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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th May 2022 Vibhu and David outside house. Vibhu ask him you suddenly here. David says I came here to spend time with you from London. Vibhu says you always come when I get pocket money from Anu so that you can spend. David says what are you talking.

Vibhu says you come from London live a life of free and go back. They both start arguing. Vibhu says you come and show me dreams of will and don’t give me anything. David says you know my property is with your Chachi whenever I try to do something she always stop me from doing. Vibhu says you deserve this and hear Fufaji talking and start giving respect to him. David ask him what happen to you all of sudden.

Fufaji walks to them. Vibhu looks at Fufaji and greet him. Fufaji praises him for his respectful behaviour. Vibhu introduce Fufaji to David and vice a versa. They both greet eachother. Fufaji says your nephew is so amazing he is so respectable person. Vibhu says if you want to know more about me talk to my Fufaji. Fufaji talks to him and says let’s have tea. David says yes sure. Fufaji leaves. David ask Vibhu to keep his luggage. Vibhu kicks the luggage.

Fufaji with Tiwari in his hall start why don’t you make it your throne, move a bit, I feel like planting bomb in this chair. Tiwari says do it and ask everyone to take there turn for planting bomb. Fufaji says I don’t want to talk to you and ask Angoori to bring a cup of tea. Tiwari says she went to market to buy something, do one thing make it yourself and for me too. Fufaji curse him and leave.

Malkhan and Teeka walks in crying. Tiwari ask what happen. Malkhan says please save our Tillu. Tiwari ask what happen. Malkhan says he is trying to commit suicide because you didn’t gave his salary. Teeka says come with us please save Tillu. Tiwari says I wish I could help you but I can’t get off this chair.

Teeka says he will die because of you just for few money. Tiwari says if I will get up then I’ll die. Malkhan curse him for his behaviour. Teeka says come stand up. Tiwari says go away. Teeka and Malkhan leave.
Fufaji come with tea and curse him. Tiwari says I feel like having tea can you please pass me.

Vibhu and Prem outside house. Prem says Tiwari must be in lot of trouble because of you. Vibhu says I disrespected him infront of his Fufaji. Prem says sometime I feel proud on your friendship. Saxena walking by. Vibhu ask where are you going. Saxena says there is an emergency, Tiwari need me.

Vibhu ask are you his servant. Saxena says I’m servant of everyone see I also started an protest of use me and if you need my help let me know. Prem says he must be having a pressure. Saxena yes that’s why I’m taking so much polythene. Vibhu ask do you charge for your social services. Saxena says you know I don’t like money. Vibhu start conversation to stop him. Saxena says please let me go and shouts at them. Vibhu says our plan is super successful because Tiwari is in trouble.

Happu says to Malkhan do anything but this Tillu and see Tillu is not present. Everyone start shouting. Teeka start crying. Happu slaps him and says stop crying. Tillu get up and says who is making so much of noise and see Happu, Malkhan and Teeka. Tillu shouts says you are here. Everyone gets happy and Happu give Tillu flying kiss. Tillu ask tell me is Tiwari here. Happu ask them where is he.

Teeka says he is not coming. Malkhan says he didn’t listen us. Tillu says okay I’ll jump from here. Happu says no don’t jump or my and Tiwari’s life will be hell. Malkhan ask how. Happu slaps him and says he wrote my and Tiwari’s name is suicide note, if he die then we will go in. Teeka says to Tillu if you want to die then die jump down, your tell everyone about your suicide note and let everyone know the truth. Happu start beating them and says to Tillu listen to me don’t jump I’ll drag Tiwari here and ask Malkhan and Teeka to take care of him. Tillu says bring him here this time.

Someone rings doorbell. Tiwari get’s scared and ask Angoori to open door. Angoori walks to Tiwari says why are you shouting, go and open it yourself, stop giving me order. Tiwari says try to understand and open door. Angoori open door and see Happu getting shock. Happu ask her when will your repair it.

Angoori says you can ask king he is sitting there. Happu get’s in sit and greet him and ask him what is this happening, you said no for saving Tillu. Tiwari says I’m helpless so can’t get up from here. Happu says why, you look fit and fine but act as if someone has glued you. Tiwari signs him to ass the book and writes in it. Happu reads there is bomb under my chair and the one has plotted this is having an eye on us, act as if you don’t know anything and fix this problem.

Happu says Tiwari, I will call a doctor for you, he will recommend surgery and then free you of chair, or can call a carpenter to cut the chair. Tiwari asks anything else. Happu writes in the book. Tiwari reads, I am calling bomb squad and stop smiling. Tiwari says I agree with doctor idea. Happu makes his demand of 56 inch TVs, Tiwari says I better stand up, Happu says 32 inch is fine.

Tilu asks Teeka and Malkan will Happu get Tiwari. Teeka says yes he will. Tilu asks what if he doesn’t. Malkan says then before you jump give us your phone and girls number it, Tilu says I better call them and ask to stay away from you. Teeka says you can’t see us happy. Tilu says I am dying.

Tilu sees Vibhu and David. Teeka and Malkan walk to them and show Tilu. Vibhu says Tilu what nonsense is this come down. Tilu says I am tired and one girl insulted me, Teeka says and this is all because of Tiwari he didn’t give him salary. Vibhu says there are many worst then you, there is always a way, come down. Teeka and Malkan say just like Vibhu, if he can survive you are much better. Vibhu slaps them.

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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
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