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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th June 2021 Angoori in kitchen and gets call from Ammaji. Angoori greets Ammaji and says I’m very tensed Tiwari doesn’t let me sleep whole night. Ammaji says Tiwari’s father also doesn’t let me sleep whole night. Angoori gets shock and says father in law also have problem of not sleeping, he keeps his eyes open and when he closes his eyes he wakes up shouting no I think so some tragedy happened but I think everything is going fine. Ammaji says Tiwari is tragedy if he wouldn’t be here we both would be living peacefully. Angoori says tell me how I make him sleep. Ammaji says there is one remedy, make some other men sleep in your lap who gets beatun up from his wife okay now I’m going and hungs up call.

Saxena in his house reading book. Anu and Vibhu come to his house and greets him. Anu says we came here say you thank you. Vibhu says to Saxena I have different kind of thinking for your personality but you are totally different thanks a ton Saxena. Saxena says thankyou and tell nothing will happen to your relation till I’m here. Vibhu saya you are single but how can you give such good advice. Saxena says I cannot lay eggs but I can cook better omelet then chicken. Anu says you helped us what is your fees. Saxena says I dont want money. Vibhu understand and start slapping him.

Angoori brings breakfast for Tiwari and calls Tiwari. Anu come and says do you have some coffee mine is finished. Angoori says you come at right time come have breakfast. Anu says no thanks Angoori Vibhu made breakfast for me and I just had that. Angoori says good you got a wife in your husband you are lucky. Anu says yes I’m lucky we fight a bit I’m lucky to have Vibhu I love him. Angoori says when I was young my mom use to tell me that housewife of cuty are so wamp thy beat there husband after having breakfast, I pray you have this love with Vibhu for eternity. Anu says coffee. Angoori says oh sit I’ll bring. Tiwari come and sees Anu and try to escape. Anu says what happen Tiwari. Tiwari says sorry I have some work to do and run away.

Angoori in kitchen cutting vegetable Vibhu come and greets her. Angoori says right now I’m here but I’ll we going out to ask my friend to ask who all beats there husband, Ammaji told me a remedy to bring back Tiwari’s sleep. Vibhu asks what kind of remedy. Angoori says I have to find a husband who gets beatun up from his wife and make him sleep in my lap. Vibhu says golden opportunity. Angoori says I remember your friend who says I have lots of money I have seen red marks on his cheeks. Vibhu says what are you saying you will make any unknown person sleep in your lap, Prems wife love him a lot she always bring bed tea for him and then take him to bathroom she loves him a lot, says I’ll come in evening and will tell you right now I’m going to hospital. Angoori asks what happen. Vibhu says yesterday I put a bit salt less in vegetable so she beat me and it’s and internal beating. Angoori says I don’t believe this I talked to Anu and she told me you love eachother so much. Vibhu start saying more nonsense. Angoori says I cannot believe it I thought you both are luvi duvi couple. Vibhu says if you don’t trust me I’ll show you I’ll make mistakes in front of you and Anu will beat me but promise me you have to make me sleep in your lap. Angoori say’s okay then my Tiwari will be able to sleep. Vibhu says I’m going to hospital and leaves.

Vibhu brings Angoori to his house and says to Angoori you go and hide behind this door I’ll show you how Anu treats me. Angoori says I don’t trust Anu is such a lovely lady she will not do. Vibhu says Anu will come in some time and I’ll tell her that I burnt your saree which mom gave you. Angoori shouts and says what you will burn saree given by mom do you know how much important and valuable is saree. Vibhu says I have to burn something to make her angry. Angoori says I don’t care burn whatever you want I have to see you getting beatun up. Vibhu says okay do one thing Anu is coming go hide. Anu enter and says hi to him. Vibhu says so you came and start messing with Anu. Anu says okay I’m sorry and what happen why you are in so bad mood. Vibhu says I burnt your saree while ironing which mom give you.

TMT near tea stall sitting and singing. Teeka says I got an offer from my girlfriend Lucy we have to sing to her father. Gupta come and TMT start running. Gupta says where are you running come sit and says you did a great job I woke up in afternoon but tell me one thing there were some money in my wallet did you took that money. Tillu says what are you talking you are falsely accusing us and TMT start shouting on Gupta. Tiwari come and ask Gupta why are you fighting. Tillu says to Tiwari we were not fighting actually Gupta was praising us. Gupta says to Tiwari they have open a new company to make people fall asleep TMT lullaby pvt. ltd. Teeka says we don’t have nay branches. Malkhan says we don’t have any franchise too. Gupta says I was not able to fall asleep from many time but these guys make me fall asleep in 10min. Tiwari asks can you make fall asleep anyone, so come to my house tonight because I’m not able to sleep from many days I’ll pay your all the charges only if you make me fall asleep. Teeka says don’t worry we will make you fall asleep.


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Telecast Date:30th June 2021
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