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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd July 2021 Angoori in her hall sitting. Vibhu come. Angoori says go from here I don’t want to talk to you, you are falsy accusing Anu you are a big liar. Vibhu says I cannot understand why is she becoming so sweet. Angoori says I don’t have faith in you so I asked him to come. Prem come. Angoori says I asked him he told me his wife beats him a lot so I asked him to come and do the remedy. Prem says I’m always ready and here to spread love. Angoori say’s I’ll bring tea for you. Vibhu says to Prem you backstab me dont you know how much I love her. Prem says if you have this much problem so why dont you ask her. Vibhu says do one thing go from here or I’ll call income tax officer. Prem says I was joking I’m going from here.

Anu with some and ask to take selfie. Tiwari was walking on street. Anu calls him and ask him to come here, says meet him he is Kimchik Tiwari and he is our neighbour Manmohan Tiwari, you know I showed you rakhe it was for him. Kimchik Tiwari talks to Manmohan Tiwari about there village and there relatives. Anu says you forget me I’m standing here. Manmohan Tiwari says that day you weie talking about you brother was he him. Anu says yes I was talking to Anjali, you heard everything you are such a peeping tom. Manmohan Tiwari grabs him and hug him and says Thank you I’m very happy and takes him for drink.

Angoori in kitchen chopping vegetables. Vibhu come. Angoori says go from here I don’t wanna talk to you. Vibhu says don’t be sad and flirts with her. Angoori says shutup say’s anything. Vibhu says you don’t know Prem. Angoori says where can I find husband who gets beatun up by his wife. Vibhu says last night Anu beat me you can see scare too, A man was passing by and Vibhu ask him to see scare, that man kissed Vibhu and says here is the Scare. Vibhu shouts on him and says what is this nonsense, and says to Angoori did you see scare. Angoori says its of lipstick and you think me dumb. Vibhu says give me one more chance I’ll not disappoint you. Angoori says okay last chance or ill make Prem sleep in my lap.

Vibhu in balcony calls Angoori and says I’ll pakka show you. Angoori says this is last chance if I don’t see you I’ll tell everything to Anu what are you saying behind her back. Vibhu says I’m very sad you dont trust me, there will be time you will regret. Anu calls Vibhu. Vibhu asks Angoori to hide. Anu come and ask what happen. Vibhu says you come I was waiting for you it’s good your face looks like your mom not your father, whenever I see your father his face looks like frog. Anu says what happen to you. Vibhu mocks Anu father and says you want to beat me gives her belt. Anu says what has happen to you and beat him with belt and goes. Vibhu shows him and Angoori sees him getting beatun up from Anu.

Vibhu goes to Angoori house and calls her. Angoori says you come I was waiting for you can’t you see how much I’m blushing. Vibhu says your search is over now please do my wish. Angoori says lie down fast. Vibhu says I’m feeling shy. Angoori says don’t feel shy think as if Anu lap. Vibhu lie down and says please sing a romantic song. Angoori start singing. Angoori come from kitchen and see Vibhu lie down on sofa. Angoori asks what happen why are you sleeping like this. Vibhu wakes up from dream and says my back was paining feel like vertigo so I fell down here. Angoori says you were having so much pain. Vibhu says I’m perfectly fine now lets start our work. Angoori says yes we need to do remedy I’ll sit and you lie down. Vibhu says I’m feeling so shy and tries to lie down. Angoori heard Tiwari’s snoring and run upstairs. Angoori sees Tiwari sleeping and says to Vibhu see he is sleeping. Vibhu grabs Tiwari and says wake up. Tiwari wakes up and says Vibhu you and Vibhu says see he woke up he is bot sleeping. Angoori says what are you saying cant you see he is sleeping. Vibhu comes out of his imagination. Angoori says I think so he is fine now, you can go Vibhu. Vibhu leaves. Angoori says Tiwari looks handsome while sleeping.

Vibhu and Anu in there bedroom. Vibhu crying. Anu asks who cry like this, what happen why are tou crying. Vibhu says Angoori made me realise I’m doing bad with you. Anu says you realise when Angoori told you. Vibhu says I’m sorry for stealing money and gambling and your father is good looking he should be hero and they both go in bed together.

Tillu and Malkhan sitting near teas stall and Tillu shouts someone come and Malkhan says no one is here. Masterji come and asks what happen to you why you sitting like this. Malkhan says you know Masterji we opened a company of making people sleep so we got a contract to make a sturdy persons wife fall asleep. Tillu says she didn’t slept for 9 days. Masterji says so you didn’t make her fall asleep and he did this with you. Malkhan says no this is not situation. Tillu says we also fall asleep with his wife and when he wake up in morning he saw us sleep with his wife and beatun us. Masterji says where is Teeka. Tillu says he will not survive. Malkhan says he directly slept with sturdy man.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to Tiwari I’ll file a case against you and your people. Tiwari says I’m ready to apologise and will work with you NGO Tiwari says to Vibhu my purse is missing since i meet you. Malkhan says he mean you stole his purse. Vibhuti says to himself they insulted me I’ll take revenge from them

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Telecast Date:2nd July 2021
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