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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th July 2021 Angoori in her garden standing. Anu come and calls Angoori. Angoori says I’m meditating pandit Ramphal told me. Anu says you know I have an NGO who help people to come out of false hoax. Angoori says this is remedy. Anu says this is not remedy, this is quick sand many people are trap in these hoax. Angoori says you don’t know because of these remedies Tiwari is successful. Anu says he is successful because of his hardwork. Angoori says this is remedy given by pandit Ramphal and it has power. Anu says it has no power. Angoori says I don’t agree with you. Anu leave and says I’ll see you later.

Malkhan and Tillu sitting together near tea stall. Tillu says I heard a news Masterjis wife is older then him and they both start mocking Masterji. Masterji listing them while standing back of them and start beating them with stick. Tiwari come and says to Malkhan why are you teasing Masterji and says remember one thing sone boys come and teased Vibhu while he was sitting at Phool Singh shop, they tried to teas me but I make them run away and ask them do you wanna have tea. Tillu says why not you don’t give salary in time but least you can do. Tiwari says do you want to have tea or not and Masterji will you have tea. Masterji says yes. Tiwari says okay everyone will have tea from my side. Shopkeeper says first money. Tillu says new man came to job he is strict. Tiwari says no worries I’ll give money first and goes for his wallet he didn’t find it. Vibhu come and says you keep wallet I learnt that today I think that you keep your money in handkerchief. Tiwari says you were sitting at Phool Singh tailor shop that time I was having wallet but when we hug eachother from that time I’m not having wallet. Malkhan says to Vibhu you stole the wallet. Vibhu says what are you saying. Tillu says people say about you. Tiwari says now you became pickpocketer too. Tillu Malkhan Masterji and Tiwari start mocking Vibhu. Policeman come and says to Tiwari is your wallet stolen because I catch one thief and I got your wallet from his pocket. Tiwari gets his wallet and say’s thankyou and everyone leaves. Vibhu says they mock me in market I’ll take revenge from everyone.

Vibhu sitting out of his house talking to himself. Prem come and ask why are you sitting and crying. Vibhu says crying on my poverty, now I’ll earn money by doing wrong deeds and earn money. Prem says nothing is wrong with this. Vibhu says give ke an idea I want to earn money in one night and taps Prem. Prem cries and says I was having pain due to gastric attack and my wife took me to Baba who hit me with stick and that Baba took 5000 rs of that from me. Vibhu says I got funtastic idea Gupta come and Vibhuti asks what happen why are you strolling around. Gupta says I want to pay bank installment and my remedies are also not paying me so give me some idea that I can pay my bank installment. Vibhuti ssys I have idea but for that we need your help, I’ll open alternate therapy where you Prem will make them sick, Gupta will give medicine but that medicine will be given by me and they will get cured which is alternative therapy, I’ll become rich and will give you money too. Gupta says this is risky what if we get caught. Vibhu says this is social service. Gupta days we are ready.

Anu in her hall making video. Tiwari come and greets her. Anu says you disturbed me making my new video for my NGO. Tiwari ask you opened new NGO that’s good what’s this NGO about. Anu says this is for the people who are lost in blind faith. Tiwari says good you took some good initiative. Anu says I’ll make you and pandit Ramphal make you pay because in morden colony its only your house in which all this nonsense is carried out and you don’t do those remedy you make your wife do that I’ll file case against you and your community. Tiwari say I’m sorry I’ll work with your NGO to stop this work.

TMT sitting together. Tillu giving him head massage and says any difference. Teeka says no its still paining. Tillu says you should have drinks on the rocks your headache will go. Teeka says it will not go from drink and TMT start fighting. Prem come to them in pain. Malkhan says what happen. Tillu says he is getting heart attack. Teeka says he might be having pain of gastric attack. Prem says stop talking rubbish and call doctor. Dr. Gupta was going TMT stop him and says stop see client. Prem says my heart is paining. Gupta says don’t worry I’ll check and says OMG you are getting major heart attack there is no nearby hospital I think so he will die while taking him to hospital. Teeka says why to take him hospital make him lie down here only. Gupta says shutup. Vibhu come and asks what’s going. Prem says my friend his here he will cure me you remember when I got attack during college time. Vibhu yes I’ll cure it and it is called alternate therapy and start doing his therapy. Prem says you got magic in your hand I’m all ok with your treatment. Gupta says medically I’m doctor but you have magic. Tillu says we don’t believe you. Teeka says lets go and they leave. Prem says to Vibhuti they didn’t believe us. Vibhu says we did our job give me five.

Vibhu making lunch. Anu come and says what are you doing I’m so hungry why are you taking so long to cook food. Vibhu says I’m making your favourite vegetable. Anu says I can’t wait to taste this.

TMT sitting together having dinner. Teeka says this hunter biryani is so spicy it burn from inside. Prem standing outside taking out cats voice. Teeka says did you heard cat is crying. Malkhan says we never heard cat crying near us. Tillu says its cat not a terrorist focus on biryani. Prem continue to cry like cat. Malkhan says when cat cry I heard someone die. Tillu says make her run away. Prem come and mix something in there dinner. TMT come back. Tillu says hunter one cook’s good but is cheap dont give many pieces of chicken. Malkhan says what you will get in 30rs shutup and eat. Teeka says I’m having pain in my stomach she puts so much spices in that. Tillu says what happen to you sometime you say its good and now you are saying its not good. Malkhan says he is not able to digitise thing. Teeka start shouting says its paying a lot. Tillu says I think so its serious. Teeka start shouting call doctor. Tillu and Malkhan goes to call doctor.

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