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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd August 2022 Vibhu messages Prem, leave Shaila now she is a mother of two, I am going to sleep bye. Anu walks to him in bedroom and says havw this milk. Vibhu asks why, Anu says because after having this you won’t be interested in chatting but in romance, I have added energy medicine in it.

Vibhu says you think I am week. Anu says its to give you a push, now please have it quickly and I will be back and leaves. Vibhu says she took medicine in name of Anurag and now giving me.
Anu walks in gown and sings for him.

Tiwari stops David in wig and asks who are you. David says its me and I am no longer old. Angoori walks to them and asks Tiwari why is he shouting and asks who is this handsome boy. Tiwari says it’s David Uncle.

Angoori says you look younger than Vibhu. Anu walks out and asks who arebyou talking to, Vibhu walks with her. Vibhu asks David who are you, get lost
David says its me your uncle. Anu says OMG how did this happen. David says Hakim’s magic. Anu says you too. David says every person has taken medicine from him and feel like I am on top of the town.

TMT working out. Teeka says we have to crush Rhusa’s pride. Rhusa walks to them and asks how are they doing and says you three look inspired from me and here to see me workout. Malkan asks her how many push ups she can do in a minute, she says 50, Malkan says I can do 200 in a breath and shows her.

Tilu asks how many skips you can do, Rhusa says 60. Tilu does 150. Teeka asks her how many squats she can do in a min. She says 50-60. Teeka does 300 squats. Rhusa says how did you all get so much energy and stamina. Tilu says let’s go see Taj Mahal by running. Rhusa leaves.

Happu on call scolding for electricity bill. Manohar walks in with Hakim. Manohar says he is selling energy medicine to everyone. Happu asks Hakim does he have license. Commissioner walks in and asks what is happening. Happu says he is Hakim, Commissioner says I want to talk to him in private you two leave.
Commissioner says to Hakim I have heard a lot about you and here’s list of things I want.

Vibhu and Anu spending romantic time in bedroom.
Tiwari and Angoori in bed, Angoori says this is Hakim’s magic. Tiwari says you are right, he is magical. Angoori says I have never seen you like this in so much energy always be like this. Tiwari says I want to do it agaon. Angoori makes him chase her and says you have become a bird.

TMT sees Rhusa with a guy on bike. Teeka asks who is this boy with Rhusa. Rhusa says hi to them and says meet my special friend Raj. Teeka says why doesn’t he talk. Rhusa says he talks less, and anyways I don’t talk to people who talk more and Raj, Jiju is calling me I have to leave bye.

Tilu asks Raj who are you and what nonsense is this. Teeka says Rhusa is our. David says what will you do. Tilu says don’t mimic of David uncle. David says I am David and Raj. TMT shocked. Teeka asks how did this happen. David says Hakim Surkan’s magic and this is double dose effect.

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