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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2022 All the villagers comes in and places Tiwari’s body on the sofa. Angoori gets scared and checks on Tiwari. Anu calls Tiwari’s name, but he doesn’t responds.

Angoori asks one of the lady from villagers, that what happened to Tiwari? She tells Angoori that she was washing clothes and suddenly, Tiwari fell beside her. Angoori sees bruise on Tiwari’s head. Happu tells Angoori to calm down, and call a doctor.

Commissioner is beating Vibhu with a wooden baton behind the bars. Commissioner comes out and gives the wooden baton to Manohar. Vibhu tells Commissioner rthat he’s not doing good. Commissioner says he’ll do even worse.

Commissioner asks Manohar to bring a solid thin wire. Manohar leaves to get the wire. Commissioner gets a call and tells Vibhu that he got a good news for him. Vibhu asks him tell the good news. Commissioner tells Vibhu that they have found Tiwari, and he’s not dead. Vibhu gets joyous.

Manohar brings the wire. Commissioner tells Manohar to use the wire on himself, because they don’t need it anymore. Vibhu ask’s Commissioner how is Tiwari doing? Commissioner tells Vibhu that Tiwari is doing great and he says that you’re innocent, then you’ll be bailed out with respect. Vibhu gets even more happier.

Dr. Gupta is checking Tiwari. Everyone is tensed. Angoori asks Dr. Gupta how much more he’ll check Tiwari, tell about he condition.

Anu also says the same. Dr. Gupta tells them that Tiwari is a shameless person, nothing will happen to him this easily. Vibhu tells Dr. Gupta to complete his checkup quickly and tell us about the condition fast because if Tiwari stays alive then only he’ll also be out of prison. Vibhu says that police department already got personal rivalries with him.

Commissioner tells Vibhu that they don’t have any personal grudge with him. Angoori ask’s Commissioner to leave Vibhu. Happu tells Angoori that they need statement from Tiwari. Tiwari comes back to life and asks his own name. Vibhu tells Tiwari that his name is Manmohan Tiwari, son of Ramfal.

Tiwari asks Vibhu his name. Vibhu tells Vibhu that he’s Vibhu Narayan Mishra. Tiwari says that he doesn’t remember anyone names Vibhu and screams in agony. Vibhu gets confused. Vibhu ask everyone if they noticed that Tiwari called his name perfectly for the first time. He called him “Vibhuti” instead of “Bhabhuti”. Anu asks Tiwari to calls out Vibhu’s name again.

Tiwari again calls out his correct name. Angoori asks Tiwari, if he remembers her. Tiwari says, No. Angoori starts crying. Vibhu shouts on Tiwari to come back into his senses. Tiwari starts screaming. Dr. Gupta requests Vibhu to not pressurise his patient. Commissioner tell’s Manohar to get Vibhu back to jail. Vibhu asks, why? Happu tells Vibhu that until Tiwari comes back into his senses, he’ll be trapped in jail.

David is contacting different Advocates but, no one replies him. Anu comes in and tell David that she talked to a lot lawyers and no one is agreeing to take Vibhu’s case, and says that she thinks, Vibhu will never come out of the jail. David says that some angel will come to save Vibhu.

Anu asks David, where are they going to find a lawyer like that. Saxena comes in and says that he’s ready to fight Vibhu’s case, and he’s the only one who can give justice to Vibhu. David asks Saxena that how many cases he has won till now? Saxena says that he has never won any case, but might win this one.

Angoori brings tea for Tiwari. Tiwari asks Angoori who is she? Ammaji shows up. Angoori greets her and asks Ammaji to bring Tiwari’s senses back. Amma ji tells Angoori not to worry, she’ll take care of him. Angoori asks Ammaji, if she should get a stick? Ammaji tells Angoori, only if she asks her to.

Ammaji gets up and slaps Tiwari. Tiwari calls her aunty and asks her, what is she doing? Ammaji again tries to slap Tiwari, but his time, Tiwari grabs her hand and twists it back and tells Ammaji to not test his patience. Ammaji falls on the sofa.

Angoori asks Ammaji if she’s okay? Ammaji tells Angoori that Tiwari is not acting, his senses are really gone. Angoori asks Ammaji for the cure. Ammaji tells Angoori to shower Tiwari with all of her love tonight because when Ramfal lost his senses she also did the same, and it worked like charm.

Vibhu is behind the bars. Manohar is talking with his wife and Vibhu is watching him. A old man sitting next to Vibhu tells him that Vibhu’s wife will run away with someone else because he’ll be trapped here for a long time. Vibhu tells him to shut up or else he’ll strangle him to death.

Vibhu says that there is no jail that can trap him in. Old man says, that requires a good lawyer, do he have one? Vibhu says, no. Anu walks in the police station and Vibhu asks her if she got any lawyer? Anu says, yes and tells Vibhu to answer lawyer’s questions. Vibhu agrees with Anu. Anu calls Saxena inside.

Saxena comes in. Vibhu gets disappointed after seeing Saxena and says that he has already lost. Saxena tells Vibhu to not lose hope this early because it will help him. Vibhu shouts on him. Anu tells Vibhu that Saxena promised to get you out if this trouble.

Vibhu asks Saxena if he has ever won any case? Saxena says, No. But he can win this if, Vibhu answers few questions. Vibhu agrees. Saxena asks Vibhu that what did he ate before killing Tiwari? Everyone stares at him.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari wakes up and says that it feels so good to make love with someone else’s lady. Angoori starts crying and tells Ammaji that he made love with her, and now he’s calling her stranger.Anu is practising her dance and Tiwari also comes in starts dancing with her. Anu gets scared and stops. Tiwari calls her a dancer and asks her, why did she stop? Do few moves for him too. Anu starts beating Tiwari

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
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