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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st August 2021 Anu and Vibhu in bedroom. Anu giving gead massage to Vibhu. Vibhu says to Anu I wish I get the road contract. Anu says why only road contract I want you should go for flyover, solar energy contract each and every contract. Vibhu says let Saxena win one time. Anu says he need to win and you will help him work hard to make him win elections. Vibhu says I’m working for him day and night. Anu says go stick those poster’s and go ask for vote door to door. Vibhu says I’m tired right now. Anu says you will sleep and someone else will take that contract comeon get up. Vibhu says to himself this lady is so greedy and says I’m going. Anu says now I’ll sleep properly.

Saxena becomes president everyone being happy and dancing. Anu and Angoori come to balcony to see. Commissioner says to Saxena from now onwards we are responsible for your security. Saxena says thanks. Teeka pops party popper near Master. Masterji gets angry. Vibhu says its happiness all around. Gupta says to Vibhu and Tiwari why you two are happy. Vibhu says we did planning and plotting for election. Tiwari says I spent money. Prem says to Tiwari and Vibhu you played smart now he will give you contracts. Teeka says to Saxena we did so much for you to win. Tillu says we are tiered of being poor please help and give us some money. Malkhan says help me to open wine shop. Reporter come and start reporting about how Saxena won over Bakhshi and ask his future plan gor colony. Everyone cheers for Saxena. Saxena says I’ll give my victory speech in some time you can get your cameras ready. Everyone cheers for Saxena. Vibhu says to Tiwari look how he will praise me. Tiwari says why he will praise you, he will praise me. Saxena start his victory speech by thanking all and I’ll live upto your expectations, Everyone claps. Reporter asks who would you give credit to. Saxena says you cannot win without team effort and my hero’s are everyone from Jhakarkati and many people from morden colony lane no.4, from afem kothi and apart from these people street dog near my house also helped me, they barked in front of my house and I couldn’t sleep and so they were my inspiration.

Angoori congratulate Saxena and she is proud, Anu congratulates him too, Saxena says this is all to serve modern colony, Anu says we found a good candidate, Angoori says yes he will bring revolution, Anu says correct.
All leave with rally, Tiwari and Vibhu upset about not being praised and doubt Saxena.

Vibhu walks to Anu, Anu eating corn, Vibhu asks her to on TV, Saxena is live, Angoori and Tiwari watching live too, Angoori says I am so happy to see him as president. TMT watching him live to, and says we will live in peace and luxury now, Malkan says hear what he says
Deepak asks Saxena to tell about himself. Saxena tells about his ancestors and says I was born in morden colony and I have many favor oh this colony. Vibhu says he didn’t forget people of morden colony. Anu says he said about morden colony. Vibhu says its one and same thing. Anu says then why didn’t he took your name. Vibhu says because he has government power if he take name everyone will doubt him.
Angoori asks why they will doubt. Tiwari says because I’m businessman and government will have doubt on him that we have connections. Angoori asks then how he will give you work. Tiwari says he won’t let anyone know and will give work.
Deepak asks Saxena now you are president of morden colony so how you will do improvement. Saxena says improvement depends upon people living in colony, if the people are lazy, unemployed, useless people so will it improve. Deepak asks what riad map you designed. Saxena says roadmap will not help here, I have something different plan for this and tells his story about his great grandfather who was a leader of his community. He was a ruler and will implement his way of ruling.
Vibhu says to Anu what is this. Anu says heart first what is he saying. Tillu asks Teeka what is he talking about. Malkhan says first listen what they are talking. Deepak says sounds interesting explain more. Saxena says this uses gun and hunter and whoever doesn’t follow will be beaten up 25 times from hunter and if he doesn’t follows it will turn into 100 times and after that a gun shot in head. Everyone watching news get scared. Deepak asks Saxena do you think your way if ruling will be success. Saxena says yes why not it will work. Deepak says so what is your first decree. Saxena says my first decree is for all eve-teasers and useless men. Anu says that’s great actually, you know these cases have increased so much ita a great initiative, and asks Vibhu what happen to your face. Vibhu says I’m fine everything is chilled out I’m cool.
Saxena says from today after 9pm no men will talk any lady if ladt want she can talk but men cannot and if any ment tries to talk then he will face the consequences. Anu says nice. Angoori says he made nice law now there will be no cases of eve-teasing. Tillu says what kind of law it is. Teeka says hiw will I digest my food now.

Angoori come in garden to water plants and singing. Vibhu come and flirts with her. Angoori says why are you talking to me didn’t you see in news Saxena introduced a new law. Vibhu flirts with her, says I don’t think you a stranger. Angoori says its doesn’t depend upon our thoughts. Vibhu asks do you think me as of stranger. Angoori says but I have Tiwari.
TMT sitting near tea stall. Malkhan says this is wrong what kind of law he introduced. Teeka says I know. Malkhan says can we raise voice for this law. Teeka says yes this is wrong. Malkhan says we get oxygen after talking to women and if don’t get that how will we live. Tillu says I’ll die. Teeka says don’t worry this rule is for some days. Tillu says Saxena became president for 1year. Malkhan says Teeka is right we need to go low for some days. Tillu says lets do something we can buy ration and go underground for few days. Teeka says why we need to go underground. Tillu says if we will go out then we will think of talking to women and if someone sees us we will face consequences so its better to be home. Rusa come and greets TMT. Rusa says I’m talking to you guys did anyone will response me, I think so you got any new girl, listen you guys are hurting me, Rusa start leaving. Teeka sees a lizard on Rusa’s shoulder, goes and throw it away. Rusa says thanks and leave. Teeka says what I did, I talked to a lady. Malkhan says you talked to her what you did. Tillu says you are lucky nobody saw you. A man with hunter gets up and says I saw everything and ask Teeka to kneel down, Tillu pulls Teeka’s tshirt up for better coverage and man start hitting.


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Telecast Date:31st August 2021
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