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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th August 2021 Angoori in her garden watering plants and singing. Vibhu come on bike and flirts with her says you never completed my dream of going out in rain. Angoori says I like to go out in rain I’ll talk to Tiwari. Vibhu says to Angoori, Tiwari’s immune system is not good he catches cold easily. Angoori says Tiwari is strong. Saxena come and greets Angoori and says to Vibhu I need to talk something important. Vibhu says I don’t need to talk anything important to you, you just go away from here. Saxena says listen me. Vibhu says are you governor of Kanpur so I should hear you go from here. Angoori says to Vibhu atleast listen to him. Saxena says I want to give you good news. Vibhu says can’t you see I’m talking to Bhabhi just get out from here and start talking to Angoori. Saxena says we need to talk its about our colony. Vibhu slaps him and Angoori leaves. Vibhu says I’m talking to Angoori cant you see. Saxena leaves.

Tiwari come to Anita’s house and greets her. Tiwari says thank god you are not busy today. Anu says who said I’m not busy I’m reading newspaper. Tiwari says but newspaper can be read during free time and mocks Anu. Anu says I read newspaper so that I can buy lottery ticket and mocks Tiwari. Anu says I like to trouble you. Tiwari thinks and says to himself Anu is in good mood it shouldn’t be spoil and Saxena come. Tiwari asks him what happen and mocks him
Saxena mocks him back and Anu start laughing with Saxena. Tiwari slaps him. Anu says why are you beating him. Tiwari grabs Saxena and throws him out. Anu says to Tiwari you shouldn’t have hit him that much. Tiwari says he stubborn and Saxena come in back and give cold look to Tiwari and start crying. Anu asks him to keep calm. Saxena gets up and leave. Tiwari says to Anu I think so he will rebel and leaves.

TMT, Prem, Gupta and Masterji sitting near tea stall. Teeka says I heard that there are election in our colony. Prem says what are these elections for. Tillu says who all are participating in this. Malkhan says I don’t have tome for nonsense. Gupta says I heard all the big location in Kanpur like our morden colony, kiawae nagar and ram bajar will have one president who will help in development. Teeka says who is standing for this position. Gupta says one is Bakshi. Malkhan says that Bakshi is no good person he will not forgive us. Prem says we will select him, we need a kind of guy who will clean our colony and bring all the comforts. Saxena come and says to Prem we have one guy who will make morden colony London and instead of water from tap we will get juice. Malkhan says we will get alcohol too. Saxena says we will get what we want. Tillu says who is that great guy. Gupta says who gonna stand for election. Saxena says its me I’ll stand as president for morden colony give me votes. Tiwari and Vibhu come, Vibhu asks what’s happening. Teeka says to Vibhu Saxena is standing in election for president. Vibhu and Tiwari laughs, Vibhu says he will change everything of this colony. Tiwari says you cannot run your house how will you run colony. Vibhu says he will make whole colony mad house. Gupta says Bakshi is better option then Saxena my vote goes to Bakshi Masterji says same I’ll vote Bakhshi. Teeka says I’ll vote Saxena. Vibhu says he will make you mad. Tillu says to Vibhu in his kingdom we will get alcohol from tap. Tiwari and Vibhu mocks Saxena. Prem says Vibhu is right don’t give him Vote and TMT, Prem, Gupta, Masterji leaves. Saxena break glass start crying and leave. Tiwari says to Vibhu I have a thought that we did something wrong. Vibhu says we need to support Saxena. Tiwari says I was also thinking same. Vibhu and Saxena start planning what they will do after Saxena becomes president and earn money. Vibhu says to Tiwari, Saxena shouldn’t loose he should win, your money and my mind.

Saxena, Angoori and Anu sitting together and Angooris house. Saxena to bhabhi without your blessings I cannot win. Angoori says don’t worry our blessings are with you, you will get success. Anu says we are with you but what you will do for colony after winning election. Saxena says after winning my first priority is women safety, in our Kanpur eve-teasing have become common. Angoori and Anu says we are here to support you. Anu says I need a favor from you if you can give a government job for Vibhu. Saxena says you all are my family and family always want there members to win but Tiwari and Vibhu wants me to loose and saying to everyone not to vote me. Tiwari and Vibhuti come and they both start arguing about earlier discussion. Saxena says let it go, I think I’m not capable of your love. Vibhu says it’s not like that we will help you we will ask vote for you. Tiwari says we will work and make sure you win. Vibhu says to Saxena after winning don’t forget your family.

Vibhu outside Angooris house making poster for election. Angoori come outside for pooja. Vibhu greets him. Angoori says what are you doing. Vibhu says you know Saxena is standing for election. Angoori says yes Saxena will win elections. Vibhu says I’m working for his advertisement. Angoori says but its too early but why are you becoming silver spoon of Saxena. Vibhu says when he will become President he will give us some work to do but if Bakhshi becomes he will not support us. Angoori says ok make Saxena happy. Vibhu starts flirting with Angoori and she leaves.
TMT come and greets Vibhu and ask what are you doing. Vibhu says look here im making poster. Malkhan says to Vibhu you are double standard person. Teeka says yesterday you were insulting Saxena and now working for him. Vibhu says when there money is involve everyone changes. Tillu says mean. Vibhu says now you all will advertise Saxena and support him. TMT asks where we need to stick. Malkhan asks Teeka to taste glue and check. Teeka slaps him.

Tiwari advertising for Saxena. Other men also advertising for Bakshi. Tiwari mocks Bakshi and start cheering for Saxena, Prem, Master wnd Gupta walk their, Tiwari very sweetly gives them pamphlets and request them to vote Saxena, Prem says yesterday you and Vibhu were abusing Saxena, how did this transformation, Gupta says he must have taken money, Tiwari says Saxena is loyal and honest which will be good for us but Bakshi we know he is not a good candidate, and won’t help us too, Prem says he is saying right thing, let’s give Saxena a chance too, Tiwari says so vote Saxena.

Anu giving Vibhu head massage, Vibhu says whole day I was working for Saxena, I am so tired, Anu says how are you helping Saxena, Vibhu says you know I look for benefits but the question is of road contract, Saxena will win become President and he will rule all contracts here and give contracts who he wants too.


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Telecast Date:30th August 2021
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