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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th June 2021 Angoori water plants Vibhu come and says what is this and flirts with her and says if you water plants 2hrs late there will be no issues. TMT come and Tillu says please give us some milk. Teeka says please gove us half glass of milk and clean the glass we are hygienic. Vibhu ignore them and days to Angoori please wake up late in morning. Angoori says I didn’t slept whole night, Tiwari didn’t let me sleep he torture me whole night. Malkhan says please give us 2spoon milk. Vibhu says them shut up and says to Angoori didn’t you told him to not to disturb and go to sleep. Angoori says I told but he didn’t listened me. Vibhu says from next time dont tell you bedroom stories in open. Angoori says what should I do I need to sleep and my body is also paining. Teeka says give us two drops of milk. Vibhu says I have plan for you and slaps them and says to Angoori that you will not tell me your bedroom stories. Angoori said I thought you will give me solution because Tiwari is having some kind of tension he was unable to sleep. Vibhu says to Angoori you are too god and tell TMT come I’ll give you milk.

Vibhu come to house and Anu call him and says I want apologize to you in general because I behaved very rude to you so that’s why I need to say sorry. Vibhu gets shock and says it’s difficult to digest this transformation whatever you had today please eat three time. Anu says I had nothing I released that I did wrong with you and Saxena also helped me his did course of marriage counseling and Vibhu you know how much I love you. Vibhu says yes ofcourse and says you should take 4 to 5 more sessions with Saxena you will come on line and want to drink coffee.

Tiwari in his garden thinking what Anu heard and says to himself someone should come and slap me so that I wake up from this dream. Anu calls Tiwari, he sees her and imagine what Anu said about brothers feeling. Anu come and says why are you sitting in sunlight. Tiwari says I didn’t realise while thinking, asks have your drem been shattered anytime. Anu says no and asks why are you becoming a drama queen. Tiwari asks where were you. Anu says i went to bring this rakhi, I know its not near soon. Tiwari says these relation looks good when they are blood related. Anu says there are many people having brother sister relation but they aren’t blood related. Tiwari says don’t talk like this and says I’m sorry but I cannot make anybody my sister. Anu says this is about destiny its not in our hands and says forget it see this did you like this rakhi. Tiwari imagines Anu tying rakhi to him and leave. Anu says what happen to Tiwari.

Tiwari sitting in his bedroom in bed full in shock. Angoori come and says you didn’t let me sleep last night. Tiwari says doctor give me 3 medicine and told you will count till 10 and you will be able to sleep but I counted till 9965 still not able to sleep. Angoori says you should start meditation. Tiwari says okay I’ll try and imagine Anu tying rakhi and shouts. Angoori says what’s gonna happen which is making you so scared. Tiwari brings out bat and say to Angoori beat me with this so that I go to sleep or else you will see my dead face. Angoori strikes him slowly. Tiwari says you did not have to message takes bat and beat himself, goes to sleep and start imagining same.

Vibhu in his bedroom see a watch as gift for him unpack it and try the new watch but in excitement he dropped it and says I Anu get to know I dropped this she will kill me. Anu come and says I think you saw your new gift where it is show me. Vibhu says you brought this gift why you want to see. Vibhu says its late night I’ll show you tomorrow. Anu says i want to see how it looks in your hand. Vibhu shows his both hand and says watch is gone I’m magician, after so many days you brought me a gift so for some time I’ll keep it near to my heart. Anu says that’s very sweet but some gift have there own places so I’ll make you wear Anu goes for the shirt pocket and takes out the watch and says this is your daily wear watch where is your new one. Vibhu says in excitement I start wearing watch but it slipped through my hands and break. Anu says it’s ok. Vibhu says aren’t you upset or angry on me. Anu says no I’m not angry I’ll get you s new one. Vibhu says what a beautiful woman you are and tells story of there collage when he saw Anu while singing on stage with red rose and asks Anu to sing that song. Anu start singing song. Tiwari hears that song and wakes up from his sleep. Anu looks at Vibhu he goes to sleep. Tiwari says to himself what is happening with me and start crying.

TMT in Gupta’s bedroom. Tillu says you lie down and leave all the tension to TMT lullaby pvt. ltd. and start there lullaby and Gupta goes to sleep. Teeka says lest go but Tillu make them stops takes Gupta wallet and steal money from his wallet and leaves.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori and Vibhu talking to eachother near kitchen. Angoori says Ammaji told me a superstitious remedy to bring back Tiwari’s sleep.Vibhu and Anu in hall. Vibhu says I burn your saree while ironing it. Anu control her anger

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Telecast Date:29th June 2021
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