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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th July 2022 Vibhu, Tiwari and David are sitting together and drinking. Anu is talking to someone on and laughing out loud.

All three of them pays attention on her but ignores several times, but after a while Anu gets a  call and goes to the upper floor and all three of them listens her laughing and talking on phone. Tiwari tells Vibhu somethings wrong and Vibhu shuts him up.

Tiwari is sitting on his bed and thinking about the previous scenario that with whom she could be talking…? Is she having any affair?

Tiwari gets disheartened after thinking for a while. Angoori comes upto him and asks him why is he upset? Tiwari asks Angoori that his friend’s wife was talking on her phone and messaging…who could it be? Angoori doesn’t understands and makes Tiwari irritated. Tiwari leaves his bed.

Vibhu and Anu are sitting in their bedroom. Anu is still texting on her phone. Vibhu tries to have a talk with her but Anu replies that she is busy and cannot talk right now. Vibhu asks her if she is signing any deal with America’s president?

Anu tells him that it’s none of his business and gets back to texting. Vibhu asks her, why is she being so rude? Anu replies that she’s not being rude, she’s just being her like an everyday normal person. Vibhu tells her that he’s always there when she wants to get loved but when it’s his turn she’s acting very different.

Anu ignores him and later on tells him to sleep and switches off the light…after a while she turns the light back on and goes in front of mirror and starts to apply makeup. Vibhu is peek through the blanket and she turns back he hides back in. Anu smiles and leaves to the room, Vibhu also follows her.

Anu opened the main door and carrying an umbrella as its raining outside, she leaves the house. Vibhu also follows her and comes outside with an umbrella. Vibhu is asking himself that where is going this late? Tiwari also walks out of his house sees Vibhu outside, so he goes upto him and asks him how’s he doing?

Vibhu replies that nothing’s good right now. Vibhu asks Tiwari that what does it mean when a lady goes outside after getting applying makeup and all at night? Tiwari immediately replies that the lady is very clumsy and most probably having an affair with someone. Vibhu gets angry and asks him that why us he calling Anu like that?

Tiwari gets sad. Vibhu also says that she was also singing a love song while leaving. Tiwari says that something’s wrong. Tiwari suggests him to go and look for her…they both leaves and comes to the woods. Tiwari asks Vibhu why would she come here and sees her coming from their front. Tiwari gets shocked.

Anu walks upto them and asks what are they doing here. Vibhu replies that Tiwari got him here. Tiwari says that he wanted to go on a walk. Vibhu asks Anu the same and Anu replies that she also went on a walk, also tells Vibhu to come home as soon as possible as he has to breakfast for her in the morning and leaves.

Tiwari gets angry on Vibhu and says that Anu is not that type of person. Vibhu and Tiwari sees Happu coming out of the same spot as Anu did. Tiwari gets shocked. Happu asks them what are they doing here? Vibhu asks him the same. Happu replies that he’s here to catch a thief. Vibhu sees that there is a lipstick print on Happu’s face and thinks is this Anu’s? Tiwari also thinks the same.

David is sitting in the garden admiring the beautiful day. Vibhu walks upto him and asks him a question that what does it mean if a lady comes out of a bush and immediately a man comes out of the same spot? What they must be doing? David replies that they must be playing chess. Vibhu asks him, why is he joking?

David replies that his question was also a joke. Vibhu tells him that it’s not a joke, it’s reality. Vibhu asks him and tells him that, that lady is very beautiful, decent and well educated and the man is just opposite of that. Is there any probability of love between them? David says, they must be having an affair then.

Vibhu tells him that it’s happening in our house. David asks what does he mean? Vibhu tells him that Anu is having an affair with Happu Singh. David gets shocked and shouts. Vibhu tells him that Tiwari also saw the same. David gets disappointed.

Prem is eating ice cream from Malkhan’s stall. Prem tells him that ice cream is very delicious, and asks him to pack some for his wife. Malkhan packs it and asks for 450rs. Prem tells him that it’s way too expensive, and asks him to take the rates down. Malkhan denies. Prem hands him over the money and leaves.

Rusa walks upto his stall and tells him that she was observing from far away and tells him that his good and profitable days are coming. Malkhan asks him why though? Rusa says that she saw, everyone was arguing over price and quantity and it’s shows that your business will be very profitable.

Malkhan gives her an ice cream. Rusa tastes it and tells him that it’s very delicious. Rusa asks for the price and Malkhan says that its free for her. Commissioner walks upto Malkhan and asks him to pack 25 different flavoured ice creams for Rusa’s party for free. Malkhan regrets.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Happu says to Anu I’m feeling scared I cannot do this. Anu says okay I’ll call someone. Happu says sorry I was not prepared and they both act as if kissing eachother. Tiwari, David and Vibhu looks at them and get shocked.

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Telecast Date:5th July 2022
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