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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th January 2021 Vibhu walks to Angoori and asks her why is she upset, Angoori says its usual but you look so happy, Vibhu says i have started new business, Angoori congratulates and asks where is your office, Vibhu says its not stationed its portable and its an import export business, Angoori says okay. Saxena walks to them and asks Angoori to wish him luck too as he has new job, Angoori congratulates Saxena, Vibhu says Saxena that you were never normal and never will be, Saxena scolds Vibhu.

Tiwari upset about Anu denying to drink with him and worried about where will he find a woman, Vibhu walks to him asks whats wrong, Tiwari says he is worried because of Pandit Rampal and tells about what is asked to do, Vibhu says thats fun, Tiwari says please find me a woman, Vibhu says where will i find one, Tiwari says you have such woman in your group, Vibhu says but who will agree to drink with you, because they are rich woman, Tiwari says i am.just worried, Vibhu says you will find a woman near the gutter and request her she will agree, Tiwari says but i dont know her, Vibhu says okay i will convince her, Tiwari says thanks for the favour.

Vibhu packs Anitas makeup, Anu asks where are you going, Vibhu says Prem got me night duty, Anu says must be illegal, Vibhu says look i have to pay you back so i am doing this, Anu says that money was my hard earned money and i want back hard earned money and nothing illegal, Anu says why isy drawer open and cosmetics missing, Vibhu says must be finished, I got to go and leaves.

Vibhu dressed as woman, Tiwari walks to her and asks her name, Vibhu asks why do you want, Tiwari asks do you know Vibhu, she says offcourse he is such a handsome, Tiwari says he must have spoken about me i am Tiwari, she says yes he did call me, Tiwari says i want to have 2 pegs with you, She says cmon, Tiwari and Vibhu have drink, Tiwari says lets have quickly or someone else will see us, she says then why do it, Tiwari says i just have to. Police walk to them(its TMT dressed as police). TMT scold Tiwari and says lets put both behind bars, Tiwari says we are respectful people, Teeka says which respectful family drinks alcohol like this on road, she says please let me go, Teeka says okay you leave we will deal with this man, she leaves. Tiwari says take some amount and let me go, Malkan asks for 25000, Tiwari says that is too much, Teeka asks for chain he is wearing, Tiwari gives it, Tilu asks for cash he is carrying, Tiwari hands it, Malkan asks him to run away. Tiwari runs away.

Angoori in bedroom, Tiwari walks in, Tiwari says i am not in good mood dont annoy me, Angoori says past few days im seeing whenever i get romantic you scold me, Tiwari says i said stop it, so just stop and go to sleep. Angoori says i will complaint to Anu. Angoori calls Anu from her window, and complains about Tiwari. Tiwari tries to justify, Angoori says he keeps avoiding me and today he is home drunk, Anu scolds Tiwari and says if he continues she will out him behind bars.

Tiwari gets a call from Amaji, Amaji asks did he drink, Tiwari says he did try but police caught him, and looted him, Amaji scolds Tiwari, Tiwari says ask for some other idea, Amaji says just shutup and do as asked.

Boys at tea stall, Teeka says i feel so good after shopping but when did we last go shopping, Tilu says last week. Happu joins them talking on mobile, Teeka greets Happu, Happu says im worried behind a gang, teeka says we have become good people now, Happu praises them and asks them to stay alert and inform if they find something suspicious and will award them, Master walks to them and says Happu i was looking for you, Teeka says why did your wife through you out, all laugh at Happu.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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