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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th November 2022 Prem shows up at the entry of the club and greets Angoori by calling her “bhabhi ji”. Angoori asks him, how did he dared to call her that? Prem says nothing. Angoori tells him to hurry and ties the entry band on his wrist. Teeka and Tillu kicks him in.

Prem goes in and starts molesting a dancer. She calls the manager. Manager comes in and tells Prem to get off the stage. Manager calls Angoori, Teeka and Tillu. They comes in. Angoori tells Prem to leave the girl’s hand. Angoori climbs up the stage and beats him very badly, and knocks him down. Teeka and Tillu cheers her.

Somebody is ringing Tiwari’s house doorbell. Tiwari opens the door and sees Happu with a lady constable. Tiwari asks Happu, what happened? Happu goes in and settles down. Tiwari asks Happu what happened? Happu tells Tiwari that Angoori knocked Prem down in the club, and now he’s admitted in hospital. Tiwari tells him that Prem was misbehaving after drinking. Happu says why is he wearing this police uniform. Tiwari begs Happu to do something about it.

Happu tells him that he cannot do anything in that. Angoori shows up, rolling her sleeves. Angoori asks Happu, why is he here? Happu tells Angoori that she’s under arrest. Angoori says, she’s ready to go to the police station. Happu asks lady constable to take Angoori with her. Angoori gets up and walks out on her own. Happu tells Tiwari get a good lawyer for Angoori, because she’s strangled in a big situation. Tiwari gets worried.

Anu is sitting and reading a magazine. Vibhu gets coffee for her. Tiwari rushes inside their house. Anu asks Tiwari, what happened? Tiwari tells them, Angoori is arrested. Vibhu asks Tiwari, what she did?

Tiwari tells that Prem was drunk and misbehaved with a dancer and Angoori knocked out him out, and now he’s in hospital. Anu asks Vibhu, if Prem is his best friend. Vibhu tells her that he’s just a friend. Tiwari asks Vibhu to have a word with Prem regarding this situation. Vibhu says he will do anything for Angoori. Vibhu gets up and takes Tiwari with him.

Prem is sitting covered with bandages. Tiwari and Vibhu is sitting with him. Prem tells them, Angoori broke every bone in his body. Tiwari begs Prem to not send Angoori to jail, instead, send him. Vibhu also asks Prem to do so. Prem tells Vibhu that he cannot do anything now, his wife won’t let Angoori go this easily.

Vibhu says that he will talk to Prem’s wife. Prem tells Vibhu to even think about it. Vibhu tells him to calm down and goes inside Prem’s house. Slapping noises comes out of the room and Tiwari gets confused. Vibhu comes out with his face red and sits beside Tiwari. Tiwari stares at him.

Tiwari is crying loudly. Anu comes out to check and says which dog is crying. Tiwari replies, that dog is him. Tiwari continues to cry. Anu tells Tiwari to calm down, and asks him what happened? Tiwari tells Anu that Prem didn’t helped them. Anu tells Tiwari to be courageous. Tiwari tells her he’s confused. Anu tells Tiwari to relax, and says that she will find a solution.

Anu goes to Prem’s house with a dancer he molested. Anu calls Prem out of his house. Prem comes out and greets Anu. Anu tells Prem to call her wife out, she wants to tells her everything about him. Prem says, please don’t do that. Anu starts shouting his wife’s and she comes out. She greets Anu.

Anu tells her that he was molesting the dancer in the club. His wife doesn’t believe her. Anu tells the dancer to confirm. The dancer confirms and tells Prem’s that he grabbed her arm and twisted it. Prem’s wife gets angry and orders Prem to come inside the house with her. Prem goes in. Prem’s wife starts beating him. Prem’s wife comes out of the and apologises Anu, and tells her that she will take back the case.

Tiwari is drinking and crying over Angoori. Anu comes in and sits beside Angoori. Tiwari is crying and asks Anu to bring his innocent Angoori back. Anu asks Tiwari if he realised his mistake. Tiwari says, yes and starts crying again. Anu calls Angoori. Angoori comes in and her behaviour and accent is back to normal and innocent.

Tiwari hugs her and tells her that, he cannot survive without her. Angoori says that she also cannot survive without him too. Tiwari starts hitting himself and regrets. Anu calls MasterJi. Tiwari begs Anu to forgive him.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori tells Tiwari that she got a letter for him. Tiwari reads it, and it’s written that if he won’t take a bath on the road he will get hit on his head.

Tillu smacks Tiwari’s head with a wooden baton. Tiwari grabs Tillu, and asks him why did he hit him? Tillu replies that he got a letter in which it was written that he has to hit him on his head.Tiwari is taking a bath on the open road. Vibhu sees him and brings Anu outside. Tiwari tries to cover his body.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
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