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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd February 2021 Vibhu asks Tiwari to come with him to Police station says Suparna has lodged complaint against me come lets go you were with me, Tiwari doesn’t speak a word and thinks now I wont speak a word, Angoori walks to them and says what are you doing, Vibhu says I am in problem, Angoori says he is in Maun Vrath, and so he wont speak or sign or even write, Vibhu thinks oh I got trapped, and asks Angoori for help, Angoori says please leave you are a bad man.
Vibhu visits Baba Pavanath and sees a lady and asks where is baba, she says baba is dead, he drank so much that his liver failed and he died, Vibhu thinks god this man, she says I am here will help you keep coming I feel good.
Anu asks Tiwari is he innocent, Tiwari doesn’t speak a word, Anu gets annoyed, Tiwari thinks im sorry I know he is innocent but he made me take this Maun Vrath, Anu says if you don’t speak I will leave Vibhu, Angoori walks in and says he wont speak and says Baba Pavanath asked him to keep this Maun Vrath and if he speaks I will stitch his mouth, Anu starts crying.
Saxena, Gupta, Master and TMT abusing Vibhu in front of his house, Vibhu inside his house with Anu, says to Anu I didn’t do anything, Anu asks what proof you have, Vibhu says he is on silent mode, Anu says I spoilt my life marrying you, Vibhu says I am innocent, Anu says I will divorce you, I cant stay with characterless man like you.
Vibhu walks out to crowd and appeals everyone to keep quite and says let me explain, crowd attacks him.
Angoori gets Tiwari Bottle guard soup, Angoori says I am so happy that you are following this vrath, Vibhu walks in, Angoori yells at him, Vibhu says Tiwari is proof I am innocent, Angoori says why did you do this, Vibhu says I am innocent, Angoori says you aren’t, Vibhu says I am and Tiwari knows it and he is purposely not talking, Angoori says you calling his devotion an act, just get lost, Tiwari teases Vibhu, Vibhu tries to show Angoori, Angoori scolds Vibhu and asks him to leave.
Happu walks to crowd and asks what is it, crowd says police is good for nothing, why is police taking no action against Vibhu, Happu says there are some rules, TMT say we don’t see against bribery. Happu slaps them.
Vibhu tells Angoori all about Maun Vrath and his deal with baba Pavanath and Tiwaris black mail, Angoori says okay take me to Baba, Vibhu says he died, Angoori yells at him and asks him to leave. Vibhu walking to his house, Happu stops him and asks where is Tiwari, and says your limit is finished lets go Police station, Vibhu says lets go and runs away.
Vibhu in his bedroom, Anu says I am not able to sleep, because of all this confusion, Vibhu says this is a lie this girl is telling, Anu says there is no proof to prove you innocent, Vibhu says I am waiting for Tiwaris maun vrath I got caught in my own plan, and tells Anu the whole truth. Vibhu apologise to Anu, Anu gets very angry, Vibhu says Tiwari saw me and was black mailing me so I did all this, Anu calls Happu singh and says I have criminal fraud in front of me do come catch him, Vibhu runs away.
Vibhu at tea stall asks Teeka for water, Teeka walks to him with Matka, Tilu breaks it and says he is bad guy, Teeka drunk asks what, Malkan and Tilu abuse Vibhu, TMT start abusing Vibhu one by one and give Vibhu the worst bad name they can think of.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amaji tells Tiwari that Pandit Rampal has asked Tiwari to change his name from Manmohan to Bulbul so that they can be blessed with child. Vibhu hears that and tricks Saxena.

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Telecast Date:3rd February 2021
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