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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd May 2022 Angoori in her bedroom says why washing machine is making so bad noise. Vibhu disguise as carpenter says I’m going now. Angoori says first check is the bed still making noise till that time I’ll check washing machine. Vibhu says to himself the bed is full of smeel of Angoori I can’t dare to lie on bed but it’s golden opportunity,

can do one thing I’ll tie cloth around my nose and lie, he lie on bed says it’s so soft. Ammaji walks in bedroom and thinks who is this stranger lying on my daughter in law bed, she walk to him and ask what are you doing and start hitting him.

Angoori walks in and stop Ammaji. Ammaji says to Angoori, look how he is lying on your bed, how dare he. Angoori says calm down, this bed is cracking and so I called carpenter and he is checking. Angoori asks what is wrong, Vibhu says two screws are loose. Ammaji says fix it quickly or else I will fix you. Vibhu leaves.

Ammaji gives Angoori churan and says this is given by Pandit Rampal, add this to Tiwari’s food he will get energy. Angoori asks what to do with that energy. Ammaji says with that energy you will get a kid. Angoori blushes.

Prem walks to Vibhu, and asks why are you so late. Vibhu says it takes time to plot bomb, had to distract Bhabhiji but what are you doing here. Prem saya these clothes are rented and now it will be charged extra and you don’t have money.

Vibhu mocks him. Vibhu gets video call from Anu, Prem says transfer it to audio and receives it. Anu says its video call, put on the video I want to see you. Vibhu says I am naked I just showered. Anu says stop making excuses. Vibhu says okay, hands Prem phone and quickly removes his getup and puts on video.

Anu says you said you showered and your hair is dry and you look dusky too. Vibhu says I washed my hair in morning and body now and have roamed too much in sun so I am tanned, by now.

Angoori asks Tiwari to eat quickly, her favourite movie is going to be aired. Prem and Vibhu keeping an eye on Tiwari. Prem says here is new sim card phone start. Vibhu calls Tiwari house, Angoori receives phone, Vibhu disconnects and calls again, Angoori picks again, Vibhu disconnects again. Angoori gets annoyed, Vibhu calls again, Angoori asks who are you, Vibhu says I am your lover.

Angoori asks Tiwari to come check someone is misbehaving. Tiwari on call asks who it is. Vibhu says its going to be long sit on chair. Tiwari sits on chair, Vibhu says I am Saiyaan Saiko, and if you tell anyone about me, I will burst you, there is bomb under your chair and it will blast if you get up. Tiwari asks why are you doing this, Vibhu says I am teaching you a lesson that, that insulting others is not fair. Tiwari gets scared. Vibhu says if you tell anyone about the bomb I will blast it, good night.

Angoori asks Tiwari why is he so scared. Tiwari says you go have food, I will have later. Angoori says I will get it here.

Teeka says to Malkan, Tilu will never get salary. They hear Tilu’s voice saying that you are right, I won’t get salary in this life, look up. Teeka and Malkan ask him what is he doing on cliff. Tilu says I am committing suicide, I will turn to ghost and scare Tiwari, that he will go inside coffin with my salary. Teeka and Malkan whispers lets talk to him and get him down, or else even we will get caught in police case.

Teeka says you are right and says to Tilu, don’t jump, wait till tomorrow morning we will get Tiwari, Tilu says okay I will wait till morning if Tiwari doesn’t come, I will jump. Teeka whispers to Malkan, Tilu will fall asleep soon he is drunk and once that is done, we will get him down.

Vibhu sees Angoori in balcony and greets her and asks her why is so much decoration in the room. Angoori says I have planned romantic time with Tiwari, Vibhu says I feel bad for you, because Tiwari is least interested. Angoori says you talk rubbish. Vibhu says I am saying what he told me. Angoori says tell me what he said. Vibhu says he once said, spending romantic time with wife ia so boring. Its like having same dish daily, Angoori says you go have all food, I will go call Tiwari. Vibhu says he won’t come. Angoori says he will and leaves.

Tiwari has upset stomach, decides to check bomb, and clicks photo below the chair and says God this is such big bomb, Angoori walks to him and asks whats wrong, Tiwari says my stomach is upset. Angoori says it must be churan, Ammaji asked to add it, you will feel things. Tiwari says I feel lot of things. Angoori says go to washroom. Tiwari says no. Angoori says then come to bedroom, I am in a romantic mood. Tiwari yells at Angoori. Tiwari calls Saxena.

Vibhu sees Angoori in balcony and asks whats wrong, where is Tiwari. Angoori tells about Tiwari’s behaviour and says he would usually run to her, Vibhu sayd because he is no more interested in you, the romance is finished. Angoori says how will I live with him then. Vibhu says think about yourself, you throw him away, Angoori says dare you, I respect my husband, I can never hurt him, by good night.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori says to Tiwari what happen go touch his feet. Tiwari stretch his hand and greet fufaji. Vibhu says you disrespect fufaji is this the way to greet such a respectable person. Angoori gets angry on Tiwari.

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