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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2020 Vibhu and Angoori having ice candy, Angoori says i love it but Tiwari doesn’t, Vibhu says if i was your husband I would do everything for you, Angoori says but you aren’t my husband.
Vibhu imagines singing and dancing with Angoori, master walks to Vibhu and asks where is he lost and asks for donation, Vibhu says dont you feel ashamed on asking a handicapped for donations, Master says enough of all the excuses, Vibhu says i have cheque ready for you, and says dont open it now, open it later it has huge amount, see when we leave, Master sees Cheque when Vibhu leaves it’s if 1 lakh but dated 31st Feb.

Angoori David and Vibhu playing cards, Tiwari walks in in bad state, Angoori asks whats wrong, Tiwari says Vibhu is responsible for it, i was chased by snakes in that area, and there was no temple, the temple is on yellow mountain and not black, Vibhu says i said yellow and not black, Tiwari and Vibhu argue, Vibhu scares him saying he will tell lawyer, Tiwari agrees to go on yellow mountain.

Tiwari in pain, lawyet walks to him, Tiwari says i am going yellow mountain, Lawyer says when did i ask you to, and asks Tiwari to beware, and tells Tiwari that Vibhu is fine and fooling him, Tiwari says now i will play one game with him, and asks Lawyer to support, lawyer agrees.

Angoori prays to god to help Vibhu, Tiwari walks to her laughing, and tells her Vibhu is completely fine, and tells her the truth.Angoori says he is not that cheap, Tiwari says lawyer told me this, Angoori says i still dont believe, Angoori says show me proof.

Tiwari climbs through ladder in Vibhus bedroom, Angoori watching through her bedroom, Tiwari leaves mouse, Vibhu gets scared and starts dancing, Angoori believes Tiwari.

David Prem, Vibhu and Helan together, David says we have to spend 5 cr wisely, lawyer walks in and tells court wants to check if Vibhu is lying or is he really handicapped, Vibhu tells Helan i feel that he might have changed parties, Helan says really, Vibhu says no no.

Vibhu gets to Angooris kitchen window, Angoori says i am very busy come later, Vibhu says i am here to share my pain, Angoori says you have already given lot of pain enough now, Vibhu asks why are you so upset with me, Angoori says just go, Vibhu says a observer will come to check if i am really handicapped or not, Angoori says yes and the truth will be revealed.

Doctor and everyone at Mishra’s, Doctor starts examining Vibhu, he first tickles Vibhus leg, Vibhu feels nothing.

Gupta tells TMT that their reports show sugar level low and so to start eating sweets and old bad habits, and anyways its bew year, TMT scold Gupta. Master walks to them and ask for new year donation, Gupta tells Master that he has high sugar level.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2020
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