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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th December 2021 Happu in police station doing his work. Manohar walks to him give him tea, they both drink eat. Happu says it’s strong and says to him from so many days my body didn’t got massage. Manohar says so should I make arrengement for massage.

Happu says are you mad kiss on his hand and says I fan of your hands so tell why are your hand so soft. Manohar says excuse me your intentions are not good. Gupta and Masterji walks to them. Gupta says situation is critical and ask Master to show him my phone battery is down. Manohar mocks them. Masterji give him phone says I have photo Angoori taking bribe from businessman.

Happu and Manohar see photos and says we didn’t expect this from Angoori. Gupta says what are you waiting for come and arrest her. Happu says I’m confused what should I do arrest her or leave her.

Angoori walks to Anu, Anu says hi you finally free, Angoori says I wanted to visit you but was so busy with elections and two people came here and gave me sweets praising me and so I thought of sharing it withy friend, Anu says interesting box and opens it, Anu shocked and says look it has money. Saxena walks in and says this a plan so that you lose, Anu says if I find who it is I won’t let him go, Saxena says ots Bharadwaj, who else and his answer will be our victory.

Happu Singh walks in, Anu hides box, Happu takes the box and says truth doesn’t hide, Happu tells about complaint, Anu asks whats proof, Saxena and Anu says this is conspiracy, and does she look like someone who takes bribes, Happu says no but unfortunately she has to be under arrest.

Everyone outside and discuss about how Angoori is going to face prison, Tiwari blames Vibhu, David says what if she goes jail, Vibhu attacks him. Angoori comes out, Anu and Saxena try to stop Happu, Angoori says I don’t want to go prison I didn’t do anything, Vibhu says I won’t let you go, Happu says she has taken bribe, David says you take bribes every minute, Angoori is put in jeep, Vibhu starts crying, David whispers control you will spoil the plan. Anu says I will have to do something.

Anu talking with Happu says so you will keep an innocent women in jail, Happu says I’m bounded by rules, Anu says you use rules as per your convenience, Anu says didn’t you think of that innocent lady how hurt she must be, Happu says I understand but proofs say its her, I saw the video, Anu asks where are these two men,

Happu says I’m tracking, Anu says I wish my interpol friend was here, Anu’s friend walks in, Anu says you are like a blessing welcome, He asks who is this man, Anu says he is inspector, Anu says Indar look at thsi video and find these men, Indar makes a call to Zucker, to find the men, Zucker sends video of whete the men went and they find they went to TMT house.

TMT in prison, they ask why are they arrested, Happu says shutup and answer our questions, Commissioner says these three are useless, Manohar walks in with 3re degree equipment, and shows all equipment, Happu says if you answer without any problem to us we won’t use this, TMT says we will answer, Happu asks who were the two men, Teeka says they were Vibhu and Tiwari.

Angoori and Anu upset with Tiwari and Vibhu and asks why did you do this, Vibhu says David gave us the idea, David says you asked me for idea, and why do you always blame me, and Tiwari’s ego was hurting. Anu scolds everyone,

Commissioner says to David why did you support them, David says I didn’t want Vibhu to go Mumbai because Anu wouldn’t allow me in Kanpur, Angoori says so you played over me, Anu says you will participate, he will go Mumbai and you will win, Saxena walks in and says election are cancelled.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu tells Tiwari that she wants to go on vacation. Angoori says same to Vibhu.TMT sell a powder to Tiwari and Vibhu that puts person of to sleep for 24hrs.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
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