu, Vibhu i saw dream last night i saw Anu 3 times and Todu 6 times and every time got beaten by Todu, Angoori asks vibhu to have lunch with s*xana come and greets everyone one, Angoori asks s*xana what happen you look very different, Saxena says I’m not mad anymore I’m totally normal now so thought lets behav like normal people and get settle down i also brought my biodata if find ang girl fir for me let me know. Vibhu give me one good reason why a good girl will marry you. s*xana if an unemployed person like you can get married why can’t i, i don’t like you slapped me let me tell you one thing the sound of this slap you will hear so much that you will be deaf. Vibhu says you don’t know what ill do of you s*xana and leaves

Tillu says to Tiwari why are you beiyso cheap serve me some more vegetable, Tika praise the food and syas dont worry tiwari we are so hungry that we will eat your plates and bowl too, Tillu if we get some sweets with the food it will be little better, Tiwari you are not son in law over here understood.

Angoori says to Vibhu that today’s lunch is cooked by ladu k bhaiya, Vibhu you mean to say that when Tiwari was cooking you didn’t pay attention to that, Angoori says that Ammaji asks her not to help tiwari in cooking food, Vibhu this is not right is you asks some to do something for first time tell what will happen, Angoori dont say anything look at them they are licking there fingers Vibhu these boys are so hungry if you give them a boiled slippers they will eat that as cheeseburger and the strap of slippers will feel them like spaghetti, Malkhan screams in pain, Tillu did you put all the chilli of my salary, Tiwari i tasted the food and its good, Malkhan give me some pluses, I’m not feeling well after having this, Tiwari if you don’t want to eat you can leave, Malkhan no bhaiya I’ll eat, Angoori prays to god everything will go right, Vibhu nothing will go right see malkhan he is sweating like anything pity malkhan, nothing should happen wrong yo these boys, Angoori what will happen wrong he is serving food with love, Vibhu feeding to poor is an art they are not familiar of having food daily i don’t know why I’m not feeling good from inside like something bad is going to happen.

Angoori to ammaji everything went well the boys were good and happy and laddu k bhaiya cooked well the boys were all hungry when they came they were feeling happy when they left angoori hungs up call and asks tiwari how do you feel after doing good deed, Tiwari i felt good after doing that, Angoori you earned too many good deeds today you business will be successful now and you will feel like many sin went away, Tiwari, Angoori do you think I’m the kind of person who committed sin, Angoori no no its not like that sometimes you commit sin without knowingly, Tiwari did you ever committed sin, Angoori I’ll tell you if you promise not to get angry Tiwari yes tell me, Angoori yesterday evening when it was drizzling the mood was romantic and i slipped myself due to oil spilled on the floor. Tiwari you scared me its not sin, Angoori the tomato soup which i gave was from the tomatoes which got squished when i slipped, Angoori laughs and asks tiwari not to worry i was jus kidding, Tiwari says you are getting naughty day by day and says to have dinner cooked by him and give review, Angoori the food was good but it was a bit spicy, salty, oliy and everything was good, Door bell rings, Tiwari asks boys what happen, Tillu why don’t you change the door bell from my salary which you have, Tiwari don’t mess around tell what happen, Tillu tells malkhan is not feeling well after having lunch from your house, Tika, malkhan is all sweaty and vomiting so much we both also dont feel good please give some money we have to take malkhan to doctor, Tiwari don’t mess around we also had same food nothing happened to us Angoori but when malkhan was having lunch he was feeling so much restless he was not behaving good he was not looking well, Tiwari so what notihas happen to us go away, Angoori why dont you give money for checkup, Tiwari nothing will happen to him say malkhan to take rest everything will be fine go from here and closes door, Tillu asks tiwari to repair his door bell, Tillu and teka laughs and says that our plan is getting successful slowly.

Tika and tillu starts crying in front of Angoori, Angoori what happen why are you crying, Tillu he’s gone, Tika what was his age, Angoori why you both are talking so mysterious in front of me what are you talking about who are you talking, Tillu we thank that he left the world with full tummy, Tika what full he puked out everything which he had from last month, Angoori was he having diarrhea, Tillu its not like that the energy he had in month from having food came out yesterday along with his soul and gone, Angoori asks who went who left you, Tika its malkhan who left us you husband killed him by his food, Tillu i swear tiwari is the murder.

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